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Past articles by Gregory:

Trump Is Letting Orban Walk All Over the United States

It is time to protect U.S. interests by avoiding deals with Hungary. → Read More

Commentary: Europe’s fears about Trump-Putin summit

As if the war of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and the leaders of other NATO member countries this week weren’t bad enough for transatlantic relations, European leaders are bracing for his expected follow-up performance at a July 16 summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The timing alone has already cast a dark symbolic shadow at a moment when a clear display of consensus is critical… → Read More

Putin's Past Explains Russia's Future

Vladimir Putin is all but certain to be reelected on March 18, and how he will act in the years to come will have much to do with how he came to power. → Read More

Russian Envy

Putin's greatest claim to support is supposedly restoring Russia's standing as a great power. But he is actually undermining that goal. → Read More

Putin's White Guard

Last December, an emotional defense of the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine began swirling around the Internet. → Read More

Preparing for War in Lithuania

Visitors to Lithuania would be forgiven for failing to realize just how seriously its people take Russia. From Klaipeda to Vilnius, ordinary Lithuanians are preparing for the day that Russian President Vladimir Putin turns from Crimea and the civil war in eastern Ukraine toward them or their neighbors in Latvia and Estonia. → Read More

Out for Blood in Russia

It was easy to forget just how accomplished the Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov was. Sometimes combative and always competitive, the tall and imposing politician peppered his speech with the imaginative, often brilliant, cursing that helps give the Russian language its unique flavor. → Read More

Ukraine's familiar fight for a national identity

Analysis: A century after World War I began, old European enmities are shaping the present conflict with Russia. → Read More

Ukraine’s conflict is shaping a new national identity

Russia’s actions are uniting Ukrainians more closely than ever since the Soviet collapse. → Read More

Just how desperate is Ukraine's crisis?

Ukrainians know they must overhaul their government to have a chance of saving their crashing economy and fending off Russia. Whether their leaders can pull it off is another matter. → Read More

Why is Ukraine having such a hard time getting its message across?

Commentary: Disbelief about Western reluctance to aid Ukraine’s military is turning into anger. → Read More

Putin is much more cynical than you think

Column: But his ban on Western food may be a bigger risk than he thinks. → Read More

Russia isn’t an immutable force

News analysis: Will the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 prompt Western countries to confront the actions of one man? → Read More

Putin hasn't changed. It's time the West did.

Column: In order to confront him, the West must realize that the post-Cold War era ended years ago. → Read More

Putin's playing a losing game

Column: The Russian president has shown himself to be remarkably predictable during his 14 years in power. Western countries should use that to their advantage. → Read More

Russia’s moment in the sun

Or why Putin won’t back down over Ukraine. → Read More

Putin would rather a civil war in Ukraine than a western-looking democracy

Three questions with GlobalPost editor Gregory Feifer. → Read More

Stopping Putin in Ukraine

Column: Although Western leaders are showing uncharacteristic fortitude, confronting Moscow over Ukraine may become increasingly unpopular. → Read More

Why Russia really wants Crimea

Column: As Moscow races to swallow the Ukrainian peninsula, Western countries must understand Putin’s motives for any chance to counter them. → Read More

What Putin really wants with Crimea

Column: Western countries must act decisively for any hope of rolling back Moscow's incursion. → Read More