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Past articles by Erik:

Better News On Jobs Doesn’t Mean All’s Well

Details are still harrowing, particularly if you aren’t white and male. → Read More

The PRO Act Is Becoming Labor’s Amateur Hour

Democrats are trying to eliminate the concept of independent contractors in business. The move is foolish and self-destructive. → Read More

Here Are The Workers Really At Risk From The Pandemic

Coronavirus can cause death or long-term health problems. Entire classes of workers are most at risk of exposure and infection. → Read More

When Economic Theory Clashes With Reality, Individual Workers Get Hurt

Economic theory is fine, but when trusted as natural law, it often makes absurd mistakes. → Read More

Vaccines Have To Be More Than Effective; They Must Be Affordable

A vaccine with 90%+ efficacy doesn't mean things will be better, and money is a big reason why. → Read More

When It Comes To Markets, Nobody Knows What Is Happening

All those daily explanations of market movements? The explainers cross their fingers, hoping they're right. → Read More

Uber And Lyft Want To Operate Above The Control Of California Lawmakers

Uber, Lyft, and other gig-economy companies are pushing for exemptions to California's AB5 labor law that would effectively be impervious to future change. → Read More

The Real State Of Unemployment Is Much Higher Than Official Numbers

Unemployment, viewed through the lens of unemployment insurance filings, is much worse than the official rate. → Read More

Postal Service Debt Is In Part A Defense Department Subsidy And Federal Accounting Sham

Ridiculous pension fund pre-payments are only part of the issue facing the USPS. → Read More

The Latest Money Insanity: The SEC Wants Retail Investors To Invest In Private Equity

The SEC gets into the sales business, promoting the idea of retail investors putting money into private equity. This is a bad move. → Read More

What is a recession? How economists define periods of economic downturn

A recession is a period of economic decline spread across the economy that occurs more often than you may think. Here's why and how they happen. → Read More

Trying To Figure Out The Crazy 'Drop' In Unemployment

The May unemployment numbers seem like a great improvement, but it's impossible to tell if they're close to right. → Read More

States are emptying their unemployment funds, and even the federal fund designed as a backstop is likely to run out of money

The unemployment crisis could force states to limit the duration and dollar amount of benefits, experts warn. → Read More

The Russell 2000 may have predicted the stock market crash—and could foreshadow the next bull market

The index is more sensitive to domestic economic conditions and often leads in a recession or recovery. → Read More

Companies use carbon allowances, offsets to reduce carbon footprint: How it works, does it help the environment?

Without proper care and oversight, offsets and allowances can become a way to get bragging rights for not doing anything. → Read More

What is a depression? Could we have one in the U.S. due to the coronavirus? Economists weigh in

The U.S. economy is hurtling towards a recession as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but some economists think a depression is also a possibility. → Read More

‘The common theme is fear and panic’: These are the lessons learned from the past 3 bear markets

In '87, management at one firm gave each trader a razor and a coffee can (to avoid bathroom breaks), and told them to stay in place. → Read More

In a first, NYSE will close its trading floor and conduct remote trading amid coronavirus pandemic

Since the 19th century, the floor has been open when markets are. Coronavirus has ended that streak. → Read More

Goldman Sachs just made a grim prediction for Q2 after 'sudden stop for the U.S. economy'

The report assumed an -85% reduction in sports spending, -75% in transportation, and a -65% decline in revenues for hotels and restaurants. → Read More

Most second quarter GDP forecasts now range from horrible (-8%) to catastrophic (-15%)

"It may be the largest contraction of GDP on record in a specific quarter," said Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics USA. → Read More