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Past articles by David:

How To Hedge Your Portfolio For The Election

President Trump exits Marine One at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after being diagnosed with COVID-19 (photo via Fox 5 New York). Military DEFCON 5,... → Read More

Alphabet: Taking Advantage Of The Bounce

One thing I've tried to do during this coronavirus crash is highlight opportunities for investors to hedge on the bounces. GOOG shares, along with the rest of t → Read More

Generating Positive Returns During The Coronavirus Crash

In an article last week, I mentioned my all-weather system had been shifting away from stocks during the Coronavirus Correction. In that article, I noted the av → Read More

Virgin Galactic: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Last month, I presented a way cautious bulls could limit their downside risk in Virgin Galactic.Since then, the stock has dropped by nearly 36%.Here, I show how the hedge ameliorated that drop. I close by discussing possible courses of action for hedged Virgin Galactic longs. → Read More

A Quantitative Approach To The Coronavirus Correction

Each week since mid-2017, I have used a quantitative system to generate top names and hedged portfolios to Marketplace subscribers.Here, I show how the top names and one of the hedged portfolios I presented just before the coronavirus correction have fared so far.I also explain how my system, being an all-weather approach, has shifted away from stocks as the correction has continued. → Read More

Anthem: Using The Relief Rally To Add Protection

Anthem shares had one of the biggest bounces on Wednesday, as health insurers rallied after Joe Biden outpointed Bernie Sanders in the Super Tuesday contests. T → Read More

How Our AMD Portfolio Is Weathering The Coronavirus Correction

Last month, before the current correction started, I wrote of the coronavirus risk to AMD's supply chains and presented a hedged portfolio built around an AMD p → Read More

Adding Protection To Microsoft On The Bounce

Last week, a Seeking Alpha contributor warned that shares of Microsoft were overvalued.In that assessment he was aligned with Seeking Alpha Essential's Quant Rating, which gives Microsoft an "F" for value.Given its extended valuation, and the broader economic risks associated with the coronavirus, I show ways cautious Microsoft bulls can take advantage of the market bounce to hedge their shares. → Read More

Crash Protection For Alibaba

Hedgeye announced last week that Alibaba was its top short position. Although coronavirus risks are top of mind when thinking of China's answer to Amazon, Aliba → Read More

Time To Immunize Your Portfolio Against The Coronavirus With Optimal SPY Puts

After the worst day for stocks in two years, there have been calls to buy the dip. You may want to consider hedging against further declines.I offer reasons why coronavirus risk may not be fully appreciated yet.I also present updated optimal puts on SPY readers can use to hedge market risk. → Read More

In Case EWJ Is Headed For A 40% Drop

A recent article warned that the impact of the coronavirus, Japan's economic contraction, and the Bank of Japan dumping equity assets could cause EWJ shares to plummet 30%-40%.I argue here that while the first two of those risks may be significant, the third one probably isn't.I also show EWJ longs a way to limit their downside risk, and note it's currently cheaper to hedge EWJ than SPY. → Read More

In Case Virgin Galactic Shares Come Back To Earth

Shares of Virgin Galactic have more than quadrupled since early December, as call options on its shares have spiked in volume this week.In the event those shares come back to earth before January, I show a way shareholders can lock in some gains, while holding on for more.I close by noting the importance of taking into account costs while hedging. → Read More

Another Possible Source Of Alpha

Last month, I showed the performance of a new version of my system's security selection method.Here, I update the performance of that security selection method and highlight another potential source of alpha.I elaborate and explain how I intend to incorporate the new data. → Read More

Buying Umbrellas When It's Sunny Out: Hedging Market Risk Via Optimal Puts On SPY

Over the last week, market observers have highlighted risks ranging from the coronavirus outbreak to fiscal and monetary conditions.Despite those risks, the S&P 500 has traded near all-time highs. That can be an opportune time to inexpensively hedge.For readers looking to add protection to their own portfolios, I show a simple way of doing so using optimal put options on SPY. → Read More

Locking In Sprint Gains While Holding Out For A Bit More

Shares of Sprint spiked after the company's merger with T-Mobile was approved, but one Seeking Alpha contributor thinks they may have another leg down.For Sprint longs who want to lock in most of their gains while staying long for a bit more, I show a way of doing so.I close by discussing the broader investing implications of this merger for big tech quasi-monopolies. → Read More

Building A Hedged Portfolio Around Bristol-Myers Squibb

With BMY trading near multi-year highs, we present an approach to maximize expected return while strictly limiting risk with a hedged portfolio built around it. → Read More

A Warning Flag For Ballard Power Systems

Often when stocks do as well as BLDP has over the last six months, options market sentiment confirms that bullishness.In the case of BLDP, it doesn't. A primary gauge of options market sentiment over the next six months presents a warning flag here.I elaborate, note that this relates specifically to the next several months, and suggest BLDP longs consider taking some profits here. → Read More

Avoiding Falling Knives Like Tanger

In 2017, I wrote that SKT was a falling knife.Since then, the stock has dropped 42%.The same screens that identified it as a falling knife then flag it as a continuing risk today, as I explicate here. → Read More

Tesla: There Will Be Pullbacks

Tesla shares spiked nearly 20% on Monday - they're up almost 37% since I wrote last month about their previous parabolic move. Even if you think shares of Tesla → Read More

Crash Protection For AMD

AMD dipped after its downbeat guidance this week, but one Seeking Alpha contributor sees a lot more downside to come.He argues AMD shares could drop 90% from here.My system estimates a positive return for AMD over the next several months, but I present two ways cautious bulls can stay long while strictly limiting their risk. → Read More