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Past articles by Dear:

Dear Annie: The drinking divide

I am now 29, and in recent years, my father has become a little less preachy. But at first, he assumed anyone who drank was also an alcoholic. It isolated my siblings from pretty much all of our extended family, all who casually drink. → Read More

Dear Annie: He loves me, he loves me not

I have created an uncaring, selfish husband. On our 40th wedding anniversary, my husband didn’t say happy anniversary or even get me a card. → Read More

Dear Annie: 15 Years With My ‘Forever Always’

"Rita," as I love to call her, is the best spouse in the world. We met when I was 21 and she was 25. I was homeless and a server at a restaurant. I didn't have much going for me in my life. → Read More

Dear Annie: Teen twins don’t help out at home

My younger brother and sister are twins, and they just turned 17. I am writing to you because they have three kittens but leave all the care and feeding of them to our father, who is 66. → Read More

Dear Annie: Having grace in times of grief

Earlier this year, I lost to Alzheimer’s the woman who was the center of my universe for 60 years. → Read More

Dear Annie: Happily married, but friendless

I have a wonderful husband, and I love my marriage, but when it comes to female relationships, I feel so left out and lonely. → Read More

Dear Annie: An autumnal atmosphere

Just wanted to share some of my favorite October poems. Hope your fall is filled with pumpkin everything and lots of cozy sweaters. → Read More

Dear Annie: Widower’s love prevails

When I was 23, I finally accepted my sexual orientation and began a relationship with a friend four years older than me. He and I began a decadeslong loving relationship that culminated in our legal marriage. → Read More

Dear Annie: Is my fiance’s flirtation all in my head?

I've been in a relationship for 10 years, and we got engaged this year. The issue I'm struggling with is that before we were official, I noticed a message on social media of my groom in which he was flirting with my best friend's little sister. → Read More

Dear Annie: Wife seems stuck in the past

The problem is that she often brings up her ex-boyfriend from high school. She has done this since day one of our being together — to as recently as last week. → Read More

Dear Annie: A moment of phone-free bliss

I loved seeing the extended families interacting with one another, three generations having fun together. With everyone being together without the distractions of social media, electronic games, laptops, etc., one could just feel in the air the tight bonds we have for our relationships. → Read More

Dear Annie: Ding-dong! The neighbors are here

After I sat there waiting for him to tell them that we were about to prepare dinner, he finally came in and asked me if I was going to come out and be sociable. I said I was not, but he asked me again. I shouted "NO" loud enough for them to hear in our living room. → Read More

Dear Annie: Dumbfounded by daughter-in-law’s toxic behavior

About six weeks ago, she started to write me emails regarding statements that I or other family members had made that she thought were insults. They were comments simply made in jest and were certainly not meant to be hurtful. → Read More

Dear Annie: Door-locking debacle causes anxiety

We live in a city that has seen a rash of petty crime, or worse, lately. It has become a commonplace occurrence for criminals to try to open windows and doors, entering homes and stealing things. → Read More

Dear Annie: Daughter deserves better than this baby daddy

Now comes my daughter, a college graduate who owns a condominium and has a good job and career. She has lost her female roommates because she's allowed a married man to live in her condo. Not only that, but now she is pregnant with this married man's baby. → Read More

Dear Annie: My boys won’t work through their trauma and I am torn apart

I have two grown sons, ages 32 and 24, and they are my oldest and youngest children of six. At the age of 15, the 32-year-old was accused of a crime that the family knows he did not commit. → Read More

Dear Annie: My friend is icing me out and I don’t know why

It hurts my feelings because I don't know what I have done to be treated this way given the fact she won't talk to me. I have sent her Facebook messages and texted her cell. I don't get a "read" receipt on any of them, so I'm thinking she has blocked or deleted me from her accounts. → Read More

Dear Annie: Sick of seeing campaign signs

DEAR READERS: Many readers offered a simple solution to the problem posed by "Angry Neighbor," who was frustrated that a nearby house kept a yard sign up long after their candidate lost the election. Here are some of the best letters with that solution. → Read More

Dear Annie: Wife’s dishonesty about a facelift, new tattoos, is a dealbreaker

DEAR ANNIE: My Brazilian wife recently went to her native country for the first time in 10 years. She wanted to see her family. In the three years we have been married, never once had she ever discussed or hinted at getting any type of plastic surgery → Read More

Dear Annie: Inspiration for introverts

DEAR ANNIE: The best wisdom my mother gave me about dealing with the death of our pets was this: Our pets live shorter lives than us so we can have more lovely ones. → Read More