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Past articles by Nate:

NFL Veteran Connects Race and Abortion

A documentary from former football star Benjamin Watson discusses an inconvenient truth: the abortion industry targets black people. → Read More

The Rise of the Latino Republican

Republicans should see the Latino community as an ally, not a threat. → Read More

Two Parties, Two Americas

Major differences between America’s political parties were evident in the way their conventions have dealt with unrest in major cities. The recent chaos and destruction, purportedly done in the name of racial justice, became a focal point for a larger discussion about the nation’s fundamental character. Either America is “not a racist country,” to quote former South Carolina governor Nikki… → Read More

“Peaceful” Riots Continue

Portland burns, while the media and the Democrats fiddle. → Read More

Reflections on the Twitter Revolution

Twitter is a lot like cigarettes: It’s awful for you, and torture for everyone around you. Twitter addiction, like cigarette... → Read More

Scenes from Portland's Anarchy

Scenes from a months-long riot in Portland, Oregon → Read More

Joe Biden, Due Process Hypocrite

The former veep is attacking the Trump administration's new standards on sexual assault allegations. Um... → Read More

The Debate Between Liberty-Minded and Common-Good Conservatives Is Nothing New

The battle between liberty-minded and common-good conservatives has been raging since Milton Friedman and Bill Buckley duked it out on "Firing Line" three decades ago. → Read More

COVID-19 threw out Joe Biden’s old playbook

For many voters, it seems, the idea of Joe Biden is significantly more attractive than Joe Biden as he appears in the current moment. → Read More

Adrian Vermeule's Moral Madness

One can critique the limits of freedom and excesses of libertarianism without echoing the nihilism of totalitarians. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren Lost Because She's Elizabeth Warren

Sexism had nothing to do with it. The Massachusetts senator was unlikeable and showed contempt for the truth. → Read More

On Child Care, the Democrats Have It All Wrong

The problem isn't that moms can't afford to work; it's that they can't afford to stay at home. → Read More

Woodstock 50’s Failure Is the New Left’s Success

The revolution of the 1960s isn’t dead; it has been fully realized, to the great confusion of its proponents. → Read More

Glendon Oakley Jr., the Hero of El Paso

Tragedies are often complex and hard to comprehend, but heroism is a simple act. Oakley’s display of it is inspiring, even as he shies away from praise -- as any true hero does. We owe him our thanks. → Read More

The ‘Republican Talking Points’ Line Is the Democrats’ New Debate Dodge

Democrats' use of this line raises the question of what the party’s eventual nominee will do when that nominee runs against a Republican. → Read More

Progressives’ Push for Campaign-Finance Reform Is an Assault on Free-Speech Rights

Left-wing efforts to efforts to ban or severely restrict lobbying and PAC spending would silence the average Americans whose voices they promise to amplify. → Read More

The Contradiction at the Heart of Permissive Immigration Rhetoric

Progressives appeal to the national character while railing against bedrock concepts of the nation-state. → Read More

A Big-Government Nationalism, or a Burkean One?

The ‘national conservatives’ have a choice to make. → Read More

Colorado’s Anti-Fracking Law Illustrates the State’s Growing Divide

SB19-181, a bill with severe restrictions on fracking, was an open dismissal of the will of Colorado voters. → Read More

How Might Republicans Win Young Voters?

To win over young voters, Republicans need to ditch grievance and instead pitch a politics of aspiration and optimism. → Read More