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Kyle Benson

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Seattle, WA, United States

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Past articles by Kyle:

5 Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Long-distance relationships, like close-proximity relationships, can be challenging, and they can cause doubts. But they can also be truly enjoyable and liberating. → Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: A New Opportunity for Intimacy (20+ Questions to Ask Your Lover)

Use the new year as a new opportunity to build a deeper connection with one another. → Read More

The Black Friday of Relationships (& The Holiday Challenge)

The difference between the masters of relationships and the disasters is the masters focus on what they have, while the disasters focus on what is missing in their partner and overlook the good enough qualities that are there. → Read More

Healthy Relationships: Does Your Lover Actually Love You?

If the person you are seeing is responsive and genuinely concerned about your happiness and security, then you’ve found an awesome partner. → Read More

Conflict in Relationships Isn’t the Root of All Evil

When our partner makes this bid for connection, we have a choice to respond by turning towards and connecting, or turning away/against and disconnecting. → Read More

4 Anxious Attachment Strategies That Sabotage Intimate Relationships

Even though these strategies may work in the short term, in the long-run the partner who is guilted into doing something becomes less and less satisfied in the relationship. → Read More

Value Attracts Value

Everything you’ve ever enjoyed or disliked was a result of the value you gave that object, person, or experience. → Read More

Defensiveness Doesn’t Protect a Relationship: 4 DIY Remedies

Being defensive blocks connection, compassion, and isolates you from your partner. → Read More

Women Do Not Judge Attractiveness by a Man’s Resources

Attractiveness is a game of blind man’s poker. → Read More

Trust & Commitment: Why Every Happy Relationship Needs It

“Without trust, there can be no meaningful connection.” – Brené Brown → Read More

Dependency in Relationships: What to Expect

Studies show that when you are in a secure relationship, you will become bolder, more innovative, and happier. → Read More

Are Love Laws Throwing You in Relationship Jail?

Love Laws are the things that must happen to you for you to feel loved. → Read More

5 Steps To Fighting Better if Your Relationship Is Worth Fighting For

Conflict is inevitable in every relationship. → Read More

2 Hidden Ways We Sabotage Intimacy In a Relationship We Want

All of us disconnect in different ways. It’s a torturous feeling to experience love when we are so familiar with heartbreak. → Read More

Making Your List, Checking…Who Is Hot or Not

The melting pot of your childhood, teenage, and adult experiences have sculpted and resculpted which traits you find attractive and which ones you find repulsive. → Read More

6 Steps To an Effective Time-Out That Stops Nasty Conflict

Relationship arguments can escalate quickly. → Read More

5 Habits of Emotionally Wealthy Marriages

It turns out the number one thing couples fight about is nothing. → Read More

The Habit of Criticism Is Poisonous to Any Relationship

There is no such thing as constructive criticism. All criticism is painful. – Dr. Gottman → Read More

Great Relationships Are Not Accidents

Couples that trust each other understand that a good relationship doesn’t just happen on its own. → Read More

Defensiveness Doesn’t Protect a Relationship

Thinking based on ‘who deserves what’ blocks compassionate communication. – Rosenberg → Read More