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Past articles by Charlie:

OFF TO THE RACES: A historic bill, but at what cost?The $1.9 trillion package does a lot more than simply address the pandemic and the economy. Which is why Republicans were so reluctant to play ball.

On Saturday, on a party-line vote of 50 to 49, Senate Democrats passed H.R. 1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The lone absence was Alaskan Republican Dan Sullivan, who had to leave Washington to attend the funeral of his father-in-law. Sullivan’s absence did → Read More

Don't expect a contested election

The cone of uncertainty has narrowed considerably. Now, the question seems to be whether we'll see a "skinny" Biden win or a landslide. → Read More

Why House Dems Shouldn't Impeach the President

It would likely hinder their ability to remove him from office, not speed it up. → Read More

How Abortion Could Threaten GOP Control of the Senate

The wave of antiabortion state laws could further erode Republican support in the suburbs. → Read More

It Won't Take Long for the Deep Dem Field to Start Thinning

Fundraising, debates, and other metrics will lead some to drop out sooner than later. → Read More

Filling Out the 2020 Dem Bracket

A few of the party's Final Four slots appear to be filled already, but a lot can change over the next year. → Read More

Why Trump Needs to End the Shutdown

The president's 2020 prospects were already bleak, and they're getting worse by the day. → Read More

Why Democrats Should Keep Pelosi

Newly-elected members from swing districts don't need the caucus to move to the left, and now is not the time for a speaker who requires on-the-job training. → Read More

What Both Sides Could Learn From Tuesday

Each party has deep demographic flaws that the midterm results could highlight—or mask. → Read More

What Both Sides Could Learn From Tuesday

Each party has deep demographic flaws that the midterm results could highlight—or mask. → Read More

Forecast Calls for Legislative Paralysis in the Next Congress

Every midterm-election scenario suggests there will be a House-Senate split and/or narrow majorities in both chambers. → Read More

Why November’s Downballot Races Matter

As Rhodes Cook, the longtime political analyst, recently wrote in his newsletter, “The breadth of Republican dominance these days is not just impressive, it’s staggering. They control the White House, both chambers of Congress, a vast majority of governorships and an overwhelming share of state legislative chambers. In short, by the numbers alone, the political world is their oyster.” Cook (no… → Read More

The GOP’s Misguided Midterm Optimism

Recent polls have made some Republicans feel better about November. They shouldn’t. → Read More

The Political Portents of December

Not since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore—Tuesday marks the 17th anniversary of its announcement—have we had a December as politically momentous as the one shaping up this year. Which is no small thing because it includes the Decembers leading into the 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential-primary and caucus seasons. → Read More

Democratic Wave Begins Forming Off Political Coast

In theory, wave elections are very exciting for political analysts and aficionados. They tend to feature lots of upsets, which unfold in cascading fashion, adding to the drama. But in other ways, they are fairly humdrum because there is usually plenty of warning that they’re coming. As in the Morton Salt ads back in the day, “When it rains, it pours.” The bad news for one party gets pretty… → Read More

Silver Lining in the GOP Gloom

The poll readings are dire, but the economy keeps chugging away and should remain strong through 2017. → Read More

Trump’s Feud With Corker Takes Him To a Darker Place

When the chairman of the foreign relations committee says the president is on a path to World War III, and with Steve Bannon planning a populist uprising, GOP majorities on the Hill look wobbly. → Read More

Can Kelly Rein in the Unruly President?

Maybe so, but it may make Trump turn on him—and a bigger question is whether it really matters at this point. → Read More

Midterm Questions for the GOP

With an unpopular president and failures on Capitol Hill, Republicans worry about House and gubernatorial races while counting on a structural advantage to hold the Senate. → Read More

Fox News Poll Shows Trump in Trouble

Conservatives who only watch the right-leaning network should be convinced that the president is sinking fast. → Read More