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Recent articles by Paul:

Can the "religious left" save abortion rights from Republican hypocrisy?

Pro-choice Christians exist! With Roe v. Wade in mortal danger, they're mobilizing around "reproductive justice" → Read More

Reclaiming "freedom" in the age of coronavirus: Don't allow Trump and the right to claim it

Conservatives think they control the concept of "freedom." But progressives have a deeper, richer tradition → Read More

Does the coronavirus pandemic mean the end of globalization? Good!

The "neoliberal" model of globalization got us into this mess. Most Americans already believe in a better way → Read More

Messaging guru explains how the left can mobilize righteous anger and fight Trump’s claims on ‘the economy’ – A

After months of denial regarding the spread COVID-19, Donald Trump first embraced the role of being a "wartime president," then shifted again to wanting the war over immediately, saying, "We don't want the cure to be worse than the disease." A chorus of conservative voices quickly echoed him, sugges → Read More

Trump, the pandemic and "the economy": How progressives can fight his message

Messaging guru Anat Shenker-Osorio: The economy is not a god, and the left needs to mobilize righteous anger → Read More

Former Reagan aide Bruce Bartlett: Why Republicans are such massive hypocrites on stimulus

Right-wing economists don't mind the huge bailout, says Bartlett: "They love Trump. He is destroying government" → Read More

Public health expert: The pandemic is here — but compassion and common sense will get us through

Dr. Timothy Brewer: Don't hoard the TP — and don't panic. Taking care of each other will get us through this → Read More

Sociologist Andrew Whitehead: How Christian nationalism drives American politics

Author of "Taking America Back for God" on why Christian nationalism isn't really about religion, or Donald Trump → Read More

Democrats can reclaim rural America — and Jane Kleeb wants to show them how: Part 2

Nebraska Democrat Jane Kleeb on how Democrats can still win rural votes — and how to address guns and abortion → Read More

Here’s how Democrats can reclaim rural America – A

One of the most dominant facets of conventional wisdom in American politics is that rural America is solidly and self-evidently conservative and Republican, so it's a waste of time, energy and resources for Democrats to try to compete away from the coasts and the big cities. The fiasco of this year' → Read More

Can Democrats reclaim rural America? Jane Kleeb says yes — and wants to show them how

Nebraska Democrat Jane Kleeb on the Keystone pipeline and how her party can win back the heartland: Part 1 of 2 → Read More

So much for "originalism": Trump's impeachment defense is a constitutional Dumpster fire

Conservatives supposedly believe in constitutional "originalism" — but now they're dumping it to defend Trump → Read More

Religious wars: With the Christian right on the offensive, activists are fighting back

Trump's administration is pushing a Christian nationalist agenda — but a diverse coalition is pushing back hard → Read More

Not fake news: Major study finds no "liberal bias" in media — but there are other problems

Yes, the media is liberal — but there's no "gatekeeping bias." If anything, journalists have become too cautious → Read More

With a new decade — a new hope? Reasons for optimism in a disordered world

It's darkest before the dawn: Social scientists say our time of crisis holds hope for change, renewal and rebirth → Read More

Impeachment in an alternate universe: Will Ralph Nader's "missing" charges haunt America's future?

Ralph Nader proposes a sweeping 12-count impeachment that covers Trump's many crimes — and those that preceded him → Read More

From ancient Athens to the town hall: Can a new wave of deliberative democracy save the world?

"Citizens' assemblies" and similar forms of ground-level democracy are suddenly everywhere. Can we all get along? → Read More

"Irony and Outrage," part 2: Why Colbert got serious — and why Donald Trump isn't funny

Media scholar Dannagal Goldthwaite Young talks Colbert, Oliver, Maddow — and Donald Trump's humor impairment → Read More

“Irony and Outrage”: How different — and how similar — are Fox News and Samantha Bee?

Media scholar Dannagal Goldthwaite Young on how right-wing outrage and left-liberal satire have reshaped our world → Read More

Impeachment as a struggle to save democracy — from the pathological cult of Donald Trump

History shows how democracy can give way to "pathocracy" ruled by disordered individuals. Are we heading that way? → Read More