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Past articles by Jacob:

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'Quantumania' Proves Marvel Still Isn’t Over 'Avengers: Endgame' — And That’s a Good Thing

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You Need to Watch the Scariest Sci-Fi Show of 2023 on Netflix ASAP

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Star Wars Just Changed Darth Vader Canon in One Brilliant Way

Has Darth Vader finally met his match? A new Star Wars comic reveals a loose thread that's come back to haunt the Sith warrior. → Read More

20 years ago, Ben Affleck Made the Worst Marvel Movie Ever

Released 20 years ago in February 2003, 'Daredevil' is a fascinating relic of a messier era in Marvel history. It's also a terrible movie. → Read More

17 Years Ago, a Divisive Sci-Fi Show Redefined TV's Best Anti-Hero

TV history is full of great antiheroes. Tony Soprano. Walter White. Don Draper. Larry David. But perhaps the greatest antihero in television comes from one of the most divisive shows of all time. → Read More

16 Years Ago, 'Lost' Almost Solved Its Weirdest Sci-Fi Mystery

There’s no shortage of unsolved mysteries on Lost, but none is quite as bizarre as the mystery of why nobody can give birth on the island → Read More

'Last of Us' Just Stole a Trick That 'Game of Thrones' Perfected

Here's why 'The Last of Us' can succeed where 'Game of Thrones' failed. → Read More

15 Years Ago, 'Lost' Jumped the Shark by Breaking Its Most Important Rule

At the start of 2008, 'Lost' was in a tough spot. The primetime sci-fi show became an instant mega-hit when it launched four years earlier, but by the end of Season 3, Lost fatigue was settling in. → Read More

35 years ago, a sci-fi legend made the strangest time-travel movie ever

'Gandahar,' René Laloux's final science fiction film, is his most opaque — and maybe his best. → Read More

20 years ago, Danny Boyle made the most important post-apocalypse movie of all time

From Last of Us to World War Z, modern zombies wouldn't be what they were without this Danny Boyle classic. → Read More

With 'Mandalorian' Season 3, Star Wars is repeating Marvel’s worst sin

If the new 'Mandalorian' Season 3 trailer left you feeling confused, you’re not alone. → Read More

Last of Us Episode 1 ending explained: Why is Ellie [SPOILERS]?

Here’s what you need to know to understand the ending scene of 'The Last of Us’ Episode 1. Spoilers ahead! → Read More

'Last of Us' Fireflies vs. FEDRA: The HBO show's 2 big groups, explained

Who can you trust in a zombie apocalypse? From the very beginning, HBO’s 'The Last of Us' presents two opposing forces: FEDRA and the Fireflies. Here's what you need to know about both of them. → Read More

10 years ago, Brad Pitt made the most underrated apocalypse thriller of all time

'World War Z' is surprisingly divisive movie, but it should be considered a genre staple. → Read More

The secret Netflix metric that got '1899' canceled — and could ruin TV forever

There’s a secret metric Netflix doesn’t reveal, but which helps explain exactly why a show like '1899' got canceled. And it may prove Netflix’s biggest critics right about one particular issue. → Read More