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Recent articles by Mark:

The Dow has completely recovered its 2020 bear-market loss. Here’s what comes next

Dow’s recovery since March is impressive but says nothing about how long the bull market will run, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More

Momentum stocks may get an end-of-the-year push, history shows

Momentum stocks --- those that have performed well in the past year --- typically get a boost in December. → Read More

The stock market is overvalued, according to almost every measure dating to 1950

(This is part of a new series of premium articles for MarketWatch subscribers.) The stock market is hugely overvalued when judged against almost any... → Read More

‘Trump stocks’ have significantly lagged the U.S. market since 2016 — while ‘Clinton stocks’ have soared

Investors should be wary of predictions about stocks to buy if Biden or Trump wins the 2020 election, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More

Many stock investors are too young to remember Black Monday in October 1987 — why that’s a problem

Those who don’t remember stock market history will be in for a surprise when the next crash occurs. → Read More

Wondering how much your Social Security check will increase next year?

The Social Security Administration will soon set its COLA for 2021 → Read More

Here’s the shocking truth about Robinhood investors vs. Wall Street stock pros

Individual investors as a group are doing better than most U.S. equity mutual funds. → Read More

Here’s how stocks typically perform in October and why you may want to buckle up

The combination of October’s volatility and average gain can work to your benefit. → Read More

Is sequence risk really a big deal for retirees?

News flash: Sequence risk is not a huge threat to your retirement after all. This is big news, since this kind of risk has received outsize attention in recent years from financial planners (including me, I must confess). Some commentators have even deemed it to be the biggest single risk faced by retirees and soon-to-be retirees. Sequence risk, of course, refers to the possibility of running… → Read More

Hope to retire someday? See if you can answer these six simple questions

Financial illiteracy leads to dangerous investment behavior → Read More

Here’s the big secret of how the richest Americans made their wealth

The Forbes 400 list shows that Wall Street is not where great fortunes are built, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More

Do you really need $8 million saved up for retirement?

Have I not been pessimistic enough? In a recent column, you may recall, I argued that retirees are caught on a treadmill fueled by low interest rates. On the one hand those low rates are crucial to keeping the stock bull market going, but on the other hand those rates mean that your portfolio dollars don’t go as far as they did previously. In short, retirees are having to run faster just to stay… → Read More

This 1 big change in the market means higher stock prices are likely over the next few weeks

Short-term market timers are bearish and that’s bullish for the rest of us, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More

Subjecting sequence risk to a reality check

Just how much should retirees worry about sequence risk? → Read More

Why ‘Sell in May and Go Away’ was money-losing advice for stock investors in 2020

This seasonal market-timing pattern makes sense in just one year out of four, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More

Insiders are now unloading stocks — here’s why you shouldn’t see this as a sell signal for this market

Companies’ largest shareholders are selling stock at an aggressive clip, skewing the data. → Read More

Hedge fund fees — whether or not you make money — are truly shocking

Hedge funds keep two-thirds of profits; investors get the rest, reports Mark Hulbert. → Read More

The stock market’s comeuppance is coming, as bullishness gets extreme

The lesson: Keep enthusiasm in check. → Read More

Here’s a pandemic stock tip: Buy on the rumor of a COVID-19 vaccine, sell on the news

Wall Street’s ‘smart money’ heads for the exit when retail buyers rush the door, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More

Gold is a foolish place to put your money right now if you check the facts

Gold slumps when its inflation-adjusted price is as high as it is now, writes Mark Hulbert. → Read More