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Past articles by Deron:

Healthcast: Sensory cart soothes patients with an ASD

According to the CDC, one in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Children with ASD are 20 percent more likely to be hospitalized for injuries than typically developing children. For a child with ASD, a hospital visit can provoke challenging behaviors. But now, hospitals are using a cart full of tricks to calm patients with ASD and allow them to get the care... → Read More

Healthcast: CSERV for families facing autism

One in 68 American kids has autism. Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls. Most experts say applied behavioral therapy is essential for helping kids improve communication and social skills. But, when parents seek help, they are often frustrated by long wait lists for appointments or lengthy trips into the city. But now, a first of its kind provider channels support into... → Read More

Healthcast: The doctor is in your living room

For the past decade, hospitals have used technology to connect doctors in major medical centers with patients at remote, rural offices. Now, a new trend is taking telemedicine one step beyond- putting technology directly in the hands of house-bound, often elderly patients. → Read More

Healthcast: New treatment for neuropathy

Thirty percent of all Americans will be affected by peripheral neuropathy, a condition that impacts nerves leading to the arms and legs. In many cases, doctors prescribe medicines to help manage the pain, burning and tingling. Now, researchers are testing a new non-addictive treatment inspired from a surprising source. → Read More

Healthcast: Bionic eye helps eye patients see through blindness

Blind for more than 20 years because of degenerative eye disease, a Georgia man now has a new look at life. It’s all thanks to the device doctors are calling the bionic eye. → Read More

Mother, son arrested after break-in

A Wichita Falls mother and son are behind bars following a break-in at the Indian Falls Apartments Monday afternoon. → Read More

Healthcast: SpaceOAR protects prostates

This year, more than 162,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Cancer treatment, while life-saving, can cause incontinence and erectile dysfunction. A new outpatient procedure can protect men from the unwanted side effects caused by radiation. → Read More

Healthcast: New drug for acute myeloid leukemia

Most patients diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, or AML face weeks of intense, brutal chemotherapy and maybe a stem cell transplant. Even then, the American Cancer Society says only about 27 percent will live another five years. Now a Salt Lake City company is testing a targeted therapy that is showing promising early results. → Read More

Healthcast: Robotic cerclage stops pregnancy loss

For women who lose babies after twenty weeks, one of the most common causes is cervical insufficiency, meaning the cervix is weakened or compromised. Now, a minimally-invasive procedure is helping at-risk women deliver healthy babies. → Read More

Pay It Forward: WFISD teacher sees through adversity

Finally...a good surprise. → Read More

Healthcast: Support critical to help adults with autism

Mention autism and invariably people talk about autistic children. But as they get older and the hope of a cure fades, what support they get as young adults becomes critical because their futures depend on that support. → Read More

Healthcast: Three secrets to a longer life

Everyone wants to know, but only a few ever figure it out. What’s the secret to living a long life? The people in Bapan, China have figured it out. Bapan is known as “longevity village.” It has an average ratio of one centenarian, a person who is 100 years old or older, for every 100 people. In the U.S., that number is one in about 5,000. So, how can you make it to 100? Here are the answers... → Read More

Two Oklahoma residents allegedly attempt robbery at Walmart

Two Oklahoma residents are in jail after Wichita Falls police said they tried to rob a man at a Walmart. → Read More

Healthcast: Dentists fight cavities without a drill

Not many people look forward to going to the dentist, especially children. Now, there’s a new liquid doctors are using to fight cavities painlessly, without a drill. → Read More

Healthcast: Does an aspirin a day work?

Aspirin has been used as a pain reliever for more than 100 years. And since the seventies, popping a pill a day has been doctors’ orders for patients with heart disease. Now, the largest study to date casts some doubt on the benefits of taking an aspirin a day for certain heart patients. → Read More

Healthcast: Ways to prevent stroke

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S., but did you know that 80 percent of all strokes are preventable? Here is what you need to do to protect yourself. → Read More

Healthcast: HABIT develops habits to delay dementia

Memory loss, trouble with speech, and mood changes are some of the warning signs of dementia. While most symptoms aren’t noticeable until a person reaches his or her sixties or seventies, scientists say changes in the brain begin decades earlier. Now a specialized prevention program, started at the first signs of cognitive decline, may maximize a person’s quality of life. → Read More

Healthcast: New hope for spinal muscular atrophy patients

Spinal muscular atrophy or SMA is the number one genetic cause of death for infants today. It is a disease that robs a person of physical strength; affecting the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. It takes away the ability to walk, eat, and even breathe. Without feeding tubes and other support methods, about three quarters of babies with type one SMA die before the age of two. Now, there’s... → Read More

Coffee with a Cop event at McDonald's

The Wichita Falls Police Department is hosting Coffee with a Cop Tuesday. → Read More

Update: Death count up to 58 in deadly Vegas strip shooting

KFDX 3 News - Local news, weather, sports for Wichita Falls and surrounding communities in Texoma. → Read More