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Past articles by Carolyn:

Carolyn Hax: She’s mad her ex is dating after they agreed to break up

They broke up and agreed to date other people, but she wasn't ready for her ex to embrace that idea so fully. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Distance complicates response to mom's cancer diagnosis

Long distances and strong personalities complicate a family's response to a mother's cancer diagnosis. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Grandma moves next door, sees chance to rewrite rules

A grandma sees moving next door to her grandkids as a beachhead to force change to her daughter-in-law's rules. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Trusting her taste after lifetime of dressing for others

A letter writer is eager to build trust in her own taste after dressing to please everyone. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: How aggressively to help a foundering, widowed friend?

Grieving friend is a physical and emotional mess. Can they step in to help her clean up? → Read More

Carolyn Hax: No sympathy card for stepmom after stepdaughter’s death

A letter-writer is hurt that her sister sent a sympathy card addressed just to her husband after her stepdaughter's death. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Holiday recipe? Kids get beds, single aunt gets couch.

Their holiday tradition is for the married sister and her children to get the guest bedrooms while the single sis gets the couch. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: The tough anniversary of discovering husband’s affair

On the anniversary of discovering husband’s affair, a letter-writer's "body and mind remember some really difficult things." → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Friend is lying about college graduation. Confront her?

Is it this letter-writer’s place to confront a friend who has lied about the fact that she's getting her degree? → Read More

Carolyn Hax: A favor between friends spirals into a complaint triangle

Letter writer feels stuck in the middle of a standoff between a favor-doing friend and an uncooperative partner. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Do motives matter in questioning friend’s uptight spouse?

A letter writer wonders if disliking a friend's husband makes it impossible to be supportive of their happiness. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Sibling demands toddler’s inclusion in child-free wedding

A letter writer faces pressure from family to allow sibling’s toddler to attend their child-free wedding. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Spouse still rehashing the past after parent’s death

Spouse is in a regret loop over a parent's recent death, and the letter-writer doesn't know what to say. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Conflicted about boyfriend’s attendance at ex’s birthday

She has “complicated” feelings about his truce but it means he reconnects with friends. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Fiancé says money concerns are ‘meaningless small talk’

He withdrew a large sum from their joint account, then dismissed her questions about it. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: An update on what qualifies as 'garbage person' behavior

The writer elaborates on what makes reconciliation unthinkable 20 years after the fact. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Their relationship rut is headed straight for the aisle

The letter writer is newly engaged and worried that she said yes for the wrong reasons. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Expectant parents can’t agree on a name for themselves

Their first child is on the way, but they can’t agree on what they want their child to call them. → Read More

Need advice? Join columnist Carolyn Hax’s weekly chat (June 30

Advice columnist Carolyn Hax answers your questions about the strange train we call life. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Pushing divorced mom to see ‘upside’ of marriage to dad

A letter-writer feels for Dad in parents' divorce and wants Mom to take a kinder view of their married years. → Read More