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Past articles by Gabriel:

What Mike Pompeo Leaves Out

In a memoir clearly intended to prepare for a presidential run, the former secretary of state toots his own horn—but his silences are louder. → Read More

What Kellyanne Conway Loves

In her new memoir, the pollster turned Trump adviser dings her former colleagues—and her husband. → Read More

Sanders has a bizarre radical past that Trump and Republicans would use to destroy him

Sanders has radical fringe skeletons dangling in closets without doors. He's destined to fail in a general election, perhaps in a 49-state rout. → Read More

Republican impeachment lies are protecting Trump, but they could destroy America

Republicans appear intent on extinguishing the most fundamental ingredient of a self-governing republic, the concept of truth. That's deeply sinister. → Read More

If Donald Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, how bad would that be for American democracy?

Will Trump fire Rod Rosenstein? The facts about possible Russia collusion and obstruction — and American democracy itself — may hang in the balance. → Read More

Trump-Sessions immigration policies rip children from parents and shred American values

If conservatives believe in family values, why do so many accept Trump-Sessions immigration policies that tear families apart? Hypocrisy is rampant. → Read More

Aunt Jeanne, Donald Trump and me: a modern Passover tale

My Jewish family had a harrowing escape from the Nazis. That's informed my views of Donald Trump, an 'America First' bigot who preys on the vulnerable. → Read More

Is it finally time for this former Republican to join the Democratic Party?

GOP hypocrisy is boundless and Trump is dangerous. But even as Democrats grow spines on foreign policy, they're still smugly intolerant on social issues. → Read More

Trump said he 'alone can fix it,' and now it's absolutely true

Mr. President, it's 11:59 PM. Use the little time remaining to try to salvage your collapsing presidency. → Read More

Trump's Midas touch on the economy is not worth his attack on the rule of law

Trump is delivering the goods. But the price is institutional destruction and moral degradation. → Read More

Where is the Republican outrage as Trump turns America into a banana republic?

GOP raises alarms about fake accusations yet is silent about appalling transgressions as Trump uses Justice and FBI for his own political ends. → Read More

Does Trump have a grand strategy for foreign policy? Dream on.

It is farcical to speak seriously about his 'visions and aspirations.' He's no Talleyrand or Metternich. He's more of a malevolent Forrest Gump. → Read More

North Korea warning: U.S. security abilities are eroding and must be rebuilt

The combination of Trump, State Department cuts and NSA hacks is putting us at risk. We need to restore our capacity to understand the world. → Read More

As Russia probe heats up, 4 ways for Trump to distract America

The squeeze is on, leaving Trump with bad diversionary choices that range from firing special counsel Robert Mueller to courting war with North Korea. → Read More

OPINION: Trump a racist? He’s worse than that

The most tumultuous week of Donald Trump’s presidency began with his threats to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea and ended with mayhem and murder in Charlottesville. After more than half a year, our national crisis appears to be building toward some sort of climax, a swelling crescendo that was topped off by Donald Trump’s flabbergasting press conference yesterday afternoon in Trump Tower. → Read More

Trump Tower presser proved our president is far worse than a racist

Faced with a mother's grief for a murdered daughter, Donald Trump only thinks about himself. → Read More

OPINION: Disloyalty to the nation? That fits Trump Jr.

This is moving into perjury, false statements and even into potentially treason,” Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., says of Team Trump’s adventures among the Russians. “We understand why some are raising issues of treason,” ethics lawyers Norman Eisen and Richard Painter write in The New York Times. → Read More

Donald Trump Jr. and the whiff of treason: Morally, he's in deep.

Treason is not just a legal term. It encompasses disloyalty to the country and betrayal of its basic principles and interests. → Read More

OPINION: No good choices left for Trump and allies

By releasing a damning email exchange from last year revealing his own eagerness to take help from the Russian government to elect his father, Donald Trump Jr. has brought us to a watershed moment. One of the dikes blocking public understanding of the story line of potential collusion has given way. A flood of further incriminating evidence is now almost certain to follow. → Read More

Don Jr. Russia emails trap Trump and his whole circus. They have no good choices.

As the lies unravel, mainstream Republicans and conservative intellectuals are loath to admit how badly they’ve soiled themselves. → Read More