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Past articles by Eleanor:

The Quickest Way to Reduce Airplane Emissions

Jet fuel isn't taxed on international trips. Maybe it's time to change that, seeing as the rule was decided in 1944. → Read More

Museums are better prepared than most Americans to survive the next natural disaster

Museums, seeking to protect their priceless art, are on the cutting edge of climate-resilient design. → Read More

Everything but the InSinkErator »

Garbage disposals could pave the way for a zero-waste future if we can get over our fear of clogs → Read More

Taylor Swift's Brilliant Courtroom Psychology Guarantees a Win

Taylor Swift chose a bold legal strategy in court this week. Whether or not her efforts in courtroom psychology pay off will be decided soon. → Read More

Time Travel Is Possible Through the Whorfian Time Warp

The long-hypothesized time machine still eludes scientists, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to manipulate time. While the consistent ticking... → Read More

7 Times Scientists Fact-Checked the Bible

While the Bible is fundamentally a religious text, scientists have trained their microscopes on its pages nonetheless. This is what they found. → Read More

Maps of Airbnb Reviews Reveal How Tourists Understand New Cities

Benat Arregi visualized thousands of Airbnb guest reviews to create maps of 28 cities. They highlight how quickly people understand new city environme... → Read More

4 Crazy Things That Could Explain the Sperm Count Crash

From chemical exposure in the womb to bad diets later in life, these are six explanations for dwindling sperm counts that scientists are seeking to un... → Read More

7 Massive Corporations Switching to Solar or Renewables to Make Money

Business is often seen as an enemy to environmentalism. But now that the economics of renewable energy make sense, dozens of corporations are going gr... → Read More

Mystery Sea Bugs Behind Australia's Flesh-Eating Attack Revealed

A teenager's legs were shredded by sea lice after a dip in the ocean. Scientists are still debating what got to him, but many think it was sea lice. → Read More

Elon Musk Says Other Hyperloop Companies Aren't Moving Fast Enough

Elon Musk invented the Hyperloop, but never wanted to build his own, until now. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO says he intends to pursue Hyperloop himself. → Read More

5 Times Swarming Bees Fucking Had it With Humanity This Summer

Summer 2017 has been the summer of swarms, with bees triggering emergency response vacuums all over the country. → Read More

California Bullet Train Isn't Dead, It's Just Resting

Two recent court decisions have changed the course of the California High Speed Rail project. → Read More

Why Are People Obsessed With Pimple Popping? Blame Evolution

Millions of people pop their pimples and thousands more watch other people's pimples get popped online. Evolution might explain why. → Read More

Skinny Jeans Absolutely Play a Role In Plummeting Sperm Counts

Western men have seen a significant decline in sperm counts in the past 40 years. Experts don't know exactly why, but skinny jeans could be a factor. → Read More

These are the World's 14 Most Futuristic Schools

Tech integration, innovative curriculum, and radical designs put these 14 schools on the cutting edge of education. → Read More

Thanks to China, the 'New Car Smell' Could Go the Way of the Dodo

Chinese buyers want odorless cars, but American manufacturers have spent decades working on perfecting an artificial new car smell. → Read More

Don't Blow Out Your Birthday Candles, It's Disgusting

Blowing out your birthday candles means your guests will be left eating your mouth bacteria, according to a new study in food science. → Read More

Climate Change Will Destroy Your Popcorn Habit

Using archaeological techniques and genome sequencing, scientists tracked the evolution of corn. They predict serious climate consequences for popcorn. → Read More

Federal Judge Directs FAA to Address the Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat

The U.S. Court of Appeals will require the Federal Aviation Administration reevaluate the safety of shrinking airline seats. → Read More