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Recent articles by Erik:

Union Incomes May Seem Better Than Non-Union, But Are They Really?

Government figures that are supposed to show union wages better than non-union are more complicated than people think. → Read More

Supreme Court Turns Thumbs Down On Biden Eviction Moratorium

The Supreme Court allowed a lower court decision to end the eviction moratorium to go into force in a late unsigned 6-3 decision on Thursday, August 26. → Read More

It Could Be A Troublesome Fall With Covid Spikes And Pandemic Aid Fades

Politics and the desire to look good for in the next election cycle is making a mess of the near future. → Read More

It’s The Poor Left To Pay Their Tax Debts, Not Rich Cheats

Maybe Congress doesn’t mind dropping money for better IRS enforcement because of who would be targeted. → Read More

Here’s Why You Can’t Afford A Home—Pandemic Version

The ugly current scene was set up in 2008. Now pandemic fallout, panic, and a battle for profits finished the job. → Read More

A Different Look At Jobs And The Near Future Of Employment

Unemployment numbers alone don’t tell the story. → Read More

When Employers Are Finally On The Losing Side Of Negotiations

Lots of guesses abound as to why people may not be clamoring for jobs. The one thing that seems clear is employees aren’t going back to abusive relationships. → Read More

How Inflation Really Stacks Up

Before you worry about inflation rates, it helps to understand exactly what is happening. → Read More

NFTs and tokenization: How crypto could help regular people become real estate tycoons

Technologies related to cryptocurrencies, like NFTs and tokenization, could make investing in real estate easier than ever. → Read More

Investors Shouldn’t Worry Right Now (Except About Crypto)

I’d say the Fed came out with news that didn’t exactly please Wall Street, but that august body didn’t need to contribute to a mood of panicked sell-off. → Read More

Why some investors are betting on the most staid investment of all: Cash

One investor upped his firm’s portfolio cash allotment to an unusual 30% for quick allocation in turbulent conditions. → Read More

Better News On Jobs Doesn’t Mean All’s Well

Details are still harrowing, particularly if you aren’t white and male. → Read More

The PRO Act Is Becoming Labor’s Amateur Hour

Democrats are trying to eliminate the concept of independent contractors in business. The move is foolish and self-destructive. → Read More

Here Are The Workers Really At Risk From The Pandemic

Coronavirus can cause death or long-term health problems. Entire classes of workers are most at risk of exposure and infection. → Read More

When Economic Theory Clashes With Reality, Individual Workers Get Hurt

Economic theory is fine, but when trusted as natural law, it often makes absurd mistakes. → Read More

Vaccines Have To Be More Than Effective; They Must Be Affordable

A vaccine with 90%+ efficacy doesn't mean things will be better, and money is a big reason why. → Read More

When It Comes To Markets, Nobody Knows What Is Happening

All those daily explanations of market movements? The explainers cross their fingers, hoping they're right. → Read More

Uber And Lyft Want To Operate Above The Control Of California Lawmakers

Uber, Lyft, and other gig-economy companies are pushing for exemptions to California's AB5 labor law that would effectively be impervious to future change. → Read More

The Real State Of Unemployment Is Much Higher Than Official Numbers

Unemployment, viewed through the lens of unemployment insurance filings, is much worse than the official rate. → Read More

Postal Service Debt Is In Part A Defense Department Subsidy And Federal Accounting Sham

Ridiculous pension fund pre-payments are only part of the issue facing the USPS. → Read More