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Past articles by Brad:

No, Trump’s deregulation didn’t cause the East Palestine train disaster

Facts are stubborn things. So, the best way for Democrats to push a good partisan narrative is to ignore them entirely. → Read More

Gay GOP group lights its credibility on fire with bizarre move

Something very strange is going on with the Log Cabin Republicans. The group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Republicans has long advocated tolerance and inclusion within the GOP. But it’s now teaming up with a self-described "homophobic" troll. → Read More

A Republican senator leads an assault on parental rights

Over the last few years, Republicans have claimed the mantle of the party of “parental rights.” Whether it’s fighting back against leftist political indoctrination in schools or school choice, the GOP has framed itself as the party that supports parents, not the government, deciding what’s best for their children. → Read More

Trump also tried to suppress free speech on Twitter

Over the last several months, many on the Right have raised the alarm over the disturbing revelations, made via Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter Files, that Twitter worked closely with the federal government to censor Americans’ online speech. From obscure government agencies to the FBI, federal… → Read More

Some Republican anti-transgender bills are going way too far

There’s a wave of Republican legislation surfacing throughout the country that aims to restrict medical gender transitions. Some of it makes sense, but some of it is going way too far. → Read More

Bernie Sanders charging up to $95 per ticket for anti-capitalism event

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a big ideological opponent of capitalism. But he doesn’t seem to mind it so much in his own life, in which he’s raking in obscene sums, on his third home, and a multimillionaire. → Read More

Unhinged: Stanford student facing backlash for reading a book

Today’s a day that ends in y, so, naturally, we’re facing yet another instance of campus insanity run amok. The latest example comes courtesy of Stanford University, where a student is in hot water for simply reading a controversial book. → Read More

Michigan Democrats are leading an assault on worker rights

Democrats are now in full control of the Michigan state government. As one of their first orders of business, they’re going after workers’ rights. → Read More

Even NPR admits the pandemic ‘stimulus’ failed

If you’re a liberal policy wonk and your policy agenda is catching flack from NPR, you know you’ve lost the plot. The network has a well-known liberal bias, but even it can’t help but admit that the massive pandemic-era “stimulus” spending plans look worse and worse in hindsight with every day that passes. → Read More

Is Andrew Tate a #MeToo predator?

You might not know who Andrew Tate is, but any Gen Zer in your life almost certainly does. The self-described “alpha male” mega influencer’s videos have been viewed 11.6 billion times on TikTok. His message of unabashed, vulgar, and at times sexist masculinity has influenced too many young men to… → Read More

New study offers even more proof lockdowns were deadly

In hopes of containing the pandemic, Americans across the country were forced to suffer through lockdown orders, closed schools, and shuttered workplaces in the spring of 2020. In Democratic-controlled areas, many of these restrictions lingered into 2021. Yet they didn’t work. We all got COVID-19… → Read More

How a teacher’s MAGA hat led to a viral court case

When a science teacher named Eric Dodge decided to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat to a teacher training, he probably didn’t expect to wind up defending his constitutional rights years later before a federal appeals court. But that’s what happened — and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just vindicated his free speech rights. → Read More

Democrats' latest attack on Trump is a giant nothingburger

House Democrats just set a precedent that will surely come back to haunt them. Using the power of the House Ways and Means Committee, they recently obtained and publicly released former President Donald Trump’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020. They did so because Trump refused to release his tax… → Read More

Your tax dollars are paying for woke reeducation at NASA, the VA, and more

Another day, another insane example of the government wasting our tax dollars. A new Wall Street Journal investigation found that multiple federal agencies are engaged in so-called diversity training that’s actually toxic and un-American (all at our expense, of course). → Read More

Is Harvard turning into a huge joke?

When people think of elite higher education, we think of Harvard University. But, if one academic trend is anything to go by, Harvard is turning into a joke. → Read More

The welfare state is out of control, new study shows

A massive labor shortage continues to hamstring the economy, with millions more empty jobs than unemployed job-seekers. All the while, millions of people remain on the sidelines, with the labor force participation rate significantly below the pre-pandemic norm. Why are so many potential workers sitting idle while jobs need to be filled? → Read More

Trump is now ripping off his supporters to line his pockets

Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump teased that he would be making a big announcement. Well, today’s the day, and it turned out to be rather underwhelming. The big news is that Trump is selling digital art — known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs — that feature him as a superhero. → Read More

Is ‘hate speech’ really skyrocketing on Twitter under Elon Musk?

Under the leadership of new CEO Elon Musk, Twitter is turning into a dark platform filled with racism, bigotry, and “hate speech.” At least, that’s the narrative from countless prominent progressive politicians, establishment media outlets, and left-wing activists. → Read More

Jimmy Lai: Meet the journalist who terrifies the Chinese Communist Party

President Joe Biden just secured the release of U.S. citizen Brittney Griner from Russian prison. The deal he made was far from ideal, yet an American gaining their freedom back is always something to celebrate. But while the topic of political prisoners is top of mind, we shouldn’t forget about Hong Kong freedom fighter Jimmy Lai. → Read More

Hypocrisy alert: Democrats just chose an election denier as Pelosi’s successor

House Democrats just picked a successor for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has decided to give up the gavel at the end of this term. Their choice is Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), a progressive. On the surface, this choice makes sense. However, in one key way, going with Jeffries makes hypocrites out of the Democratic establishment. → Read More