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Recent articles by Alex:

The Skeptic's Take on Altitude Training

Pretty much every elite endurance athlete trains in mountain air or the altitude-tent equivalent. But a few scientists think they’re wasting their time and money. → Read More

Does owning a car hurt your health?

When researchers in New Zealand published a study last month showing that bike commuters live longer than car commuters, the reactions were pretty muted → Read More

How the Nike Vaporfly War Was Lost

The simple story of an unfair shoe with “springs” doesn’t capture the true complexity of the ongoing debate about technology in footwear. → Read More

What We Can Learn from the Latest Magic Cycling Workout

A new study finds unexpected benefits from super-short intervals with even shorter recoveries. → Read More

Not just about muscle and money: What we can learn about longevity from elite athletes

You’d expect that the strengthening of social programs such as universal health care and state pensions over the past half-century would have reduced the health penalty incurred by poverty → Read More

The Case Against Stretching

Scientists are increasingly skeptical of the benefits of flexibility, but the fitness world doesn’t want to hear it → Read More

The Mystery of the Pro Runner and the Electric Shock

When Rebecca Mehra tried to unplug a broken oven, she almost ended her track season—or worse → Read More

How to Make Your Strength Routine Evidence-Based

New research hands down verdicts on what to lift, how much, and how hard → Read More

Exercise can help in the fight against cancer, but how do we persuade patients to do it?

Establishing a regular exercise habit can be challenging for just about anybody, but there are extra hurdles for people with cancer → Read More

The Hidden Cost of the Post-Workout Sauna

Heat training has been hyped as a powerful workout enhancer, but new research sounds a note of caution. → Read More

What Artificial Intelligence Says About Running Form

Researchers deploy machine learning to match running styles to the risk of different types of injury → Read More

4 Workout Rules to Break This Year

To better push your limits, try swearing off some of your most familiar crutches now and then → Read More

Five topics that will obsess the fitness world in 2020

Trending next year: Virtual workouts, training designed for women, artificial intelligence coaching, shoe technology and behavioural change → Read More

Why a Higher VO2max Isn’t Always Better

Improving your max aerobic power may come at the cost of worse efficiency, a new study finds → Read More

The Latest Science on Purifying Backcountry Water

New guidelines weigh the pros and cons of filters, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and other options. → Read More

What Philosophy Can Teach Us About Endurance

To train athletes to truly push their limits, it helps to draw inspiration from the French social theorist Michel Foucault. Seriously. → Read More

Why are female test subjects still being excluded from exercise research?

Despite the need to include women, an overwhelming number of studies either omit them completely or make the mistake of assuming that women are, as physiologist Stacy Sims puts it, simply ‘small men.’ → Read More

When it comes to sports injuries, can screening tests predict the future?

Research says the answer is no. But that doesn’t mean they are inevitable,. especially if injury-prevention tools are adopted by everyone, rather than just those who are supposedly at high risk. → Read More

The 2019 Sweat Science Holiday Book List

Great titles for the endurance-curious, or to curl up with yourself → Read More

The Hidden Cost of a Quick Injury Fix

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, has been touted as a miracle cure for sports injuries, but it may counteract the benefits of plain old rehab exercises → Read More