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Recent articles by Kevin:

The feds protected Whitey Bulger for decades. Now they’re protecting themselves.

By dragging its heels in charging the prime suspect in Bulger’s murder in a federal prison in West Virginia, the government is avoiding scrutiny of what led officials to put Bulger in a position to be killed. → Read More

The good professor

Some 40 years ago, Tim Doherty was a freshman at UMass Amherst and embraced the freedom that comes with being away from home for the first time. Listening to music at The Pub had a gravitational pull that a quiet corner in the library did not. He had enrolled in professor Ralph Whitehead’s introductory journalism class but had no desire to follow in the footsteps of Woodward and Bernstein. He… → Read More

In Vermont, a house that, like the owner’s story, no one would buy

People in this part of Vermont are known for their live-and-let-live attitude. But the rumor and innuendo that trailed Nathan Carman made his house unsellable. → Read More

Need a lift? The hot-air balloons are back in Quechee

COVID put a damper on the annual festival, but this Father’s Day weekend will mark the 42nd flight of the hot air balloons in the Upper Valley. → Read More

Songs in the key of life

School officials at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School were right to stop the music and have a teaching moment, but were naïve if they thought they could play a sanitized version of a popular song without some kids singing the offensive words. → Read More

We should want to live in a world where the case of Harmony Montgomery is an aberration

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, abortion will be outlawed in 21 states, most of which have among the worst economic and health outcomes for children. So the states that do the lousiest job in providing for kids after they’re born will have a lot more kids. → Read More

The droogs of Boston

A group of young teens and pre-teens have repeatedly engaged in what can be politely described as antisocial behavior in some very public settings in Boston; they appear unafraid of the cops or their parents. → Read More

Kyrie Irving is an insufferable jerk. Celtics fans are under no obligation to follow suit.

A negative refrain says more about those chanting it than about the insufferable jerk it’s aimed at. → Read More

Back to a type of normal as we can get

After three years of disruption, the Marathon was a beautiful sight on a glorious Patriots Day. → Read More

The cost of doing business in a place where soccer is called football

The history of American ownership of English soccer teams is mixed at best. → Read More

The sins of Father Geoghan

St. Brendan, one of Dorchester’s great Catholic churches, seems destined to close next month. Parishioners feel like they are paying for the sins of others. → Read More

In landlocked Vermont, an ambitious flatlander makes waves

In southern Vermont, where antiwar sentiment runs deep, an article and headline in a paper Belogour owns touched a raw nerve. Some readers thought it was satire. But Belogour meant every word, and the outcry was genuine, too. → Read More

The first female Boston police officer shot in the line of duty says her shooter does not deserve a new trial

James Gaines, convicted of trying to kill Boston police Officer Zenaida Flores-Doherty, wants a new trial after learning his lawyer posted racist messages on social media. But Flores-Doherty says Gaines got a fair trial. → Read More

Helping Ukrainian refugees is easier said than done

Mike Gilbert, like many other Americans, wants to be more than a shoulder to cry on. → Read More

Love will make you do crazy things? So will arrogance.

Will Smith grew up in a household where domestic violence deeply affected him. He made a career in an industry that celebrates violence. Still, his physical assault on Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, and the support voiced for it, was shocking. → Read More

You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much

How on earth can Harvard produce someone as grounded and poised as Ketanji Brown Jackson and someone as unmoored and annoying as Ted Cruz? → Read More

A Labor secretary who is pro-labor? Heaven forbid.

Big business-supporting Republicans don’t like the success Marty Walsh has had in resolving labor disputes, so they want him investigated for possible ethics violations. → Read More

A mother wants to know why her son was killed by a Red Line train

About 13 hours after her son was killed by a Red Line train, Missy Allen was visited by two Transit Police officers at her home in Cambridge. “The detective told me it was an accident,” Allen said. → Read More

Requiem for a humanity correspondent

It was a steely determination to bring that suffering to a wider audience, a fervent belief that showcasing just how horrible or apathetic human beings can be toward one another might somehow lead to less of it, that animated Brent Renaud, gave him purpose, and which ultimately cost him his life at the age of 50. → Read More

When human rights dribble away

Enes Freedom called out the double standard of the Celtics and NBA ignoring other human rights violations. → Read More