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Past articles by Alexander:

Mandate drift at the Fed is par for the course

We got the Fed largely because its boosters promised it wouldn’t become the very thing it is today. → Read More

That’s Not Real Socialism!

Is America having a socialist moment? Democrats are more likely than ever to embrace the label. Republicans strongly condemn it. Both sides agree that socialism is a live issue. They’re wrong. → Read More

Inflation Is More Complex Than You Think

To fully understand it, we have to distinguish between its demand- and supply-side causes. → Read More

50 years ago the U.S. closed its gold window, triggering the failure of our monetary system

Today is the 50th anniversary of fiat money in the United States. On Aug. 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon closed the gold window, meaning the U.S.... → Read More

How to stop a flip-flopping Fed

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell can’t seem to make up his mind. Earlier this year, he was unconcerned — almost dismissive — about the risks of... → Read More

Freedom is not a treasure to hoard but an inheritance for Americans to pass on

Three weeks separate the anniversary of the Constitution’s ratification from our commemoration of independence from Great Britain. There’s something poetic... → Read More

Politicians hate Big Tech, but they haven’t explained why big is bad

The American political class is increasingly skeptical of Big Tech. Both right and left are displeased with Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Amazon... → Read More

How inflation hides our real economic problems

Everybody’s worried about inflation. Year-over-year price increases reached 5% in May. Market watchers and financiers are on red alert. Sen. Ted Cruz... → Read More

A Public Letter of Concern about the Federal Reserve

The Fed's growing interventions in non-economic-policy areas could impede its efficacy. → Read More

There’s No Need to Panic over Inflation

Inflation in the 3–5 percent range, so long as it’s temporary, is no cause for panic. → Read More

By supporting Trumpism, the GOP is in danger of losing libertarian support

The American right has been a coalition of libertarians and traditionalists, united against the common foe of a domineering and unaccountable government.... → Read More

To 'lower the temperature' raise commitments to federalism

Instead of 50 different organs of policymaking and 50 different governments providing a counterbalance to the federal government, we increasingly ask Washington to handle all our problems. → Read More

The Federal Reserve Doesn’t Set Interest Rates

It is a basic truism of financial journalism that the Fed determines rates from on high. From the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times, central-bank control over interest rates is so thoroughly accepted that it’s hard even to think about things any other way. Alas, it just isn’t true. → Read More


Why the Real Villain of 2020 Was Big Government

For progressives and so-called ‘national’ conservatives who support big government, 2020 represented the ultimate test for their philosophies. The COVID-19 crisis put left-wing and right-wing statism on trial—and both were found guilty of ill-intent and gross incompetence. → Read More

Making a Point with Moon Rocks

The goal of NASA's program is to create precedent. The rules for using and transferring space resources, which historically have been fuzzy, just became a little more concrete. NASA’s purchase of moon dirt is a clever strategic move to nudge space policy in a pro-commerce direction. → Read More

‘Zombie Reaganism’ Is Alive and Well

Trump can thank the charismatic cadaver whose lingering presence ensured his presidency was not a complete disaster. Zombie Reaganism is alive and well, thank goodness. The GOP should think twice before writing its obituary. → Read More

How Will Joe Biden Handle Outer Space?

Biden has a history of supporting space exploration, but hostility to the private sector and an emphasis on climate science could limit his successes there. → Read More

SpaceX Success Proves the Final Frontier Is Open for Business

The previous space age, with Apollo 11 as its crowning achievement, was almost entirely government-driven, but private companies will necessarily play a much greater role in the coming space age. → Read More

Confirm Judy Shelton to the Fed Board of Governors

Shelton’s contrarian views would ensure that the Board confronted hard questions head on. Rather than impede effective monetary policy, Shelton would improve it by raising the level of debate and discussion. → Read More

Elon Musk’s Martian Way (Empire not Included)

It’s entirely appropriate to consider corporate-led exploration and development of outer space. Kudos to Elon Musk for raising the issue, and for taking meaningful steps toward innovative space governance. → Read More