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Past articles by Eric:

Future of farming: Why one Austin-area farm is growing crops in the air

Vermillion Farms is taking an unusual approach to farming. Instead of planting their crops in the ground, they’re growing them in the air. “As many times as I have explained this system to as many people, every single person that walks in this door, that is the exact response,” said owner Will Vermillion after we gasped upon entering the greenhouse on the mostly empty plot of land. → Read More

Space just got bigger: scientists add 200k objects to universal map

Developing a map of the universe is now closer than ever before. Scientists with the University of Texas announced this past month that they have now located and mapped more than 170,000 new galaxies and nearly 5,000 possible black holes. → Read More

Little kids and wastewater: STEM students take unique science-focused tour

The plant uses automation to clean the water, which is why the STEM focused group booked the tour. → Read More

How does the weather affect my allergies?

Central Texas is notorious for its allergies, with Austin and San Antonio making the list for being two of the cities with the worst allergies in the nation. It seems nearly everyone in the area is allergic to something at some time of the year. → Read More

Earth’s newly discovered layer could help scientists predict earthquakes

A newly confirmed layer of the Earth could give scientists a better understanding of plate tectonics and could help them better predict earthquakes, according to to research published by the University of Texas. → Read More

Central Texas research center receives $2.48M to fight climate change

New funding is heading to the Texas Hill Country in the fight against climate change. → Read More

Will Austin trees survive this week’s significant ice storm?

Following one of the driest year’s on record, many trees in Central Texas had a rough year. This week’s winter storm, while only lasting a couple of days, could dump quite a bit of freezing rain on Central Texas. Ice can put a lot of stress on trees. → Read More

This week is your last chance to see rare green comet — where to watch

This week is your last chance to see a green comet zip by Earth. It may not return to our solar system for another 50,000 years. The comet, named C/2022 E3 (ZTF), hasn’t visited our solar system since the stone age. The comet will be its closest to Earth on February 2nd, after which people in the Northern Hemisphere won’t be able to see it. → Read More

Asteroid zips past Earth this afternoon – How to watch

Earth will have a close encounter with a small asteroid later today . Named 2023 BU, the rock is about the size of a box truck, according to NASA. There is no risk that the asteroid will wipe out life on Earth. → Read More

Radio signal detected from galaxy 8 billion light years away; breaks previous records

A new record has be broken in the search for signals in deep space. Scientists using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope in Pune, India detected a radio signal emitted by hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen is believed to be 8.8 billion years old and is the furthest radio signal of this type detected by scientists on Earth. → Read More

Nearby Earth-sized exoplanet discovered by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Researchers have revealed they have discovered the James Webb Space Telescope’s first exoplanet. The planet, named LHS 475 b, is about the size of Earth. “There is no question that the planet is there. Webb’s pristine data validate it,” research Jacob Lustig-Yaeger said in a statement. The planet is close to Earth. It is only 41 light-years away in the constellation Octans. → Read More

Green comet streaks across the sky in 2023 for first time since Stone Age

This month will see a once-in-a-civilization sight: a green comet named C/2022 E3 (ZTF) approaching Earth. The comet last passed through our solar system a little more than 50,000 years ago, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. → Read More

January meteor shower: Quadrantids peak this Tuesday night

The Quadrantids are, according to NASA, considered one of the most consistent and “best” meteor showers of the year. During the peak, NASA said you can expect to see 60 to 200 meteors per hour. → Read More

Water cycle facing changes amid climate crisis; new NASA satellite to detect how

Water is facing an uncertain future amid the global climate crisis. In Central Texas, extreme droughts and rapid development have placed the fate of our water supply in doubt. Similar problems are occurring, not just across Texas, but around the world. → Read More

University of Texas scientists use dating app tech to locate distant galaxies, dark energy

Researchers at the University of Texas are turning to some rather unusual tech to locate distant galaxies. → Read More

Texas researchers, Austin activists partner on new Climate Atlas

Researchers with the University of Texas announced a new project earlier this month that will hopefully provide valuable data to the community: the Climate Atlas. → Read More

Why do experts say children shouldn’t wear a puffy jacket in the car?

With winter weather here and temperatures dropping rapidly, you may think it is time to bundle up. However, parents could be putting their child in danger by simply putting them in a nice warm coat. → Read More

Zombie Trees return to Central Texas — how to identify the dangerous walking dead

While it may sound a bit hyperbolic, the dead walk amongst us this fall: zombie trees. It sounds silly, but zombie trees are what arborists call trees that are still standing but aren’t alive. This year’s drought and the 2021 winter storm have caused a horde of zombie trees to swarm across Central Texas. → Read More

Traffic accidents spike amid seasonal change, shorter days, TxDOT reports

The Texas Department of Transportation wants you to be extra safe on the roads this month. As the days get shorter and it is darker out, accidents are on the rise, according to TxDOT. Because of this, October has been declared National Pedestrian Safety month. → Read More

Monarch butterflies are heading toward Central Texas – what you need to know

Central Texas has seen a lot of butterflies recently. The American Snout has found its way to our area, but it won’t be the last. According to local butterfly experts, the king of all butterflies will arrive in the southwest in the coming weeks: the Monarch Butterfly. → Read More