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Past articles by Ben:

A Recipe for Societal Collapse

The president told a man dressed as a woman that it would be a deep wrong to deny life-altering treatments to confused minors. → Read More

The day the FBI raided Donald Trump

If the basis for the raid on Trump's Florida home is anything less than bedrock-solid, the most serious questions of political legitimacy will be on the table. Suspicions are certainly in order, given the behavior of the FBI over the course of the last few years. → Read More

Woke Academic Gobbledygook Makes You Rich and Famous

Our higher education system is designed to benefit claims of victimhood rooted in intersectional identity politics. → Read More

The anarchic philosophy behind 'LGBTQI+ Pride Month'

We're being told by the White House and our president that we must ignore the internal contradictions of Left-wing sexual ideology, and simply pretend away the incoherence – a sort of illogic that make not one whit of sense. → Read More

The Elitists Who Want to Rule the World

Elitists appoint themselves as global representatives and then create mechanisms to control citizens over whom they claim to preside. → Read More

Leftists See Much More Than Abortion at Stake in Dobbs Decision

The left acts as if the end of Roe will usher in a fascistic hellscape. → Read More

The end of the road for Roe?

Be forewarned: To have their pro-abortion/anti-life worldview subjected to the voters in all 50 states is an indignity the Left cannot bear … and they will use every tool in their arsenal to prevent that possibility. → Read More

It's Not 'Putin's Price Hike.' It's 'Bidenflation.'

In February 2021, the month after Biden took office, the inflation rate was just 1.7%. It's now 8.5%. That's "Bidenflation." → Read More

LGBT Left Is Aggressor in Culture War

Last week, reporter Christopher Rufo released video footage of top Disney employees vowing to inject their radical LGBTQ agenda into children’s programming. Disney producer Latoya Raveneau told an all-hands meeting that her team works to push a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” in programming aimed at kids and sought to add “queerness” to such content. Disney corporate president Karey Burke… → Read More

Will Smith's Slap Heard Around World

Let's hope Will Smith's slap remains an aberration. A country in which comedians are assaulted for making jokes would be a humorless place. → Read More

A New Way to Fight Woke Corporations

If corporations like the Walt Disney Co. decide to go woke, there must be competitors who ensure that they will go broke. → Read More

America’s Enemies Find Weakness at Every Turn

When America's enemies find weakness, they exert pressure. And today, America's enemies are finding weakness at nearly every turn. → Read More

Environmentalist NIMBYism Means Foreign Policy Disaster

The U.S. has the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world. So why does the left prefer to import our energy from the world's despots? → Read More

Putin Wakes up the Western Ostrich

We can only hope that the West’s newfound commitment to a very old idea lasts longer than Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion. → Read More

The War on Parents Continues

The left now states that forcing schools to provide transparency to parents about their children is a form of abuse. → Read More

Canada Goes Tyrannical

Justin Trudeau announces that he will invoke the Emergencies Act in order to crack down on the Freedom Convoy. → Read More

Left's Attack on Joe Rogan an Attack on Dissent

Joe Rogan has hosted guests on his podcast who do not simply repeat the nostrums of the left on a wide variety of issues. → Read More

COVID-19’s Impact of Expressive Individualism

The public health establishment has cultivated people who measure their moral value by how compliant and panicked they remain over COVID-19. → Read More

AOC and the Quest to Destroy Work

In the view of AOC and others on the far left, work is bad, foisted upon unwilling individuals by a cruel and arbitrary system. → Read More

The Great Re-Sorting Is Here

Americans have been fleeing the most liberal states in mass numbers. Those numbers are about to increase even more. → Read More