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Recent articles by Kevin:

In New Hampshire, intimidation rules

Just weeks after an angry mob shut down a meeting of the New Hampshire Executive Council, councilors gave the mob want it wanted, rejecting $27 million in federal vaccination aid. → Read More

The education of Zach Hafer

He arrived at the US attorney’s office in Boston as a baby-faced prosecutor. He leaves a wizened lawyer. → Read More

Baseball in a time of war

Fifty-four years ago, Darrell Agnew patrolled the perimeter of an air base in Vietnam, his only comfort crackling from a transistor radio tuned to the World Series, as Red Sox ace Jim Lonborg tried to finish off the Impossible Dream season. → Read More

Live Free and Die

Wednesday’s debacle marked the second time in a month that a mob figuratively wrapping themselves in the Live Free or Die flag was able to use threats and intimidation to force the cancelation of a state meeting called to address the ongoing pandemic. → Read More

Year of the Jerk

Donald Trump’s presidency emboldened jerks like never before, but he is a symptom of the problem, not the cause. Americans have been getting ruder and cruder by the generation. → Read More

The Granite State of Texas

Republican legislators in New Hampshire are hellbent on banning mask and vaccine mandates. → Read More

Finally, an absurd travel ban will be lifted

While it’s all well and good that the Biden administration is lifting travel bans for 33 countries, the failure of US diplomatic offices to grant exemptions caused undue suffering for thousands of families. → Read More

Talking to the enemy brought Lieutenant Tom Redgate home

Talking to the enemy is as American as apple pie, dating back to the Revolutionary War. → Read More

The guy who everybody thought was dead

For a half century, the men Jim Coffey fought alongside in Vietnam thought he was dead. When he walked into a golf club in Myrtle Beach over the weekend, his Army buddies were never more happy to see a ghost. → Read More

One last pitch for Travis Roy

Travis Roy, who lived for 25 years after being paralyzed on his first shift as a hockey player at Boston University, died last year. His family and friends held one last Wiffle ball tournament in Vermont in his honor to help others who suffered spinal cord injuries. → Read More

A pandemic of capricious callousness

Gerry and Barbara O’Loughlin have applied three times over the last six months for an exemption to the US travel ban so they could help their daughter and son-in-law care for their sick 1-year-old daughter. All three times the Irish couple were rejected. → Read More

Chipmunks seem to have a death wish this summer

In this summer of searing heat, prodigious rainfall, and a world on fire, chipmunks are hurling themselves under the wheels of my Subaru Crosstrek with reckless abandon. → Read More

Steve Flemmi deserves as much compassion as he showed his victims, which is none

At 87, admitted killer Steve Flemmi is seeking compassionate release from a life sentence. Flemmi, who was Whitey Bulger’s partner in crime, was convicted of killing 10 people. → Read More

The redemption of Bobby George

Once one of Boston’s highest-flying lawyers, Bob George lost his license to practice law after his 2012 conviction for money laundering. Now he’s back, ready to reenter the only place where he felt completely at ease: a courtroom. → Read More

In a small Vermont town, they stand with Wayland

The arrest of Wayland Childs, a mechanic who stepped up in the absence of police action, has exposed the frustration of small, rural Vermont towns where the police are rarely seen and drugs damage the quality of life. → Read More

Joe Biden to Ireland: We’re back in the game

Claire Cronin’s selection as ambassador to Ireland suggests the Biden administration is going to re-engage with the kind of diplomacy that brought peace to Northern Ireland more than 20 years ago. → Read More

Bill Bratton on American policing and the challenge facing the Boston Police Department

Bratton’s career has been a study in walking in the middle of the road and managing not to get knocked down. → Read More

Firing Dennis White makes a mockery of due process

The process used to get rid of White has been unfair, because it was aimed at getting a result, not the truth. → Read More

A priest, a boy, and a murder

To listen to Richard Lavigne’s voice from the grave, essentially admitting that he put Danny Croteau in his, was chilling, haunting, and unimaginably disturbing. → Read More

Boston might have to pay Dennis White to go away. And maybe he doesn’t want to.

After listening to lawyers from both sides, Superior Court Judge Heidi Brieger took the matter under advisement, which is probably better news for White than for those who want him gone, pronto. → Read More