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Past articles by Mike:

Feature: A 20th Anniversary Zelda Adventure

Hyrule still rules - Ocarina of Time happened at the wrong time. Not so much for the fortunes of its ori... → Read More

Review: Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)

Bereft of feature content though it was, the Wii U’s Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash delivered addictively enjoyable core gameplay, for as long as its online servers remained populated. Its measly offline attractions and lack of court and character variety proved its critical undoing, but developer Camelot Software – makers of the Mario Tennis (and Golf) games since the N64 days – nevertheless managed… → Read More

Feature: Freedom Fighter: Paul Cuisset On The Making Of Flashback

As the 16-bit classic comes to Switch, its director reflects - This month sees some potentially special ... → Read More

Laser League is Multiplayer Magic, Best Served Locally

Which is rather problematic for old-timers with no IRL pals on call these days. → Read More

Review: Little Nightmares: Complete Edition (Switch eShop)

Bestowed with a disquieting atmosphere and visual imagination, Little Nightmares makes a terrific first impression. A side-on platform-puzzler in the vein of Playdead’s exceptional Limbo and Inside - with a similarly dark palette - the game casts the player as Six, a nine-year-old girl who must navigate her way from the depths of a titanic ship called The Maw to escape onto the ocean waves. But… → Read More

‘Far Cry 5’ Review: Bearable Bloodshed

Despite its brilliantly deranged cultist premise and cuddly animal companions, Far Cry 5 ultimately just feels like more of the same. → Read More

‘Shadow of the Colossus’ Review: Becoming the Monster

One of the most important video games ever is back, but has this 4K remake retained the haunting atmosphere that made the original a classic? → Read More

Soapbox: Celebrating The Second Chance Saloon That Is The Nintendo Switch

Round two’s alright - Cole Phelps is one of the most unlikeable video game protagonists I’ve ever ha... → Read More

Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Switch)

The dream that, to be fair, probably only a handful of complete weirdos ever truly had, is nevertheless now a reality: with its much-heralded release on Switch, in a DLC-complete edition, it’s now possible to play Skyrim on the toilet. Or, more likely, in bed, or on a train or plane. Or even in the toilet of a train or plane. And so you should, too: this port of Bethesda’s role-playing… → Read More

Review: Oxenfree (Switch eShop)

Oxenfree is one of gaming’s greatest ghost stories. Granted, they’re a rare breed, the genuinely spooky video game, experiences that aren’t so much played as permitted to crawl across your skin, cooling the blood and yet quickening its flow. But Californian indie studio Night School’s debut production, originally released in 2016, is deserving of investigation by anyone delighting in disquiet.… → Read More

Review: Thimbleweed Park (Switch eShop)

"Open Gate." That’s the first thing you’ll do in Thimbleweed Park. It’s an inauspicious beginning, sure, but immediately illustrative of the kind of experience ahead, mechanically. You’re going to have to get familiar with verbs, instructing your pixelated avatars around the environs of the wider Thimbleweed County as you, as one of five different characters, get to the bottom of all manner of… → Read More

Can Grand Theft Auto Help You Pass a Real-World Driving Test?

We sat down with a real-world driving instructor to figure out if video games can actually make you a better driver. → Read More

Soapbox: Playing Super Mario Sunshine Today Painfully Illustrates Nintendo's 3D Evolution

As it turns 15, Mike Diver takes a fresh look at the GameCube platformer → Read More

Scoring with Chloe: Daughter's OST for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

The London indie band discuss producing their first video game soundtrack. → Read More

Go Home Miitopia, You're Drunk

Probably the only game where Snoop Dogg and Nic Cage team up to battle Satan. → Read More

The SNES Mini Is Real, Includes ‘Star Fox 2,’ and Is Out in September

The previously rumored 16-bit mini-console features 21 games and, look, just hold me right now, okay? → Read More

Ciri Deserves Her Own 'Witcher' Game

She’s the franchise’s ultimate badass, and in light of the new Netflix series, I hope CDPR gives the woman her own awesome action game. → Read More

Listen to Episode 7 of the Waypoint UK Podcast: On Cartels, Krogans and Award Categories

Sam Loveridge and Ed Smith sit down with senior editor Mike to discuss ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ and ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’, and more. → Read More

How Humans Became the Real Horrors of 'Resident Evil 7'

We speak to the game’s producer and director about how a less-is-more approach makes for a more relatable and scarier experience. → Read More

‘Eternal Champions’ Is the Game That Quenched a Teenage Thirst for Gore

It was more messily slapstick than outright offensive, but Sega's fighter took a look at Mortal Kombat's fatalities and said: we can do better. → Read More