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Recent articles by Carolyn:

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Don’t ask what to tell the children. Ask why would you still want to be married to him. → Read More

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If you’re not the man she wanted and she’s not the person you thought she was, move on. → Read More

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Her boyfriend’s family can’t/won’t understand why she has to work nights and weekends. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: But he brags at a postdoc level

When Jr. skipped a grade, Dad told everyone. Can he be stopped before he brags again? → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Mom is an emotional Superfund site. Who needs to live close to that?

And being closer to your lovely in-laws is another good argument for moving. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: I hate to bring it up, Pollyanna, but you’re bringing me down

A friend who’s too positive is negating you. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: The horrid in-laws make nice after grandchildren are born

You’re right to be angry at them for what they said, and at your hubby for what he didn’t say. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something rude

Grieving for her mother is no excuse for snubbing her stepmother. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: He said ‘I don’t’ to her but is now saying ‘I do’ to someone else

A woman’s ex-boyfriend offered to talk about how he came to be engaged, but it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: The ‘dream job’ vs. the most important job in the world — parenting

Sorry, but pulling the rug out from under a 12-year-old child of divorce is a terrible idea. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Having the kids help with the stepsiblings is a good idea

The ex is expecting twins. Setting doubts aside, age-appropriate caregiving builds bonds. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: I couldn’t measure up to her ex, so she must be the problem, right?

Wrong. You’ve loved, you’ve lost, and now you need to learn. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Hubby’s unilateral decisions should have unilateral consequences

He made vacation plans without consulting, but she feels the need to clean up his mess. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: An old flame and fears of getting burned

The fact that he’s still technically married may not be the biggest flash point. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: You gotta live in the moment, baby!

She wants a child and looks far ahead at the calendar instead of focusing on today’s date. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: In this case, daughter seems to know best

A mother should stop assuming the worst of a daughter’s intentions for her autistic brother at her wedding. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Should a never-married man with no kids get involved with a single mom?

“It’s never a good idea to generalize.” But the answer he often hears is an emphatic no. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Before you judge ghosters, know what haunts them

A bottle of wine and an open heart might bring them back to life. → Read More