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Past articles by Jeffrey:

Progress Toward Federal Marijuana Reform?

68% of Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization, and it may have its best chance of passing at the federal level now. → Read More

The Economics of Divestment

Disinvestment does promote the objectives of its advocates; but claims that doing so is costless do not stand up to theory or evidence. → Read More

Breonna Taylor Is Another Victim of the War on Drugs

Breonna Taylor would still be alive if policymakers had already fixed laws involving no‐​knock warrants that all too often result in death. The War on Drugs killed Breonna Taylor. How many more innocent people and low level offenders have to die before the government gives up this fruitless venture? → Read More

Do Crises Foster Authoritarianism?

Times of uncertainty and fear often provide the opportunities for authoritarian governments to consolidate their powers. Reasonable people can disagree about whether particular emergency powers are worth the risks they entail, but we all should recognize the risks. → Read More

Gains From Deregulation Undone by Tariffs

Trump’s trade war is harming U.S. manufacturers, their employees, and their customers. → Read More

The Human Cost of Overregulating Opioids

Eliminating the over-regulation of methadone and other medication-assisted treatments is an obvious step toward ending the opioid crisis. → Read More

Democratic Socialism Is the Scenic Route to Serfdom

In 2019, “socialism” is enjoying something of a revival in American politics. → Read More

Why the U.S. Can't Afford a Green New Deal

Given that the US cannot afford its existing entitlement programs, adopting the massively expensive policies proposed by Democratic candidates would be foolish. → Read More

Yes, Marijuana Legalization Is Working

The absence of significant adverse consequences is especially striking given the dire predictions made by some legalization opponents. → Read More

Baltimore to Stop Enforcing Laws Against MJ Possession?

Despite the protests of marijuana opponents, progress continues. → Read More

Will Technological Progress Impoverish the Poor and Working Classes?

The failure of these predictions does not prove such concerns have no merit; perhaps the nature of technological progress will change. → Read More

Immigration and Aging Populations

Despite Japan’s aging population, increased labor force participation by the elderly, women, and immigrants off-set the expected decline in GDP growth. → Read More

Fentanyl Test Strips

There is a new tool to help battle the opioid epidemic that works like a pregnancy test to detect fentanyl, the potent substance behind the escalating number of deaths roiling communities around the country. → Read More

Should the Fed Raise Rates Now to Combat Future Recessions?

If raising rates now will hurt the economy just as much as lowering them later will help, why is the net effect beneficial? → Read More

Forget the wall already, it's time for the U.S. to have open borders

The solution to America’s immigration problems is open borders, under which the United States imposes no immigration restrictions at all. → Read More

The Budgetary Effects of Ending Drug Prohibition

In the past several years, the national movement to end drug prohibition has accelerated. Nine states and Washington, DC, have legalized recreational marijuana, with at least three more states (Connecticut, Michigan, and Ohio) likely to vote on legalization by the end of 2018. Dozens of others have decriminalized the substance or permitted it for medicinal use. Moreover, amid the nation’s… → Read More

How Jailing Drug Users Increases Opioid Overdoses

Current restrictions also causes overdoses by enforcing abstinence on people, who then lose their tolerance to opioids. Some such people nevertheless return to their pre-abstinence dose, with disastrous consequences, when no longer forced to abstain. A key illustration is released prisoners. → Read More

Right to Try and the FDA's Proposed Ban on Kratom

The Trump White House is on the right track by supporting Right to Try. The administration should stick to this philosophy in its treatment of kratom. → Read More

Could Legalizing All Drugs Solve America’s Opioid Epidemic?

Around the world, liberal drug policies have had great success in reducing the harms from drug addiction, such as HIV and overdoses. Faced with a raging opioid crisis, the U.S. would be wise to model its own drug policy after countries that have undergone similar experiences. → Read More

How to Kill the Marijuana Black Market

Legalization without excessive regulation or taxation is the only way to eliminate the black market. → Read More