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Recent articles by Ross:

Donald Trump Holds Narrow Lead Over Joe Biden In Texas, UT Poll Finds

President Donald Trump would beat former Vice President Joe Biden in Texas by 4 percentage points if the election were held today, according to a new poll → Read More

Analysis: Judges deal Texans more confusion about voting by mail

If you were looking for voting-by-mail advice from the Texas Supreme Court, you're out of luck. The court ruled that the pandemic is no reason to expand voting by mail, but also that election officials don't have to check voter claims of disability. → Read More

Analysis: You didn’t think a pandemic could stop highway planning in Texas, did you?

All eyes in Texas are on the coronavirus and the state government's response to it. But some of the biggest state agencies are still doing what they always do, like building highways and debating oil and gas regulations. → Read More

Everything we learned from the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll

President Donald Trump leads Democrat Joe Biden by 5 points in the race for president in Texas, but voters give the president mixed grades on his handling of the pandemic and the economy. They think Gov. Greg Abbott is doing a better job. → Read More

Analysis: Coronavirus could threaten local property tax limits

The coronavirus disaster could have a side effect in a seemingly unrelated area: New limits on increases in local property taxes can be suspended when disasters strike. And epidemics, under state law, are disasters. → Read More

Analysis: Texas has scant data about the pandemic, leaving a lot of questions

State officials have a lot more data about the new coronavirus than they did just days ago. But Texas remains behind the curve when it comes to critical information about the spread of the disease. → Read More

Bernie Sanders leaps to first among Texas Democrats in latest UT/TT Poll

Sanders now leads the Democratic presidential candidates among Texas voters, but Donald Trump maintains a slight lead over each of the top Democrats in the race, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. → Read More

Analysis: Cheating spoils the results — in baseball, and in Texas politics

Cheating ruins victory, creating questions about what might have happened. It's true in sports, and it's true in politics, too. → Read More

Analyzing 2019: Unrest on the Texas-Mexico border

The immigration and humanitarian crisis continues at the Texas-Mexico border, where things have persistently been made worse by harsh government policies. → Read More

Analyzing 2019: The fall of a Texas House speaker

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen went from his January election to hero of the legislative session to historical footnote in less than a year. Several of the year's columns analyzed the politics of a speaker quickly losing the trust of the House that elevated him in the first place. → Read More

Analysis: Almost nothing in Texas government has unanimous consent

State officials say local governments shouldn't use taxpayer funds for things some taxpayers don't support. That describes just about everything government does. → Read More

Analysis: Beware of Texas politicians bearing home-brewed arithmetic

When government officials want to spin a story about state finance, it helps to have control of the numbers — and to do the math properly. → Read More

Analysis: For Texas candidates, 2020 officially started last weekend

The starting gun wasn't loud, but the 2020 elections in Texas began — officially — last Saturday, when candidates could start filing for office. That's the start of a sprint from now to the March primaries. → Read More

Analysis: In Texas government, the buck stops ... somewhere

Texas state government is run by top leaders who promised to model their operations on business. They didn't say it would be an error-prone business. → Read More

Texas shootings haven’t upended voters’ views on guns, UT/TT poll finds

A slim majority of Texans favor stricter gun laws, but voters have their limits, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll → Read More

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s rivals are unknown even to most Democratic voters, UT/TT Poll finds

The Democrats hoping to challenge Cornyn in the 2020 general election face a hurdle, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll: Their own voters don't know who they are. → Read More

Most Texas voters have heard nothing or little of the scandal that sunk House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, UT/TT Poll says

The recorded conversation that upended a first-term speaker of the Texas House was big news in state politics, but most registered voters barely noticed, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. → Read More

Analysis: A race for speaker of the Texas House? Not so fast.

With Dennis Bonnen not seeking another term, state representatives are once again at the start of a race for Speaker of the Texas House. This could take a while. → Read More

Analysis: Dennis Bonnen’s long goodbye

The Texas House speaker was always going to leave sometime. But his departure could come much sooner than expected. → Read More

Analysis: In the Texas House, it’s going to be a little tougher to say “Come, let us reason together”

The recording of Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen's raw political conversation with a political activist threw a partisan rock into the state Legislature's normally bipartisan pool. Now the members have to sort that out. → Read More