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Past articles by Barry:

For Now, The American Republic Stands

If Republicans win one of the two U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia, America will have avoided the Constitutional disaster of one party rule under President Biden. → Read More

Masks Don’t Have to Divide Us

The most visible manifestation of intolerance in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is the way we hate people on the other side of the great mask debate. → Read More

How to Resist the Woke Steamroller

A recent survey has revealed that young liberal voters are quite ready to support a wide variety of radical changes in America. What's the best way to combat this trend? → Read More

How to Resist the Woke Steamroller

A recent survey of young voters found significant support for the destruction of Mt. Rushmore and public buildings deemed “Eurocentric.” This survey, → Read More

Booker T. Washington's Rule for Living

When the world is falling apart, we need to learn to live in the present instead of worrying about the past or future. → Read More

The President is Not Our National Savior

Many Americans view the presidency as the be all and end all of political power. That runs contrary to the founders' intent, and to the preservation of our liberty. → Read More

How to Choose a True Leader in the 2020 Election

While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris go on and on about leadership we should look back to leadership lessons from Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural address → Read More

Reagan’s Farewell Warning Was Ignored (And Now We Are Paying the Price)

In his 1989 farewell address, President Ronald Reagan gave a prescient warning about what would happen to America if it did not reinstitutionalize freedom in its culture. → Read More

Jerry Seinfeld’s Advice for Marital Happiness

In an age where our fleeting feelings have been elevated to the sacred, exercising emotional self-regulation in marriage is sacrilege, except for Jerry Seinfeld. → Read More

Why Facts Don’t Matter to People

Americans are starting to think like North Koreans, finding it difficult to believe that their leaders and experts might also be fallible humans just like everyone else. → Read More

Bearing Witness to the Destruction of America's Small Businesses

Small businesses are starting to collapse under the burden of COVID-19 regulations, and its our job to tell their stories before it is too late. → Read More

COVID-19 Lockdowns May Destroy Our Immune Systems

The coronavirus shutdowns may be counterproductive not just from an economic standpoint, but also in preventing the spread of disease long term. → Read More

How Fanatics Hack Our Minds (And Why We Let Them)

In any crisis, fanatics proclaim that their way is the only way forward. They want us to believe we have no choice but to follow them. → Read More

How New York Officials Spread the Coronavirus Among the Working Poor

While New York politicians claim to want to save lives, they are seemingly unconcerned about the working poor who must take jam-packed trains to work. → Read More

After Trump, Who Will Progressives Hate?

Haters make every problem into the fault of their hand picked devil. After Trump is gone, who will progressives select as their next devil? → Read More

Releasing Fear During the COVID-19 Crisis

When our fears and worries occupy our attention, we quickly become overwhelmed, but our fearful thinking often provides poor advice. → Read More

Bill Gates and the Middle Ground of COVID-19

Bill Gates' assertion that there is "no middle ground" in deciding how to respond to COVID-19 is not only a false position, but a reckless one as well. → Read More

The Myth That the President and the Fed Direct the Stock Market

The relationship between the stock market and interest rates is not what many believe. → Read More

On Netflix’s Love is Blind, Mistaken Ideas Are the Villains

Netflix's new dating show is yet another that offers the American public an extremely problematic view of what love ought to be. → Read More

Boost Your Immune System to Fight the Coronavirus

Acting now to boost your immune system is prudent. Here is how. → Read More