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Recent articles by Eric:

A sperm bank in space is a real possibility, new science says

It's not unreasonable to think a future generation of space men (and women) could come from frozen semen. → Read More

Eerie, Elusive Giant Squid Caught On Video For The First Time In The U.S.

For centuries it was more of a legend than a living creature in the minds of many, but now a giant squid has been documented alive and well in our own backyard for the first time. → Read More

SpaceX Falcon Heavy to launch ashes of an all-star, astronaut and others

The first nighttime launch of the big rocket will also be a celestial funeral of sorts. → Read More

New space mission could intercept another interstellar visitor like Oumuamua

The European Space Agency hopes to visit another comet, or perhaps an object coming from even deeper in space. → Read More

No aliens yet? We'll just have to try harder, space watchers say

Results are in for the most comprehensive scanning of the skies for aliens ever, but it's far from over. → Read More

The search for E.T. has found no trace, but it's far from over

Results are in for the most comprehensive scanning of the skies for aliens ever. → Read More

New Mars crater turns the red planet black and blue

A big space rock slammed the red planet, leaving behind a cosmic work of art. → Read More

This photo from Greenland says everything about climate change

It's home to the second biggest chunk of ice in the world, but right now it looks more like a water park. → Read More

Watch soap bubbles freeze up like nature's snow globes

It might be worth a frigid shower sometime to see these amazing works of fluid dynamics as art. → Read More

Boaty McBoatface is back with new science

The internet's own mini-sub dove deep into the chilly abyss and came back with the goods. → Read More

Rare star explosion birthed gold, researchers say

Thought the fancy elements came from a collision of neutron stars? That's so 2017. → Read More

Mysterious mass of moon metal discovered under lunar south pole

NASA wants to send astronauts in 5 years to check out the area. They may want to bring metal detectors. → Read More

A Solar 'Superflare' Could Take Earth Offline Sooner Than You Think

Every now and then, stars on the other side of the galaxy let off massive "superflares." New research suggests that our sun could be capable of shooting a superflare in our direction, and it might be relatively soon. → Read More

Scientists measure a black hole that's surprisingly tiny (for a black hole)

Astronomers looking at the center of a dwarf galaxy discover a dwarf black hole stirring things up. → Read More

SpaceX Falcon Heavy's first night flight to carry Bill Nye's solar sail

The Planetary Society is launching the Lightsail 2, a type of craft that could eventually explore other solar systems. → Read More

Little-known meteor shower this month could have dangerous stowaways

The Beta Taurids are rarely seen, but there's increasing evidence they've been strongly felt at least once in the past. → Read More

An asteroid has a very tiny chance of hitting Earth this year

It's nothing to lose sleep over, but the odds a big space rock could hit us soon are (slightly) higher than zero. → Read More

SpaceX Starlink satellites have astronomers amplifying the cosmic alarm

Elon Musk's plan to bring broadband to rural parts of the globe could come with unintended side effects, the scientists say. → Read More

Astronomers want SpaceX's Starlink and other satellite constellations regulated

Elon Musk's plans to bring broadband to rural parts of the globe could come with unintended side effects. → Read More

Weird-but-real raccoon dogs escape, menace the English countryside

They aren't the product of a post-apocalyptic mutation, but rather an ill-advised pet choice on the run. → Read More