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Past articles by Frank:

Opinion: Hong Kong’s Final Court of Appeal isn’t so final after all

By effectively circumventing a ruling by Hong Kong’s highest court, the government has undermined its own case that the rule of law still endures → Read More

Opinion: As China snuffs out its protests, the U.S. watches from the sidelines

Beijing’s crackdown of zero-COVID protesters highlights how complicated it can be to maintain stable U.S.-China relations → Read More

Opinion: Xi Jinping’s ambitions extend well beyond his latest five-year term

The Communist Party of China’s general secretary has signalled that he is willing to put himself first – even over his country’s stability → Read More

Beijing laws are the barrier to improving Hong Kong’s human rights image

To improve Hong Kong’s deteriorating image, the starting point is at home, not overseas → Read More

Opinion: In order to tell a ‘good Hong Kong story,’ Hong Kong itself must change

To change Hong Kong’s image, the place to start is not the outside world but in Hong Kong itself → Read More

John Lee must assure the world Hong Kong’s freedoms aren’t lost

Over the years Beijing has become more hands-on in Hong Kong’s governance, and while the city has not won the democracy it sought, its freedoms must remain intact. Hong Kong’s new chief executive needs to build confidence with action, not words. → Read More

Opinion: China’s COVID-19 response has been more about ideology than health

Despite state media’s praise of the country’s ‘zero-COVID’ policies, Xi Jinping’s ideologically driven decision-making has hurt China’s economy and oppressed its people → Read More

Opinion: Hong Kong has not had a chance to assess its lone candidate for its highest office

John Lee, who oversaw the police during massive 2019 protests in the former British colony, will win a one-horse race to succeed Carrie Lam as chief executive → Read More

Opinion: Will Beijing display ‘Chinese wisdom’ to help avert war?

The Chinese government has been relatively passive amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and has even re-affirmed its ‘no-limits’ friendship with the Kremlin. But the world needs it to step up as a mediator → Read More

Opinion: Hong Kong has become a living experiment in Chinese ‘democracy’

Recent Legislative Council elections under new rules designed by Beijing reveal the farce of China’s ‘democracy that works’ → Read More

In defense of Taiwan, Biden makes a ‘slip of the tongue’

Joe Biden may intentionally be telegraphing the message to China that he fully intends to protect Taiwan with the aim of deterring a Chinese attack. → Read More

China is close to dominating the world stage

Recent global matters all see China deeply involved, even when its name isn’t mentioned. → Read More

China ages before it can become rich

One problem is that the Communist Party views people not as individual human beings but as tools to be manipulated to suit party policy at different times → Read More

Hong Kong’s fading attractions: Will the new Carrie Lam Show help?

Hong Kong is changing so much that it is quickly becoming unrecognizable. With China tightening its grip over the former British colony, it is losing much of its old attraction. → Read More

China’s Taiwan conundrum: Will use of force to unite be followed by new division?

If Taiwan doesn’t agree to be absorbed peacefully, it will be forced to do so. Beijing now feels that there is little likelihood of peaceful unification. → Read More

Biden plays Deng’s card against Xi

Chinese officials are clearly disappointed that he doesn’t seem to be thinking of China and did not mention China during his inaugural address. → Read More

As world says good riddance to 2020, China hails its new status

China’s position in the world has been elevated as a result of the pandemic, despite criticism that its early missteps and cover-ups made possible the spread of the virus around the world. → Read More

A Merry Christmas to Canadians jailed in China

Hopefully, the buildup of publicity of people sending Christmas cards to the imprisoned Canadians will put moral pressure on China, causing it to abandon its practice of hostage diplomacy. → Read More

Can Hong Kong return to the situation before the national security law?

In the current political climate, it is difficult to see China reversing its current course of greater integration of Hong Kong into the mainland. → Read More

After 23 years of Chinese rule, Hong Kong is back to square one

Hong Kong's chief executive has created a path for the city's leadership to remove legislators at will, without involvement of the legislature itself or the judiciary. → Read More