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Recent articles by Carolyn:

Carolyn Hax: A husband’s old list is definitely a con for her

Her appearance was on the “con” side. Should she say something? → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Husband does want to take part in her family gatherings? Go solo.

If her kin asks why her spouse isn’t joining them, give them a simple, honest response. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Parents need to transition themselves out of the college essay subject

They want their son to talk about the challenges of being transgender, but it’s his story to tell. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: When a friend muscles into a conversation, interrupt the interrupter

Try saying “Would you please let me finish?” when the group member starts butting in. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: What to do when ‘just think positively’ isn’t enough

Reader should pursue mental-health treatment to combat constant negative thoughts. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Mother-in-law is throwing stones, and woman fears she’ll be the next target

Woman dislikes how her mother-in-law is treating her former daughter-in-law. → Read More

Child’s illness leaves parent’s friends at a loss

In a difficult time, an all-business approach might be best: Here is what I need. Here is how you can help. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Not the spring break this teacher envisioned

The partner’s sons will be joining them, and all the planned activities are kid-centric. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: It’s a special therapists-behaving-badly edition

Report your abusive therapist. Even if you’re the only victim, that’s one too many. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: You’re the captain of your ship, but you have a sinking feeling

People say you’re controlling, but it might be what’s inside you that worries you. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: If Casanova wants to ease his guilt, he could start with not cheating

If you “just can’t seem to avoid being selfish,” you can be honest and end the relationship. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Boyfriend’s mom casts first stone, saying they’re living in sin

You trust your own judgment, right? So here’s your permission to ignore hers. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Playboy model? Stripper? The story of Romeo and Dubious.

She worries that she can’t compete with the figures from her fiance’s past. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Boyfriend thinks it’s all about who you know, not what he knows

He wants her to share his résumé with all her friends. It feels like exploitation. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Within a breakup, betrayals on both sides

An ex-girlfriend cheated — but the ex-boyfriend’s way of finding out was no better. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: When your wife gives you a test and says you flunked mind-reading

He should’ve gone to her brother’s graduation. She should’ve said it was important to her. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Dislike the wedding mores of today? Leave that part out of the RSVP.

Don’t get wrapped up in your angst over something like a request for bare gifts. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: My girlfriend gets along with her family. Red flag, right?

She is financially independent but lives with her dad. That could be a healthy thing, too. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: During a long vacation, a friend unpacks a lot of insensitive remarks

You can bring up a couple of comments now, but it would have been better done on the trip. → Read More

Carolyn Hax: Should a single try to burst her friends’ couple bubble?

Excluding someone because of their relationship status is not cool. → Read More