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Recent articles by Alexander:

How Will Joe Biden Handle Outer Space?

Biden has a history of supporting space exploration, but hostility to the private sector and an emphasis on climate science could limit his successes there. → Read More

SpaceX Success Proves the Final Frontier Is Open for Business

The previous space age, with Apollo 11 as its crowning achievement, was almost entirely government-driven, but private companies will necessarily play a much greater role in the coming space age. → Read More

Confirm Judy Shelton to the Fed Board of Governors

Shelton’s contrarian views would ensure that the Board confronted hard questions head on. Rather than impede effective monetary policy, Shelton would improve it by raising the level of debate and discussion. → Read More

Elon Musk’s Martian Way (Empire not Included)

It’s entirely appropriate to consider corporate-led exploration and development of outer space. Kudos to Elon Musk for raising the issue, and for taking meaningful steps toward innovative space governance. → Read More

The Artemis Accords: A Giant Leap for Space Commerce

Using space resources is neither illegal nor exploitative. In fact, if we want to stay in space long-term, we will have to come up with a system for use and exchange, especially water and minerals. The Artemis Accords recognize that necessity while giving shape to a set of principles that enable nations to coexist peacefully in space. → Read More

Let’s Make Outer Space the Free-Market Frontier

We have a unique opportunity to become a permanent spacefaring civilization. While NASA is making impressive progress, it could go farther and faster by outsourcing more of the intermediate steps, especially the rocketry, to the private sector. → Read More

To fix the Fed, we need true monetary rules

By forcing the Fed to provide markets with a predictable nominal anchor, we can overcome information and incentive problems. → Read More

Fiscal Stimulus Is Ineffective. The Fed Requesting It Is Even Worse.

Fiscal stimulus has been out of favor with serious economists for decades, for very good reasons. Although well-motivated, Chairman Powell is calling for a return to the dark ages of macroeconomic policy. → Read More

It's time to reckon with space junk

Since it’s not in our air, our water or even in our sight, it’s hard for space junk to seem like much of a problem. But it is — it could even jeopardize humanity’s spacefaring ambitions. → Read More

Markets Don’t Have Much Reason to Believe the Federal Reserve

The Fed’s new monetary framework is long overdue, but the central bank may prove incapable of hitting its inflation target. → Read More

Rockets and profits: How corporations will make us a permanent spacefaring civilization

Concerns over the cost of SLS show the importance of letting for-profit companies lead the way to the final frontier. → Read More


The Federal Reserve Is Both Too Politicized and Too Powerful

Federal Reserve independence is a myth. Here's why. → Read More


The Federal Reserve Is Both Too Politicized and Too Powerful

Federal Reserve independence is a myth. Here's why. → Read More

Don't Let the Fed Use COVID to Justify Irresponsible Policies

Emergency lending has always been the central bank's Achilles heel, and it is a power that is most frequently abused. → Read More

60 years of space junk: The challenge of orbital debris

More than six decades ago, in the service of a worthy cause, humans began polluting space. Commercial benefits and environmental justice compel us to figure out how to clean it up. → Read More

Why Progressivism Wins

It's much better at building coalitions and seizing power than the Right is, and that's by design, not by accident. → Read More

Free college is a gift to the privileged paid for by ordinary taxpayers

On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders released a radical education policy plan. Sanders, who seeks the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, proposes... → Read More

The Federal Reserve is usurping authority and here's why you should care

It's no secret: things have been a bit tense between the White House and the Federal Reserve.President Donald Trump has criticized the Fed,... → Read More

Why True Conservatism Means Anarchy

For the sake of preserving liberty and tradition, conservatives should reject the state’s legitimacy. → Read More

Why the Midterm Elections Don’t Really Matter

Democracy has a difficult time producing good governance, a problem our leaders aren't willing to confront. → Read More