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New York, NY, United States

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Past articles by Akilah:

Akilah Hughes

Akilah Hughes is a comedian, YouTuber, and staff writer and producer for Fusion's culture section. You can almost always find her waxing poetic about memes and using too many emojis. 🍕 → Read More

FX’s ‘Atlanta’ Depicts a Truth of Black Experience Unseen on TV

In ‘Atlanta’, Donald Glover reminds us that his greatest talent is his perspective. → Read More

Last year I accused YouTube of failing to promote black talent. Here’s what happened next.

Why aren't black people on YouTube billboards or in commercials? → Read More

How the ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer takes three steps forward and one step back

It certainly looks like Leslie Jones' character is the butt of the joke and playing the "sassy Black woman" trope—again. → Read More

We asked a bunch of New Yorkers to answer Super Tuesday rapid fire questions

If the GOP debate was a beauty pageant, who would win? If Bernie Sanders was an internet cat, which one would he be? → Read More

Mizzou and Paris: Time for some real talk

Why is it so hard for some people to realize that the human brain has the capacity to care about more than one thing at a time? → Read More

Here's what NOT to do for Halloween

Free advice: It’s better to skip Halloween than to go dressed like a total asshole. This holiday should not be about disrespect. Also, a question for people who give Necco Wafers to trick-or-treaters: Why would you do that??? → Read More

Why this new sci-fi show will be a feminist's dream come true

Awesome graphic novel 'Y: The Last Man' will be a TV show on FX. Can't. Wait. → Read More

Why this new sci-fi show will be a feminist's dream come true

Awesome graphic novel 'Y: The Last Man' will be a TV show on FX. Can't. Wait. → Read More

Comedian Johnathan Fernandez on his Afro and style

His hair is just one of his many cool accessories. → Read More

The best birthday gifts for people with curly hair

When it comes to curly hair, not all birthday gifts are created equal. The thoughtful gift-giver will have sussed out favorite products, accessories, and regimens to provide maximum birthday cheer. Do the research and they’ll appreciate you forever. SUBSCRIBE to Fusion on YouTube for more from The Curls Room. → Read More

Video: Idris Elba isn't 'too street' to play Bond—and representation matters

Hollywood's obsession with white heroes should make us question why our collective imagination is so racist. → Read More

Should we stop calling gun violence an 'isolated incident?'

Mass shootings are making headlines on a weekly basis. We can't continue to do nothing about it. → Read More

My white adoptive family didn't know how to deal with my natural hair

Gabi's Honduran and was adopted as a baby by a white American family. Her hair puzzled everyone around her -- until she came to NYC. → Read More

Why did so many '90s music videos take place in a field?

After going to karaoke for my birthday and watching the few and far between videos that were recorded with the original composition in mind, I realized that my idea of what it meant to be an adult was completely different in the ’90s. The internet was not a thing. Hanging out in a field with big groups of friends in jeans was their internet. What a weird time: Mariah Carey, “Dreamlover“ What’s… → Read More

We've got 99 problems, and being a Virgo is one

Thanks, zodiac calendar, for telling everyone that we're perfectionist d-bags! → Read More

Your morning routine, the musical

Bet this shower-shave-cereal symphony can make you smile before you have your first sip of coffee! → Read More

Dude with long, luxurious man curls: 'I constantly hear hair jokes'

Eagle Witt started growing his hair long because he didn't want to keep paying for bad haircuts. → Read More

Donald Trump should be ashamed that he ISN'T Batman.

We should all be insulted that instead of being a masked vigilante with all that money, this clown just goes on TV to yell at women. → Read More

Our loins are ready for The Rock as Disney's 'Jungle Cruise' skipper

We demand to see the backside of water...or at least the backside of something. The Rock, we mean The Rock's "backside." His booty butt. PUNS. → Read More