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Past articles by Nate:

The Indoctrination in Public Schools Is Working

A new report shows how students’ minds are being shaped by taxpayer-funded activism. → Read More

The New York Times Is Not a Right-Wing Paper

The national paper of record’s openness to occasionally allowing dissidents in its pages is not the same thing as an overall anti-trans bias. → Read More

Disney+ to America’s Children: Lincoln Didn’t Free the Slaves

Have we had enough of the social-justice crusade disguised as children’s entertainment yet? → Read More

Milking the School-Lunch Issue

Elise Stefanik introduces bill to protect milk choice in NYC schools. → Read More

A Closer Look at the College Board’s Radicalism

Students will learn black political and social thought just fine without some of the elements in the originally proposed AP African-American Studies program. → Read More

In the Treatment of Jack Phillips, the Cruelty Is the Point

Not even a Supreme Court ruling can protect him from endless litigation. The enemies of traditional religion in this country have made it abundantly clear what they plan to do with their power. → Read More

‘Mostly Peaceful Protests,’ Again

Leftist doublethink on riots has become more than mere hypocrisy. → Read More

‘You’re a Fascist. Care to Comment?’

Legacy media outlets’ ‘moral clarity’ approach gives journalists permission to lean into their own biases. → Read More

Amanda Marcotte Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

It’s rare to hear a proponent of the centralized bureaucratic state say so openly, as Salon writer Amanda Marcotte did. → Read More

‘China Bashing’ Is Not the Same Thing as Climate Skepticism

Republican ‘China bashing’ is neither ‘new’ nor primarily motivated by antipathy to clean energy. → Read More

How Gender Ideology Conquered South Dakota

It’s the all-too-common story of a powerful progressive business interest pushing a deep-red state leftward. → Read More

‘Big Sister Is Watching You’ Turns 65

Whittaker Chambers’s famous takedown of the libertarian — and militant atheist — Ayn Rand, titled “Big Sister Is Watching You,” was published in National Review in 1957. The issues at stake are as relevant as ever, and Chambers’s blistering critiques of Rand’s position on them speak to our current moment. → Read More

Kristi Noem Calls for Conservative Critic’s Ouster over Complaint about ‘Kid-Friendly’ Drag

The South Dakota governor didn't take kindly to criticisms of her inaction regarding a recent “kid-friendly” drag show on South Dakota State University's campus. → Read More

An Explainer for Joy Reid

The first successful attempt to put Marxism into practice was carried out not just with violence along class-based lines, but also via the subsequent establishment of a “dictatorship” of one class over the rest of society. → Read More

The Meltdown over Elon Musk’s Covid-Misinformation Policy

More free speech on Twitter ‘will literally kill people,’ cry the hysterics. → Read More

A Dishonest Jab from the New Republic

Disagreement is fine, but dishonesty in representing the other side’s views renders debate pointless. → Read More

It’s Our Patriotic Duty to Briefly Care About Soccer

It would be deliciously, exceptionally American to beat the Euros at the one sport where they’ve consistently trounced us. Go U.S.A. → Read More

Colorado Has a Surprisingly Reasonable Democratic Governor

By Jared Polis’s party’s standards, Coloradoans could do a lot worse. → Read More

Tom Emmer Elected as House GOP Whip

Tom Emmer has prevailed, despite being a far less palatable candidate for House GOP whip than his two opponents. → Read More

House GOP Leadership Must Not Abandon Social Conservatives

For Rep. Tom Emmer to become a GOP caucus leader would be a major step backward for social conservatives, and for the cause of common sense. → Read More