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Recent articles by Carolyn:

Carolyn Hax: Sister restarted the family group chat without her. Is estrangement next?

Her sister left the family's mother-daughter group chat over politics, then secretly started up a new one without her. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: A caregiver-spouse struggles with feelings of emptiness and resentment

A spouse needing care and 'incapable of physical intimacy' leaves a letter-writer struggling with feelings of emptiness and resentment. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: New mom struggles with decision to quit her job, become at-home parent

She’s about to quit her job to become a stay-at-home parent. She’s struggling with the idea of being entirely financially dependent on her husband. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: How do they teach their son about family when they’re estranged from their own?

Parents who are estranged from large portions of their families try to figure out how to teach their son about family. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Moving away from clingy stepsister may not suffice to get her unstuck

Relocating to get some distance from a clingy stepsister doesn't work if she decides to make the move, too. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: How to reject the advances of a recently widowed old friend?

An old college friend’s wife recently died of cancer, he's raising three children alone and he 'wants us to be together.' → Read More

Carolyn Hax: How much time does a boyfriend need to get over his divorce?

A divorced boyfriend seems to miss his old life. How much time should his new partner give him to adjust? → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Partner with ‘unfortunate past’ becomes jealous, possessive, demanding

Her exes cheated on her. Now she insists her current partner is unfaithful, too, and is demanding passwords for all accounts. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: She resents her job and her landlady and is planning to ‘disappear’

She can afford to retire and wants to know if there’s any reason she shouldn’t quit her job without notice and abruptly move out of her rental. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Spouse of a nocturnal husband struggles with leading parallel lives

Husband grabs the "chance of a lifetime" to switch to a nocturnal schedule that fits his bio-clock, but his spouse feels disconnected and sad. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Teen daughter wants space from parents but is upset when they give her space

Teenage daughter says she wants some space from her parents, then gets upset when they make other plans. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Boyfriend keeps borrowing money, and she feels mostly alone

Her boyfriend is having money issues but also isn't “bringing the non-monetary equivalent to the relationship.” → Read More

Carolyn Hax: How to transition a neighbor’s flirty banter into something more?

"Inexperienced flirter" enjoys chatting with a friendly neighbor and isn't sure what comes next. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Favoritism charge leads to rift between adopted, biological siblings

Adopted children say their parents favored their biological children, creating a rift among the siblings. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: How to manage visits to a lonely, bored, critical mom?

"Normal" conversation with mom is difficult — and feeling bad is the usual outcome — now that she lives a “boring, limited life.” → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Feeling overwhelmed by the unending pandemic

Not knowing when the pandemic will end feels like being "collectively trapped in a bad dream" — self-help and some okay days notwithstanding. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Her husband isolated her. Post-split, will friends welcome her back?

Her abusive husband isolated her from her friends, then left her for another woman. Can she restart those old friendships now? → Read More

Carolyn Hax: He was her first love, she was his second guess

Still struggling with a years-ago breakup, she feels "unlovable and broken" and too old to be anyone's first love. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Friend dredges up old wrongs every time they fight

Every time they fight, one friend keeps bringing up old wrongs, even though the other friend has already apologized for them repeatedly. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: He has female friends, but he’s not okay with her male ones

What should she do about a boyfriend who has many female friends but isn’t okay with her male friends? → Read More