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Past articles by Jordan:

If You Struggle With Sciatica Pain, This Simple PT-Approved Move Might Offer Instant Relief

A physical therapist explains why sciatic nerve glides can offer relief (sometimes instantly) for people suffering from sciatica. → Read More

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Despite what apps and Instagram may present, youth is not a prereq for resistance training. Here, a case for weight lifting as you get older. → Read More

The Best Sport for Brain Health Isn't Running, Tennis, or Any Other Popular Pastime

According to new research, practicing a sport called orienteering has the ability to boost both your memory and spatial navigation skills. Here's why. → Read More

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Practicing ‘Primal Movement’ Patterns Can Improve Your Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, and Coordination

When it comes to fitness, it doesn't get more old-school than primal movement patterns. Here's why they're so important. → Read More

4 Telltale Signs That You Should Be Lifting Heavier Weights, According to a Trainer

Whether you're focused on high reps with a low weight, or vice versa, in order to see results, you've got to be working with the right load for you. Here's how to tell if you are. → Read More

4 Common Habits a Physical Therapist Is Begging You To Stop Immediately for the Sake of Your Ankles

A physical therapist says these are the most-common everyday habits that hurt your ankles, and offers tweaks to each. → Read More

Are Short or Long Walks Better for Your Health?

Two cardiologists weigh in on whether taking multiple short or one long walk per day is better for your health. → Read More

Feeling Blah and Unmotivated To Work Out? These 5 Simple Movements Can Help You Get Unstuck

Mental roadblocks getting in your way of working out? Here, a dance therapist explains how to use movement to get motivated. → Read More

‘I’m a Movement Therapist, and These Are 3 Simple Exercises I Do to Calm Down When My Family Is Driving Me Up The Wall’

Movement therapist Erica Hornthal shares her self-regulating exercises to calm down when she’s feeling stressed. → Read More

The Neat Way the World’s Longest-Living People Stay Active Without Exercising

Blue Zone super-agers maximize the time per day they spend doing things considered to be NEAT vs EAT activities. Here's why that matters. → Read More

The Neuroprotective Effects of Exercise You Need To Know

When it comes to the neuroprotective effects of exercise, a neurologist explains why it's like SPF for your brain. → Read More

How To Take Pills Orally For Faster Absorption

New research suggests there's a specific way to take pills orally in order to speed up absorption rates. It's all about your posture. → Read More

Why This Sports Medicine Doc Says You Shouldn’t Take Anti-Inflammatories Before Working Out

Taking NSAIDs or anti-inflammatories before working out may seem like a way to recover quicker, but a sports MD says it’s never a good idea. → Read More

4 Exercises During Menopause That Mitigate Side Effects

The decline of hormones in your 40s and 50s affects your entire body, but doing certain exercises during menopause can help manage symptoms. → Read More

5 Cottage Cheese Recipes That Are So Good for You

Calcium and protein are only two reasons why cottage cheese is so healthy, says this RD. Here are five cottage cheese recipes to try ASAP. → Read More

Why You Don’t Want To Reheat Coffee in a Microwave

A food scientist explains what happens when you reheat coffee in a microwave and why it alters the taste so much. → Read More

Making Scrambled Eggs With Water Leaves Them Fluffier

A pro chef explains why scrambled eggs with water are fluffier than those with milk, plus how to make restaurant-quality versions at home. → Read More

Bad Sleep? Try a Quick HIIT Workout for Instant Energy

Research shows a quick HIIT workout for instant energy is as good as a cup of coffee—minus the caffeine crash. Here are three to try. → Read More