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Recent articles by Stephen:

How much is .org domain business worth? $1.13 billion

The Internet Society wants to fund an endowment with the money, and Ethos Capital promises not to jack up .org prices. → Read More

Profit priorities could taint .org domain, Web inventor worries

Tim Berners-Lee says selling .org operations to Ethos Capital could be a "travesty." Ethos says jacking up prices isn't its plan. → Read More

Worried about trees? You can write on paper made of rock

Stone paper doesn't kill trees and is waterproof, but it's not as easy to recycle as conventional paper. → Read More

Tesla Cybertruck will get built-in solar charging option, Elon Musk says

The sun could add 15 to 40 miles of range to Tesla's radical new electric pickup. → Read More

Better battery tech could boost EV range, speed up charging

At least if battery manufacturers can keep up with demand as electric power expands. → Read More

Ford's Mustang Mach-E begins 'new era' of software updates

The Ford vehicle you buy will change as the carmaker delivers changes wirelessly to the vehicle's electronics. → Read More

RCS messaging on Android? Free me from my Google messaging mess first

I use tons of Google hardware and software. Why is messaging broken? → Read More

Intel will build AI brains into your laptop for tomorrow's speed boost

Your laptop won't be behind your phone in the AI race much longer. → Read More

Brave browser 1.0 arrives, bringing its privacy-first ads to iPhones and iPads

The startup wants to rid the web of privacy-invading trackers, but some people sign up just for speed improvements over Chrome. → Read More

iPad photo editing will get better with Lightroom upgrade coming soon

Lightroom and iPads both will get more useful with an update that'll let you import photos directly from a memory card into Adobe's editing software. → Read More

Drones will swarm our skies when these 3 things happen

Drone makers have to convince us that airborne burritos and transplant organs are worth the noise and privacy invasion. → Read More

For faster quantum computing, Microsoft builds a better qubit

It's redesigning the core element of quantum computing, the qubit. → Read More

Firefox to crack down on pesky notification pop-ups

The dialog boxes fail to win us over 99% of the time. Why put up with them? → Read More

With Edge browser update, Microsoft says work searches will no longer suck

The first Chromium-based Edge arrives Jan. 15 with built-in Bing that will surface company documents, emails and websites. → Read More

Microsoft gives its Edge browser a new icon, not just a new brain

The browser, overhauled with a new engine, also is getting a new icon. → Read More

NASA wants city skies filled with drones delivering packages and people

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine pushes for cities where hundreds of aircraft make thousands of trips each day. → Read More

Volkswagen's new Golf cars will use V2X to talk to each other wirelessly

The vehicular communication tech has been slow to arrive -- and now two very different standards are competing. VW likes the Wi-Fi version, not the 5G version. → Read More

Google's quantum supremacy is only a first taste of a computing revolution

Broadly useful quantum computers are probably a decade away, but Google and others are working hard on the necessary breakthroughs. → Read More

Samsung's next flagship phone chip, the Exynos 990, is 20% faster

And graphics and AI get a bigger speed boost. Don't be surprised to see this powering some of next year's Galaxy S11 smartphones. → Read More

USB-C brings a golden age of charging accessories

These devices will charge phones, laptops, earbuds, game consoles, tablets and anything else with a USB-C connector. → Read More