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Past articles by Alex:

The Best Gadgets of CES 2021, and the Weirdest Ones Too

The weirdest CES ever staged is now over. But no one will be striking booths in Las Vegas or hustling out of $1,000 a night hotel rooms today with all the cool gadgets they’ve shown off all week. That’s because there wasn’t that much new tech shown off. Much of CES was a rehash of the preceding weeks—and even months—of announcements. It made the all-digital affair even weirder! But there was… → Read More

Swan Out as Intel Gets Its Third CEO in Three Years

Intel, the beleaguered CPU designer, is moving onto its third CEO in three years. Today Anandtech reported the departure of CEO Bob Swan and the hiring of Pat Gelsinger as his replacement. → Read More

Refrigerators Are Finally Embracing the Good Ice

We are entering an ice renaissance. → Read More

AMD's Excellent Ryzen 5000 Series Is Coming to Laptops

AMD’s Ryzen series of CPUs seem to be getting better with every iteration, and the Ryzen 5000 series launched in the fall of 2020 was perhaps the most impressive series yet. And now it’s coming to laptops. → Read More

LG, the Best OLED TV Maker, Is Doing Mini-LED TVs Now Too

LG is officially getting into mini-LED TVs now. The company is known for crafting some of the most gorgeous OLED TVs on the market, and while its LED sets are respectable, they’ve rarely been lauded as much as its OLED sets. That could change with the new LG QNED MiniLED 4K and 8K sets. → Read More

Intel Pivots Its RealSense Cameras Into Facial Recognition Tech

Intel announced today that it will make its RealSense 3D cameras available for customers hoping to utilize the tech for faster facial recognition in the form of RealSense ID. → Read More

The Most Disappointing Gadgets of 2020

Believe it or not, we actually like a lot of gadgets. This is why it’s always a bummer when one arrives on the scene with the panache of a deflating balloon. There were a few of those products in our list of disappointing gadgets this year. Yet while sometimes gadgets disappoint everyone, there are other times they just disappoint one of us, but, like, a lot. That means the gadgets found here… → Read More

The Coolest Gadgets of 2020

These were the gadgets we loved the most in 2020. We just can't stop talking about them. → Read More

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Is a Trash Friend

Over the years, female friendships have periodically become a focal point of Wonder Woman's DC comic books. Except in Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 1984 where Gal Gadot's Diana is absolutely the biggest trash friend to ever friend. → Read More

HBO Max Finally Comes to Roku Devices December 17

Today Roku announced that HBO Max would finally be available on December 17 and timed (of course) with the release of HBO Max’s biggest original content to date, Wonder Woman 1984. → Read More

The Best Gifts and Gadgets to Help Your Youngest Child Build Character

Children are wonderful miracles. The way they go from babies to chaos to creatures with genuine personalities and feelings all their own is remarkable. But youngest kids of a multi-child household are another story. They are nightmare hellions with little regard for others, an incredible capacity to care only about themselves, and a tattletale cry that can summon a parent from three states over.… → Read More

They're Too Big!

The Bose QuietComfort earbuds are nearly perfect, but size keeps them from being truly excellent. → Read More

The Best Game Controller Maker Is Making Gaming Headsets Now, Too

Scuf is known for customization and brings that to its first gaming headset, the Scuf H1. → Read More

I Thought It Was an Ugly Titty Purse

In an Apple-first, the company has produced a new pair of headphones. But in their case they look like an ugly purse. → Read More

The HomePod Mini Is a Perfect Smart Home Overlord

The HomePod Mini can't quite compete with pricier, and bigger, speakers like the Sonos One, but it does enough and does it well enough to be a great brain for your smart home. → Read More

Playing Mario Kart IRL Is a Shockingly Good Time

Nintendo's Mario Kart Live lets you control a real kart in the real world, and it feels just like the game. It's incredibly fun, though a little pricey. → Read More

Boobs and What They’re Missing

I will not knock a person for eschewing bras, particularly in the summer months when they join forces with the underside of your boobs to create a miasma of sweat and good intentions. I will especially not knock a person for eschewing sports bras, which attempt to turn your double outies into innies through the sheer will of spandex. But I cannot eschew them less I give myself two black eyes… → Read More

Scriptable Supercharges iOS 14 Widgets Like No Other App

Scriptable lets us run Javascript in iOS, and with iOS 14, that means Javascript-powered widgets. They're extremely good. → Read More

I Miss Videodiscs, the Fragile Garbage That Shaped My Childhood

When I talk about the discs I watched videos on as a kid people assume I mean laser discs, or maybe I’ve confused my decades and mean DVDs, or even video CDs. There’s an assumption that I’ve just misremembered things, but that’s because the capacitance electronic disc, or videodisc (or in my house just “disc”), was a mere flash in the pan of a gadget. Something few stores sold and few people… → Read More

Grey's Anatomy Did Covid-19 and I'm Still Exhausted From Watching It

Network TV's grueling schedules means scripts are finished months before filming. And its resulted in very special episodes about covid-19 that feel stuck in amber. → Read More