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Past articles by Julia:

3 signs you're married to a narcissist, according to a psychologist who works with them

Narcissists often devalue and dismiss their partners, as well as blame them for all relationship issues, David Hawkins, a psychologist, told Insider. → Read More

Cannabis users are less likely to confront relationship issues head-on, small study finds

Weed users were more likely to criticize their partners, avoid disagreements, or react negatively to them, Rutgers University researchers found. → Read More

4 defining traits of borderline personality disorder, according to an expert

People with borderline personality disorder have a debilitating fear of real or perceived abandonment. Ironically, they often push people away. → Read More

4 signs your parent could be a narcissist, according to psychologists

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The difference between ethical non-monogamy and cheating, according to a therapist

"Cheating is cheating, because cheating is going against an agreement," therapist Rachel Wright said. It comes down to breaching a partner's trust. → Read More

4 defining traits of a psychopath, according to a researcher who studies them

Psychopathy exists on a spectrum, but all psychopaths have certain qualities in common, like the inability to love, neuroscientist Abigail Marsh said. → Read More

Juice cleanses can ruin your body's natural ability to detox, expert says

Detox diet and juice cleanses have existed for centuries despite a lack of scientific evidence. A liver health doctor said cleanses can actually make it harder → Read More

6 therapist-approved tips to avoid awkward 'hot vax summer' dating encounters

As pandemic restrictions lift, singles are excited to meet each other in public, rather than on dating apps. Striking up conversation with a stranger can be → Read More

Women share their secrets for making penetrative sex more pleasurable

Researchers at sexual pleasure platform OMGYES interviewed thousands of women about how they have penetrative sex. Four techniques emerged as preferred ways → Read More

Young people are having less casual sex and spending more time scrolling on social media

Millennials and Gen Z are having less casual sex than previous generations, according to a January study. These findings parallel existing evidence that younger → Read More

Weaponizing sex addiction as an excuse for heinous crimes stigmatizes people who have a genuine problem

Police highlighted the Atlanta spa shooter's sex addiction when discussing his potential motives. "Sex addiction" has been used as an excuse for criminals, → Read More

My partner pleasures me, but won't let me return the favor. What am I doing wrong?

Physical intimacy can be about more than an orgasm, so you're not wrong for wanting it. Explain how the lack of intimacy makes you feel, like inadequate, and → Read More

How an intimacy coordinator is putting an end to '50 Shades of Gray' BDSM portrayals

Olivia Troy is an intimacy coordinator for Netflix's "Bonding" and Showtime's "Billions."Troy works with actors and directors to create safe and inventive → Read More

How to have long-distance sex when you can't be with your partner physically

It's important to connect intimately with your partner, even if you can't be physically together. Sex therapist Emily Morse suggested setting the mood with → Read More

The best love language-inspired gifts and surprises, according to relationship therapists

"The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman is a popular framework for understanding your partner's needs. Chapman found people give and receive love differently. → Read More

How to get through Valentine's Day if you just went through a breakup

If you're recovering from a recent breakup, Valentine's Day can be difficult to get through. Therapist Charmain Jackman suggested a social media detox and → Read More

Oral sex at a younger age could increase the risk of mouth and throat cancer, study finds

The number of oral sex partners you have and the age at which you first have oral sex could increase your risk of developing throat or mouth cancer linked → Read More

4 hard conversations about dating that should be normalized

Dating can be fraught with awkward encounters and miscommunications, especially if the people involved stray from difficult but necessary conversations. According → Read More

4 period hacks that will make your menstrual cycle less painful and less messy

Getting your period can be painful and sometimes messy, but there are products you can use to make menstruating a more pleasant experience. Use over-the-counter → Read More

What to do if your child is questioning their gender

If your child is questioning their gender and you haven't had the same experience, it can be difficult to know how to help. Online research and support group → Read More