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Past articles by Shane:

How to write a people's history of antifascism

The world needs more dynamic movement histories — not another 'antifa' explainer. → Read More

For the Midterms, the GOP Is Reviving Its Most Infamous Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

When a confederation of far-right activists, militia members, and Q-Anon adherents stormed the Capitol on January 6th, most of the American public acknowledged that the politics of resentment and toxic conspiracy theories caused the violence. → Read More

For the Midterms, the GOP Is Reviving Its Most Infamous Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

The MAGA world's midterms crusade against a mythically potent and satanic ‘antifa’ harks back to older conspiracy theories tied up with the far right and with toxic antisemitism → Read More

We Must Unlearn the Lie That State Violence Is Inherently Legitimate

“There is no alternative to taking on both the police and the far right simultaneously,” says Kelly Hayes. → Read More

Trucker Convoy Counterdemonstrations Show Need for Building Antifascist Movement

As the trucker convoy makes its way to D.C., Canadian blockades offer lessons on how to stop far right occupations. → Read More

What the US can learn from Canadian activists who blocked truck convoys

As the trucker convoy makes its way to Washington, Canadian blockades offer lessons on how to stop far-right occupations in their tracks. → Read More

Border Militias Set Up Fake Humanitarian Stations in the Desert to Trap Migrants

Author Patrick Strickland discusses what it will take to resist far right militias and protect our communities. → Read More

How the left is reclaiming the fight against antisemitism

Progressive Jewish organizers are exposing the right-wing origins of growing antisemitism and engaging the wider anti-racism struggle. → Read More

5 ways to push anti-Semites out of the Palestinian solidarity movement

With support for Palestinians hitting a new level, strategies are needed to stop white nationalists looking to hijack the movement. → Read More

The left feels Palestinian pain. It must also recognize Jewish fears

Too often, the progressive left has failed to see Jews as a marginalized community, one that does face violence and adversity. → Read More

Palestine solidarity sweeps the US as Israel continues assault on Gaza

International solidarity activists across the US are using their unique American position to push back on Israel’s unparalleled use of lethal force against Palestine. → Read More

What the overlooked history of post-1960s organizing can teach activists today

A conversation with the editors of "Remaking Radicalism" — collected writings from one of the most overlooked periods of leftist organizing. → Read More

Past Year of White Nationalism Has Shown Ongoing Need for Anti-Fascist Movements

The potential of white nationalism only grows without resistance to stifle it. → Read More

Conspiracy Theories Are Killing Us

Investigative journalist David Neiwert explains how conspiracy theories are shaping politics and life in the U.S. → Read More

Soros, ‘cultural Marxism’ and QAnon: How the GOP is energizing and entrenching antisemitism in America

The hate has been refreshed, replacing ‘Elders of Zion’ with ‘globalists,’ blood libel with QAnon, deicide with ‘white genocide.’ An old-new conspiratorial antisemitism is now embedded within the Republican Party, its candidates and voters → Read More

On Inauguration Day, Police Nationwide Went After Left-Wing Protesters

The increased police response following the events of January 6 ended up being directed toward anti-racist protesters. → Read More

As an Eviction Crisis Looms, Tenant Organizing Explodes Across the Country

Tenants are organizing to hold widescale coordinated direct actions like rent strikes to avert the looming crisis. → Read More

As Anti-Fascist T-Shirts Are Removed, Far Right Apparel Remains on Retailer Site

Teespring stopped printing t-shirts with the word “antifa” on them but never stopped printing far right slogans. → Read More

What New Orleans' Common Ground Collective can teach us about surviving crisis together

Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, the Common Ground Collective’s uncommon success offers lessons on how to build effective mutual aid projects today. → Read More

How to Survive Anti-Police Protests

Frontline journalists, medics and lawyers offer tips on protecting yourself from police violence during protests. → Read More