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Recent articles by Aria:

How the modern U.S. family size is changing, in four charts and a map

An analysis of fertility data shows how the modern U.S. family has evolved over time: On average, people are delaying parenthood and having fewer kids. → Read More

Damar Hamlin is released from Ohio hospital after his cardiac arrest

One week ago, the Bills safety collapsed on the field in Cincinnati. He has been transferred to a hospital in Buffalo, New York, to continue his recovery. → Read More

U.S. hospitals report rise in severe strep A infections in kids after 15 deaths in U.K.

The CDC said it is hearing anecdotes about a possible increase in invasive group A strep infections. Four children's hospitals are seeing more cases than usual. → Read More

Celine Dion has stiff-person syndrome, a one-in-a-million diagnosis. These are its symptoms.

People with the syndrome experience rigidity in their torso and limbs, as well as muscle spasms that can occur at random or in response to certain stimuli. → Read More

Kirstie Alley died of colon cancer. These are the disease's early signs.

Colorectal cancer is the fourth-most common cancer in the U.S. Doctors recommend a colonoscopy every 10 years for people ages 45 and up. → Read More

Is it Covid, flu or RSV? A few hallmarks can help distinguish among the illnesses

It can be hard to determine if you have Covid, flu, or RSV as all three viruses circulate. This chart can help you compare their symptoms and onset times. → Read More

BA.5 is no longer dominant in the U.S. for the first time since July, as two new subvariants take over

The two coronavirus subvariants, BQ.1.1 and BQ.1, seem to be better at evading immune defenses and together make up 44% of new Covid cases. → Read More

How to get free or low-cost Covid tests this holiday season — and how best to use them

Covid tests can expire, but many give accurate results longer than the date on the box. New tests should be covered in full by private insurance and Medicare. → Read More

Money can buy happiness for households earning up to $123,000, study suggests

In a six-month experiment, people who received cash transfers of $10,000 generally reported feeling happier than people who did not receive the payment. → Read More

Gas stoves can leak chemicals linked to cancer, mounting evidence shows

In California, especially leaky stoves exposed people to indoor concentrations of benzene up to seven times higher than the state’s safety limit. → Read More

Surge in cases of RSV, a virus that can severely sicken infants, is filling hospital beds

Doctors in five states reported that their hospital capacity was strained due to an influx of RSV patients. The respiratory virus most severely impacts babies. → Read More

Covid death rates are higher among Republicans than Democrats, mounting evidence shows

Lower vaccination rates among Republicans could explain the partisan gap, but some researchers say mask use and social distancing were bigger factors. → Read More

New research points to health benefits of eating earlier in the day and within a 10-hour window

Two studies suggest that there are optimal times of day for eating and fasting. → Read More

Florida hospital without running water faces a sanitation crisis in the wake of Hurricane Ian

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Hurricane Ian has created a burgeoning biohazard situation in at least one Florida hospital close to where the storm first made landfall. → Read More

Pandemic may have made young adults more neurotic and less agreeable, study finds

The pandemic may have altered adults’ personalities over time, according to new survey results. → Read More

Ground beef in some HelloFresh meal kits may have been contaminated with E. coli

Ground beef in some HelloFresh meal kits shipped in July may have been contaminated with E. coli, the USDA said. The beef may have led to multiple illnesses. → Read More

Even more evidence links highly processed food to a greater risk of cancer and death

A pair of studies suggest that a diet high in ultra-processed food raises one's risk of colorectal cancer and mortality overall. They're not the first to find that correlation. → Read More

Map: See how much life expectancy declined in each state in 2020

New York saw the biggest drop in life expectancy from 2019 to 2020: 3 years. Hawaii had the smallest change. → Read More

Anthony Fauci to step down in December as Biden's lead medical adviser

Fauci will leave his positions as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden at the end of the year. → Read More

Map: These states lag in polio vaccinations

A map of each state's polio vaccination rate among kindergartners, with data current as of August 2022, shows which states are above-average and which are below. → Read More