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Past articles by David:

Adventures in laser cutting: Solving a Glowforge sizing conundrum

In which our intrepid adventurer gives up when a project doesn't work right, comes back after three months with new determination, does some more problem-solving, and ends up checking a little box. Which box? Stay tuned. → Read More

MYXfitness bike beats Peloton on weight capacity. Too bad that's where support for larger riders ends

The MYX II bike's higher weight capacity makes it accessible to more riders. So why is its fitness program targeted to a select few? → Read More

Amazon acquires Roomba: iRobot CEO says they will never sell your data

As Amazon announces its acquisition of Roomba, we look back on this exclusive interview with iRobot's CEO from 2017, where we talked about privacy and how they manage your data. → Read More

These are the most googled 3D printing questions of 2022, answered

We look at the ten most googled 3D printing questions and then do a fast run through them, providing answers for each. This is a great place to start if you're interested in learning about 3D printing. → Read More

How can I easily tell if someone's following me on Instagram?

We look at a quick and easy technique to help you find out whether an Instagram account is following you, or not. → Read More

How to remove bloatware from Windows 10

Windows is powerful, but it often arrives on your PC as a bloated, crapware-filled mess. Here's how to remove the bloatware and clean it up, without making things worse. → Read More

How to cancel Apple Music without iTunes

It used to be that iTunes managed your Apple Music subscription. But that is no longer the case for Apple Silicon and users of recent MacOS releases. We show you two ways to close out your subscription without iTunes. → Read More

I dropped my AirPods Pro into my coffee. What I did next saved me $250

Did you know the AirPods case floats? It does, at least for the few seconds I unintentionally tested it before I traded panic for action. → Read More

EcoFlow's Wave portable AC and Delta Pro generator: How to stay cool through heatwave power outages

We review the EcoFlow Wave portable air conditioner and the powerful EcoFlow Delta Pro generator. Together, you can keep cool for more than 12 hours even if you don't have any external power. → Read More

The hidden way to print to PDF on iPad and iPhone

You must have iOS or iPadOS 15 for this to work, but it's quick and easy (and free) once you do. → Read More

The single best way to protect yourself against credit card fraud

Don't delegate your financial affairs. This simple technique will keep your financial house in order -- and it takes less than an hour a week. → Read More

My Bitcoin 'investment': After exactly six months, how much did I gain or lose?

This is the next chapter in my little, year-long crypto experiment. → Read More

Amazon, just say no: The looming horror of AI voice replication

If an AI like Alexa really can convert less than a minute of recorded voice into real-time speech, it opens the door to dystopian gaslighting at a whole new level. It's frightening, creepy, and disturbing. → Read More

Quick Notion project: Dynamic org chart of your client personnel

We show you how you can use Notion to keep track of your clients and their teams. → Read More

This device recycles plastic water bottles into 3D printing filament (and it's open source)

We look at a device that helps save the planet by recycling plastic water bottles into 3D printer filament. Read on for a very cool machine and some very scary stats. → Read More

Father's Day tool guide: 10 gifts for dad's workshop

We picked 10 interesting and unique tools that you can gift dad this Father's Day to help him out in the workshop. → Read More

How to copy colors on macOS with System Color Picker

We show you a Mac-based tool that tool helps you capture color codes by tapping a color anywhere on your Mac's screen. → Read More

WWDC 2022 predictions: What we got right and what we didn't

WWDC's keynote did not go entirely as we predicted. In fact, we got some of the biggest announcements wrong. Here's our post-mortem. → Read More

How to stop spam messages on your iPhone fast

You are 60 seconds away from removing one of your phone's most annoying annoyances. → Read More

How to download your Slack message history if you're not a channel admin

Slack isn't like email. It's not infinitely searchable and DM threads disappear if the other party leaves the company. Here's how to make sure you never lose evidence of those important details in your Slack threads. → Read More