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Past articles by Anne:

Homeschooling Got A Bad Rap This Year. For Some Kids, It's A Game Changer

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that different kids need different options for learning. → Read More

Grandiose and Claustrophobic: ‘Prozac Nation’ Turns 25

Elizabeth Wurtzel’s bestseller is deeply rooted in a specific, Gen-X cultural moment. Can it still speak to us in 2019? → Read More

Queens of Infamy: Josephine Bonaparte, from Malmaison to More-Than-Monarch

In fraught games of power politics, sometimes the best revenge is not being exiled to die alone on an island in the South Atlantic. → Read More

Queens of Infamy: Josephine Bonaparte, from Martinique to Merveilleuse

Even the Reign of Terror was no match for a determined young woman with a pug and a prophecy on her side. → Read More

Queens of Infamy: Joanna of Naples

If you thought four (mostly) crappy husbands, vengeful Hungarian cousins, and the Black Death could cramp this queen's style, think again. → Read More

Queens of Infamy: Anne Boleyn

In Tudor England's big-sleeved game of thrones, winning and dying were not mutually exclusive. → Read More

Queens of Infamy: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Life gets busy when you have empires to build and marriages to annul. → Read More

The Real Reason Women Love Witches

“A witch is a survivor.” These sleepover stories of Ouija boards might be familiar – and it’d be a mistake to write this fascination off as superficial. → Read More

Life Does Not Always Move In Straight Lines

I’m trying to tell myself that I’m not failing, just taking the long way around. → Read More

Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History Of Violence

I don't tell anyone right away because I feel like it is my fault - my fault for being too loud, too outspoken, too obviously a parent. → Read More

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Sylvia Plath

I write a lot about mental health, and I think a lot of people assume that I love Sylvia because we’re both part of the Depressed Ladiez club. → Read More

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Sylvia Plath

I write a lot about mental health, and I think a lot of people assume that I love Sylvia because we’re both part of the Depressed Ladiez club. → Read More

What It Feels Like When Negative Self-Talk Creeps In

I know what it must sound like to you whenever those ugly words start pouring out of me. Every time I tell you that I’m so stupid, I’m a failure, everything is my fault and so on and so forth forev... → Read More

Love Is Not Inherently Good: A Warning For Anyone Who Thinks It Will Be Easy

The love that you put out into the world will not last forever, ricocheting between atoms, shifting shape as needed. A thoughtless heart can stop your love cold. → Read More

“I Knew That Shit Was Poison”: 12 People Describe What Paxil Did To Them As Teens And Young Adults

Late last week the New York Times published an article titled Antidepressant Paxil Is Unsafe for Teenagers, New Analysis Says. After reading it through twice, I sent the link to my friend. He messa... → Read More

An Open Letter To My Son

You. Sometimes I wonder about you. I wonder, for instance, where you came from. I understand the dry facts, of course, the complex mechanics of ovulation and ejaculation. I understand how cells div... → Read More

The Phrase ‘Life Goes On’ Is Garbage

The main problem with life is that it goes on. And on. And on. People say that like it’s supposed to comfort you. Like, if you don’t get the job you wanted or your dog dies or the guy you’re so smi... → Read More

Anne Thériault

A short list of things that I love: my son, the dude I am married to, books, summer dresses, shiny hair, banjo music, my sisters, feminism, Sylvia Plath, dusty record stores, yoga, rainy summer evenings, coming of age movies, Frida Kahlo, history, forest animals, Wes Anderson, nostalgia, being pretentious as fuck. → Read More

Read This If You’ve Ever Wanted To Be A Writer (But Didn’t Know If You Were Good Enough)

Don’t listen to people who want to peddle some kind of elite ideal of what it means to write; don’t buy into the idea that you can only refer to yourself as a writer if you’ve been published in the... → Read More

Becoming A Parent Is One Of The Scariest Things A Person Can Go Through: Here’s What Not To Say About It

Everything suddenly revolves around this tiny, helpless little being, and all of the familiar road-markers of your old life have suddenly disappeared. → Read More