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Recent articles by Nate:

A Dishonest Jab from the New Republic

Disagreement is fine, but dishonesty in representing the other side’s views renders debate pointless. → Read More

It’s Our Patriotic Duty to Briefly Care About Soccer

It would be deliciously, exceptionally American to beat the Euros at the one sport where they’ve consistently trounced us. Go U.S.A. → Read More

Colorado Has a Surprisingly Reasonable Democratic Governor

By Jared Polis’s party’s standards, Coloradoans could do a lot worse. → Read More

Tom Emmer Elected as House GOP Whip

Tom Emmer has prevailed, despite being a far less palatable candidate for House GOP whip than his two opponents. → Read More

House GOP Leadership Must Not Abandon Social Conservatives

For Rep. Tom Emmer to become a GOP caucus leader would be a major step backward for social conservatives, and for the cause of common sense. → Read More

I Thought ‘Book Bans’ Were a Threat to ‘Our Democracy’?

Politically motivated efforts to ban books, we’re told, are a right-wing authoritarian threat to American democracy. Except, of course, when those efforts come from the Left. → Read More

Where Do Georgia Republicans Go to Get Their Apology?

The sitting president of the United States alleged that his political opponents in the state were worse than segregationists based on a verifiable falsehood. → Read More

Christine Drazan Eyes an Upset in Oregon

Thanks to a well-run campaign and Democratic missteps, Oregon’s Republican gubernatorial candidate is in striking distance of victory in November. → Read More

The Republican Balancing Act

Republicans will have to do the legwork to expand their inroads with more GOP-friendly Latino communities in states such as Texas. And they’ll also have to reckon with the potential tensions between those appeals and turning out their primarily white working-class base. → Read More

Exclusive: Another Federal Judge Joins Boycott of Yale Law

Elizabeth Branch, a federal judge serving on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, is joining a push by conservatives on the federal judiciary to stop hiring clerks from Yale Law School because of free-speech concerns. → Read More

New Poll: Democrats Losing Ground with Latino Voters but Still Enjoy Comfortable Lead

The rapidly growing voting bloc is increasingly up for grabs, but Republicans shouldn’t declare victory too soon. → Read More

Hispanic Mayor of Texas City ‘Fine’ with Governor Abbott’s Migrant-Busing

Javier Villalobos, the Hispanic mayor of McAllen, Texas, says he's fine with Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to bus illegal immigrants detained at the border up to deep-blue urban areas. → Read More

MLB’s Unseemly Support for Youth Gender Transitions

At least 20 teams have promoted or funded groups that advocate or are directly involved in child gender transitions, an NR analysis finds. → Read More

Another NYT Attempt to Cast Normal Conservative Views as ‘on the Fringes’

On major issues, where, exactly, is the rightward shift? → Read More

Why Is the New York Times Publishing CCP Propagandists?

Any unbiased observer would scoff at the idea that the January 6 riot was morally analogous to Uyghur concentration camps. But Wang is not an unbiased observer. → Read More

Who Is Our Ukraine Policy For?

If Zelensky wants to make a case for continued American support, he should be able to explain why such policies are in the American interest. → Read More

Tom Nichols Never Really Understood Conservatism

What the Never Trump writer doesn’t get about today’s Right. → Read More

Why Is Nancy Mace Siding with Democrats on the ‘Contraception’ Bill?

South Carolina Republican Rep. Nance Mace voted with Democrats on a "contraception" bill and attacked her fellow Republicans for their opposition to it. → Read More

What Happened to Alyssa Farah?

In going from the Trump White House to a media career, she has made adaptations. → Read More

On Family Policy, the GOP Is Moving in the Right Direction

Jamelle Bouie of the New York Times misunderstands Mitt Romney's new child-tax-credit proposal. → Read More