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Past articles by Robert:

Russia Can't Let Ukraine Turn into a Vietnam War 2.0

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has bogged down, and the conflict has moved into a stalemate. → Read More

The U.S. Should Get Out of the Way in East Asia’s Nuclear Debates

South Korea and Japan can decide their own destinies. → Read More

Russia's Vietnam: Why an Invasion of Ukraine Would Be a Disaster for Putin

"Putin has built his foreign policy around a confrontation with NATO, but he does not have the domestic strength for a sustained military campaign." → Read More

Welcome to South Korea's Coronavirus Reality

"My daughter, seven, does not go to school. Most elementary schools are still closed. She takes classes over Zoom. As everyone else in the world has recently learned, we too quickly find this a complicated and mediocre remedy. The best place for her to Zoom is in my home office; given that I too cannot go to work, she and I are now in the bizarre position of competing in our → Read More

I Live in South Korea. Here Is What a 'Limited' Reopening from Coronavirus Looks Like.

South Korea is indeed a useful canary in the coal mine for other democracies in this struggle. What has Seoul learned and put into practice? Here is a view from a top Korea expert on the ground. → Read More

Coronavirus will not dominate elections in South Korea this week

If only the US could also control its outbreak, the virus need not take over the agenda or make the vote treacherous. → Read More

BBC Dad has learned a thing or two about working from home

A famous video of madcap mayhem in a home office suddenly has new resonance. Yet with the laughs, expect a long grind. → Read More

5 Reasons Donald Trump Can't Copy South Korea's Coronavirus Strategy

A world-renowned professor in South Korea explains why America can't just copy what has been effective in South Korea. → Read More

What if North Korea Fired a Missile and Nobody Cared? Coronavirus Made that Happen.

For once, we just do not have the time or attention to lavish on Pyongyang’s latest attention-seeking outburst. What a relief. → Read More

What America (And Donald Trump) Could Learn from South Korea's Coronavirus Struggles

What can Trump and the U.S. learn from what South Korea has gone through so far? A professor in South Korea explains. → Read More

South Korea’s struggle with coronavirus

A better health system and open press put the country in a better position – but will personal freedoms be curtailed? → Read More

I Live in South Korea Where Coronavirus Cases are Rising. Not Much Has Changed

It is important to keep perspective. There are fifty-three million people in South Korea. Only four hundred thirty or so of them have corona, and only two have died. The sensationalism of disease outbreak coverage does not help. We have all seen too many movies, and overwrought invocations of Contagion or zombie apocalypse movies generate paranoia and unnecessary anxiety. South Korea is safe. → Read More

What Will North Korea Do If Coronavirus Comes to Its Shores?

Pyongyang has neither the resources nor the administrative culture – transparency, empiricism divorced from ideology, technocracy – to respond to a genuine epidemic. Sustained foreign assistance and, failing that, brutal repression would almost certainly be necessary to prevent a local plague. → Read More

Trump’s State of the Union: A preview

State of the Union speeches are traditionally dull affairs. This one could be the most bizarre in US history. → Read More

Expect more hype, little progress on North Korea this year

Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in are eager for a deal, but the current stalemate is likely to continue. → Read More

There is No 'Suleimani Doctrine' on North Korea (That Won't Start a War)

Briefly put, any ‘Suleimani Doctrine’ in North Korea would run a huge risk of escalation. → Read More

Trump: When will enough be enough?

After a month of manic and bizarre behaviour, the President’s approval ratings barely move. → Read More

US foreign policy: restraint without retrenchment

Can the US escape a “law of the hammer”, where the deployment of American troops abroad offers a temptation to use them? → Read More

A Korean Peace Treaty Would Create a Constitutional Crisis

A treaty would suggest, at least by implication, mutual recognition of the two Koreas by each other, which would create a constitutional problem for South Korea because it denies the existence of North Korea and claims sovereignty over the entire peninsula. → Read More

The Republican’s post-Iraq dilemma: the hollow threats

Not only is Donald Trump the boy who cried wolf, the US public will not support diving into a quagmire war of choice. → Read More