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Past articles by Olivia:

Three Things The International Community Can Do To Turn Up The Heat On Chief Executive John Lee In Hong Kong

As freedom in the the city-state continues to decline, Chief Executive John Lee must face continued consequences. → Read More

The Xinjiang Police Files Should Prompt Action Against Uyghur Genocide

Looking through the photos of the 2,884 inmates in the Xinjiang Police Files is not for the faint of heart. You scroll—as you would on Instagram—past face after face of a people unjustly detained by the Chinese government for no other reason than that they are Uyghur. → Read More

Cardinal Zen and Rising Religious Persecution in China

Catholic Cardinal Joseph Zen appeared before a Hong Kong court Tuesday on charges of “conspiracy to collude with foreign forces.” The charges brought against the cardinal are emblematic of a permanent deterioration in the city-state—one that should prompt the Vatican to reconsider earlier attempts to pursue closer relations with China. → Read More

Will Europe Ignore U.S. Warnings About China Like They Ignored Warnings Of The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine?

Many in Europe say that they are just waking up to the threat posed by China. But if Europe is just waking up, it is still half-asleep. → Read More

China’s Ongoing Persecution of Christians and the Case of Pastor Wang Yi

The political landscape in the U.S. has shifted since 2018, yet Pastor Wang Yi still languishes in a Chinese prison. He’s a fitting symbol of the many persecuted by Communist China for their religious faith. Yet few outside China know his name. → Read More

China’s Ongoing Persecution of Christians

Pastor Wang Yi was arrested in China in 2018, charged with “inciting subversion of state power;” persecuted by the communists for his faith. → Read More

Maximizing the Impact of the Atrocity Determination for Rohingya

On March 21, Secretary of State Antony J. → Read More

Why the U.S. Should Extend “Priority 2” Refugee Status to Uyghurs and Hong Kong Citizens

The Issue Under Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ramped up efforts to undermine its citizens’ rights. Perhaps no two groups have faced more persecution than the Uyghurs and Hong Kongers. The CCP is currently perpetrating ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity against the Uyghurs, and almost overnight changed the future of Hong Kong’s citizens when it instituted the… → Read More

Ensuring the Implementation of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

On December 23, President Joe Biden signed into law the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), a bill meant to ensure that no goods produced with forced labor in Xinjiang make their way into U.S. markets. While the bill’s passage was a victory for human rights in Xinjiang, the next 180 days are critical to ensuring the success and comprehensive coverage of the act. → Read More

‘Patriots Only’ Election in Hong Kong Will Erode Liberties

A record-low number of voters cast their ballots at the polls in Hong Kong in an election with essentially predetermined results. → Read More

Afghans Need Our Help. Will the Biden Administration Step Up?

“They are crying to have food. I wish I could bring them something, but we have nothing,” Zarmina, a 20-year-old Afghan mother, told The New York Times. Zarmina has an 18-month-old, a 3-year-old, and another little one on the way. Her children are among the 3.2 million Afghan children that the World Food Programme (WFP) considers malnourished. → Read More

Four Ways To Hold Beijing Accountable During the Winter Olympics

The Biden administration has finally announced it will diplomatically boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. A unilateral boycott was literally the least they could do. And coming, as it did, after long months of indecision, it looks more like a face-saving measure than moral leadership. It was the bare minimum. That said, it's not over yet. → Read More

Biden Can Combat Russia and China’s Digital Authoritarianism

A global battle over values is playing out in both the digital and physical realms. The world can no longer take for granted that the internet will always be free and open. In fact, actors like Russia and China are trying to make sure it won’t be. Moscow and Beijing are designing and refining the tools, tactics, and frameworks used by digital authoritarians around the globe. Both countries… → Read More

Peng Shuai: Yet Another Reason Beijing Shouldn’t Host the Winter Olympics

On November 2, famous Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai took to Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, claiming she had been raped by Zhang Gaoli, a former vice premier of China. Two weeks later, she disappeared from public view. → Read More

Why Biden Should Say No to U.S. Government Participation at the Beijing Olympics

The first virtual summit meeting of President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping is slated for next week. Xi is expected to use the occasion to invite the American leader to the 2022 Winter Olympics, to be held in Beijing in February. Mr. Biden should decline. → Read More

The World Is Turning Its Back on North Korean Refugees

North Korean refugees are once again endangered by China’s policies of forcible repatriation. Taking advantage of North Korea’s partially reopened border, China is believed to have deported roughly 50 individuals back to North Korea. Human Rights Watch recently reported that more than 1,000 North Korean refugees are currently held in detention and also at risk of deportation. → Read More

Vietnamese Government Uses COVID-19 To Crack Down on Christians

"You are Christians, and your God shall take care of your family!” That’s what Vietnamese authorities told 18 Christian families in northern Vietnam after denying them COVID-19 aid, according to Open Doors USA. → Read More

YouTube Suspension of Site for Persecuted Minorities in China Is Human Rights Issue

Serikzhan Bilash founded the Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights organization in 2017 to be a voice for the voiceless. He started the YouTube channel so that people could share their experiences of persecution and draw attention to family members caught in the vast web of internment camps in Xinjiang, China. → Read More

U.S. Policy Options for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The Issue The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place in Beijing—despite the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) well-documented and gross human rights violations. Over the past few years, the CCP has carried out ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity against its Uyghur Muslim population, undermined democracy in Hong Kong, and systematically covered up critical information about the… → Read More

YouTube Suspension of Site for Minorities in China Is Human Rights Issue

Bilash started the YouTube channel so that minorities could draw attention to family members held in internment camps in Xinjiang, China. → Read More