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Brainstorm Health: Greatest Health Care Leaders, McConnell Tobacco Bill, Hight Deductible Health Plans

Good afternoon, readers. Today, Fortune released its latest annual list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. And, as usual, a number of prominent names in health care, medicine, and global health cracked the index. This year’s number one spot went to Bill and Melinda Gates. The philanthropic duo has their fingers in countless do-gooder health and wellbeing projects, running the gamut from its… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Zombie Pigs, Bubble Boy Therapy, Human CRISPR Trials

Hello and happy hump day, readers. I’d like to preface this by saying, we live in interesting times. Times of gene editing and cancer immunotherapy, pictures of black holes 55 million light years out, and, apparently, zombie pig brains. Yale researchers say they were able to induce cellular activity in disembodied pig brains four hours after those brains’ former hosts had slipped the surly bonds… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Workplace Wellness, Weight Loss Device, Amgen Bone Drug Price

Good afternoon, readers. Workplace wellness programs are among the hottest perks employers offer their workers these days. They were incentivized by the Affordable Care Act, promoted by the who’s who of wellness gurus, and conventionally seen as one of the, “Uh, duh” provisions of health benefits. But are they actually effective? That’s the question at the center of a wide-ranging new study… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: 3D Printed Heart, Measles Outbreak, SCOTUS Rejects Allergan Tribe Bid

Hello and happy Monday, readers. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The prospect of 3D printing organs has, understandably, been a tantalizing one in medicine. Israeli scientists have reportedly come one step closer to that lofty goal—in what is no less critical than the heart itself, according to a release from Tel Aviv University researchers. “This is the first time anyone anywhere has… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: A Theranos Lesson, Health Sector Prognosis, BMS Celgene Deal

Hello and happy Friday, readers. The Theranos debacle has now inspired multiple documentaries, podcasts, books, and planned feature films. The question is: Will all this cross-media coverage instill some wisdom in the health sector? Former Harvard Medical School dean Dr. Jeffrey Flier is certainly trying to spread some lessons. Harvard has been scrutinized by the renewed onslaught of media… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Universal Health Care Vs Innovation, Addyi Alcohol Risk, Ohio Abortion Bill

Good afternoon, readers. One of America’s most prominent physicians takes exception to one of the nation’s top health care officials in what is, well, one of the most hotly debated policy issues in medicine: Would universal health care, sponsored and regulated by the government, be a barrier to medical innovation? It’s a thorny question that’s sure to elicit some passionate responses. Case in… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Sanders Medicare for All Bill, Genomics and Pharma, Insulin Costs

Hello and happy hump day, readers. It’s somewhat of an open secret that big pharma’s ROI has been plunging over the past decade. Historically, drug development is a risky business, with about 90% of treatment candidates never actually reaching the market. In the face of those dire realities, biopharma companies have increasingly resorted to a combination of “evergreening” patents (i.e., blocking… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Best Places to Work, Measles Emergency, Amgen Osteoporosis Drug

Good afternoon, readers. Today, Fortune and our partners over at Great Place to Work released the latest rankings of, well, the best places to work in health care and biopharmaceuticals. For the curious, here’s how the methodology works (it’s a combination of empirical metrics and workplace surveys). The companies that took top spots this year? Texas Health Resources (a reigning champion and… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Brain Stimulation, GSK HIV Drug, Telemedicine and Antibiotics

Happy Monday, readers—I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Alzheimer’s and dementia researchers have had to endure a cascade of heartbreaking drug development failures in recent years. Traditional pharmaceutical treatments based on the “beta amyloid” theory have failed… and failed… and failed yet again. So perhaps it’s not surprising that some scientists are hitching their wagons to radically… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: E. Coli Outbreak, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Treating Cancer With Light

Happy Friday, readers! Light: It’s a particle. It’s a wave. Could it also be a cancer treatment? Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani sure thinks so. The serial entrepreneur entered the world of biotech following a devastating pancreatic cancer diagnosis for his father back in 2012. The tragedy spurred him to seek unique solutions to the cancer scourge—including a highly unusual approach called… → Read More

Rakuten's CEO Is Working on a Brilliant New Cancer Treatment: Light

Mickey Mikitani was spurred by his father's death from pancreatic cancer to pursue a radical new treatment approach: Photoimmunotherapy. → Read More

Want a Better Health System? You Need A.I. (And Here's Why)

We can harness the power of data for better diagnosis, treatment, and benefit plans, executives say. → Read More

Companies Are Changing How They Think About Workers' Health

Some companies are taking a more holistic approach to how they think about workers' wellness—and changing their strategies accordingly. → Read More

To Attack the Most Intractable Public Health Crises, Try Technology

At Fortune's Brainstorm Health conference, experts share how they're fighting infectious diseases and solving health care logistics using tech. → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Brainstorm Health Day 1, E-Cigarettes and Seizure Risk, Cigna Insulin Co-Pay

Good afternoon and happy hump day, readers. The first day of our Fortune Brainstorm Health conference was jam packed with fascinating discussions on everything from how companies are fundamentally changing the way they view workers’ health to the critical role data plays across the medical spectrum to an absolute, must-watch dinner interview with the CEOs of Not Impossible Labs and Unreasonable.… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Health Care Inflection Point, Sangamo Stock, Digital Health Venture Funding

Hello and happy Tuesday, readers! As our fourth annual Brainstorm Health conference gets underway, Arianna Huffington—founder and CEO of wellness outfit Thrive Global and one of our very own conference co-chairs—has a new piece up on Fortune asserting that our collective way of thinking about health is at an inflection point. Why? Because, for businesses, the evidence has become increasingly… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Health Care AI, Quarterly Biotech Reports, Novartis Deal

Happy Monday, readers. I’m on my way to the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego, where our ridiculously stacked speaker set will address, well, a good chunk of things worth addressing in the digital health, biopharma, and public health spheres. A study published in the journal Nature Digital Medicine last week just happens to happily coincide with our Southern California get… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Xarelto TV Ads, Paid for Staying in Bed, Bristol Myers Celgene Deal

Happy Friday, readers! I’m running around prepping for our upcoming Brainstorm Health conference (hey, I’ve mentioned that’s happening next week and is going to be awesome, right?) so it’ll have to be a short one this beautiful Friday afternoon. But here’s something worth noting—Johnson & Johnson is reportedly getting ahead of the regulatory curve to become the first drug company in the U.S.… → Read More

Brainstorm Health: Brainstorm Health Conference, Clover Health Layoffs, Medicaid Work Requirements

Good afternoon, readers. The fourth annual Fortune Brainstorm Health conference is just around the corner. As in, next week. As in, five days from now (April 2nd and 3rd at the beautiful Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego, CA). Just how stacked is the event this year? Featured speakers include: Dr. Hal Barron, president of R&D and chief scientific officer at drug giant GlaxoSmithKline;… → Read More

Why the Trump DOJ's New Move to Try and Kill Obamacare Is So Surprising

The Trump DOJ now says it believes the entirety of Obamacare is unconstitutional, reversing its earlier position. That's a risky move. → Read More