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Past articles by Liz:

It's Time For Northerners To Give Up Outdated Prejudices About The American South

As a millennial New Yorker living in the South, I’m not surprised by the Georgia election results. → Read More

School closures mean millions of unsalaried workers aren't getting paid

Schools are ecosystems that involve not just students, teachers, and administrators — each school also includes dozens of behind-the-scenes, unsalaried → Read More

Jewish Death And Mourning? There’s An App For That

Jewish death- and funeral-planning apps allow for death / yarzheit reminders, end of life planning, and legacy files for passwords and documents. → Read More

Sam Heughan On 'Outlander' Season 4, 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' Co-Star Mila Kunis & Naked Fight Scenes (Exclusive Q&A)

Calling all fans of Outlander: a delicious treat awaits you in theaters on August 3rd in the form of → Read More

This kind of woman is more likely to have unwanted sex: study

Award-winning news and culture, features breaking news, in-depth reporting and criticism on politics, business, entertainment and technology. → Read More

Fashion Retailer Zara Has a Dubious Solution to Prevent Racist and Culturally Appropriated Products

Instead of investing in human capital, the brand is relying on AI. This can’t end well. A recent New York Times article that explained how fast fashion brands are trying to avoid making insensitive and offensive material revealed that mega-retailer Zara has a new plan for combating racism, thievery and cultural appropriation in its designs. To avoid future gaffes, Zara told the Times it will… → Read More

Women: Watch Out for This Ominous Sign on Your Dinner Date

In the age of #MeToo, what does it mean if he insists on ordering for you? In January, at the tail end of a storm of accusations of sexual misconduct by powerful men in Hollywood, published an account by “Grace,” a woman who went on a date with actor and comedian Aziz Ansari and later described it as the "worst date of her life." Many critics of the article derided one detail in the… → Read More

Maybe White People Shouldn't Take Drugs From Indigenous Cultures

Ayahuasca and peyote are more popular than ever, but think twice before trying them. White people love to try drugs from other cultures. Just think of the scene in Zoolander when Hansel recounts a story to Derek about hallucinating that he’s falling off a mountain, and suddenly remembers he’s been “smoking peyote for six straight days.” Other iconic white guys in cinema have famously partaken:… → Read More

5 Other Financial Gender Gaps We Need to Solve Besides the Pay Gap

Lower salaries aren't the only factor holding women back from accumulating wealth. The gender wage gap gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. At the current snail's pace by which it’s closing worldwide, the World Economic Forum says it will take about 200 years to close the pay gap. But there are other financial imbalances holding many women back and keeping them from economic… → Read More

Study Shows Trump Voters Are A Lot Like Trump

Trump and the #MAGA set have a lot in common. → Read More

4 Key Personality Traits Trump Supporters Share With Their Beloved Leader

Trump and the #MAGA set have a lot in common. Surprise, surprise: members of the #MAGA set are a lot like Trump himself. We already know that many of Trump's supporters are prejudiced, authoritarian, and selfish. Now, a new study shows that Trump voters have even more in common with the president than already thought. → Read More

Corporations Do Damage to Poor Women with Their Global Philanthropy

Kathryn Moeller critiques the "girl effect" in her new book. Big corporations are guilty of exploiting Women’s History Month, originally meant to celebrate a labor movement ushered in by impoverished female sweatshop workers. These corporations issue shallow acknowledgments of women who have broken glass ceilings, all the while doing damage to poor women through their exploitive business… → Read More

Fired VA Head Warns Against Privatization Schemes

The former Obama appointee fears privatization could harm veterans for years to come. → Read More

Fired VA Head Warns Against Privatization Schemes

The former Obama appointee fears privatization could harm veterans for years to come. → Read More

Red and Blue Voters Alike Could Rally Around This Radical Job Growth Idea

Pushing to expand Americorps or supporting a federal jobs guarantee has benefits for everyone. Economists warn we are on the brink of another economic bust. Considering the Great Recession doubled the American unemployment rate from 5 percent to 10 percent in two years, now is the time to prepare for this looming employment crisis with meaningful policy. → Read More

Why mandatory drug tests at work are fundamentally racist

Award-winning news and culture, features breaking news, in-depth reporting and criticism on politics, business, entertainment and technology. → Read More

Quiz: Can You Guess the Race of a Mass Murder Suspect Based on the Headline About Him?

The racial double-standard shows no signs of going away. Major media outlets have very different ways of describing white Christian suspects and near-Eastern Muslim suspects. It gets tiring constantly pointing out the racist implications of the way these networks describe violent attacks. When Muslims kill, headlines point out the suspects’ religion and prematurely suggest connections to major… → Read More

Why Mandatory Drug Tests at Work Are Fundamentally Racist

Black people are more likely than white people to be fired for failing a drug test. Mandatory drug testing is not only an annoying, expensive waste of company and employee time; a new survey shows that their impact and implementation can also be racist. → Read More

Even Affluent Black Boys Aren’t Safe From the Poverty Trap

It's more common for wealthy African-American boys to become poor than to stay rich in adulthood. A new report from the Equality of Opportunity Project (EOP) reveals jarring data about the barriers to wealth placed in front of African Americans. The study says wealthy black boys are unlikely to grow into wealthy black men, despite their financially privileged families. → Read More

White Supremacists Are No Longer Just Spreading Their Hate Online

A new report reveals a spike in racist banners across the country. → Read More