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Past articles by Maggie:

I Tried the "Grandma Mask," and Holy Sh*t, Look at My Face

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Westworld Season 2: Violence, Chaos, and 3 New Theme Parks

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I Made My Favorite Childhood Drink — And It's Still F*cking Delicious

Of all the things I remember about preschool — the swing set, the homemade Play-Doh, the building blocks — my most vivid memory is of making a → Read More

11 1-Season Wonders That Should Be Brought Back From the Dead

There's nothing worse than getting attached to a TV series, only to have it ripped away prematurely. Thanks to reboots like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life → Read More

The Outrageous, Bloody, True Story of Lizzie Borden

Hollywood has had Lizzie Borden fever for the last couple of years, with Christina Ricci in Lifetime's The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (which is streaming on → Read More

We're Not Disney Fanatics, but Disney World Was the Ideal Honeymoon

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of going to Disney World on my honeymoon; the thrill of the rides, the themed breakfasts, the quaint American comfort of → Read More

Universal's Line System Might Be Even Better Than Disney's FastPass

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Prepare to Be Shocked by How Many Disney World Resorts There Actually Are

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Everything the Cast of Gilmore Girls Has Said About a Possible Season 2

As soon as we zipped through Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we had one question. OK, we had several questions, but the biggest one is: will there be more → Read More

Burger King and Hungry Jack's

When Burger King made moves to place franchise locations in Australia in the early '70s, it ran into an unexpected problem: there was already a "Burger → Read More

DiGiorno and Delissio

"It's not delivery, it's . . . Delissio?" That may not sound quite right to you, but Canadians know what I'm talking about. Though they go by different names in the US and Canada, DiGiorno and Delissio are both owned by Nestlé. Their selling point is that same rising crust, and they are sold with the same marketing campaign. → Read More

8 Beloved Food Brands With More Than 1 Name

Have you ever traveled to another region, only to find that your favorite brand of chips is being sold under a different name? Have you craved a Thickburger → Read More

8 Beloved Food Brands With More Than 1 Name

The tale of two ice creams begins all the way back in 1928, when Joseph Edy and William Dreyer partnered up. Edy made candy and Dreyer made ice cream, and → Read More

Hellman's and Best Foods

The only thing that separates Hellmann's and Best Foods is the Rocky Mountain range! Hellmann's began in New York City in the early 1900s and was acquired by → Read More

8 Beloved Food Brands With More Than 1 Name

To be fair, this chip company is known by many, many names: Lay's in America, Walkers in the UK and Ireland, Sabritas in Mexico, Smith's in Australia, Poca in → Read More

8 Beloved Food Brands With More Than 1 Name

I grew up in Northern California going to Safeway, so when I moved to San Diego for school, you can imagine my confusion when I went into a Vons and found, → Read More

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's

If you live in the Western US, you eat at Carl's Jr. If you live in the Eastern US, you eat at Hardee's. While Carl (literally, the founder's name was Carl → Read More

Brownberry, Oroweat, and Arnold

Now this is just pure insanity. One bread: THREE names. Oroweat began in California in 1932, Arnold started in Connecticut in 1940, and Brownberry sprouted in → Read More