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Recent articles by Alex:

How Cyclists Can Avoid Low Bone Density

The link between serious cycling and poor bone health is well established, but researchers are still debating what to do about it → Read More

Good health isn’t just about burning calories to hit weight goals

Physical activity is crucial to health, and even plays a role in weight loss even though burning calories doesn’t always add up to pounds lost → Read More

The Not-So-Terrifying Death Stats for 5K Races

Yes, people sometimes die while running. No, that doesn’t mean running is “dangerous.” → Read More

Finally, Evidence that Maurten’s Hydrogel Drink Works

A new study suggests that hydrogels enable you to down more carbs with less digestive distress, and race faster as a result. → Read More

Why Running Brands Are Betting on Mindfulness

Can mindful running make you faster—or at least happier? → Read More

The Physiology of Treading Water Efficiently

A new study measures the physical and cognitive load of four different treading techniques. The key? Generate lift. → Read More

What’s more important, getting that workout in, or staying inside during air quality warnings?

A recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal offers some cautious hints that the benefits of working out, even in less-than-pristine air, may overwhelm the negative effects of air pollution in the long run → Read More

Why Fitter People Drink More Alcohol

Regular exercisers drink more, a new study confirms, but are less likely to be problem drinkers → Read More

Why Type-Two Fun Feels So Good

It’s not exactly fun in the moment, but after, you’ll say it was the best time you ever had → Read More

Why Endurance Athletes Should Consider Single-Leg Training

A long-running gym debate about whether to train each limb separately comes to the cycling world → Read More

Seeking a Grand Theory of Injury Prevention

A new study of Western States ultrarunners illustrates the power of looking beyond simple risk factors to predict injury → Read More

What kind of training does it take to become a world-beating athlete?

A new study found that, compared to merely national-class athletes, world-class athletes tended to have spent less time training in their main sport and more time training in other sports as children → Read More

How to Avoid a Mid-Race Bathroom Stop

Exercise and digestion often don’t mix well, but scientists are on the case. → Read More

Elite Athletes Don’t Sleep As Much As You Think

It’s the simplest and cheapest performance booster available, so why don’t elite athletes take advantage of it? → Read More

How Hot Is Too Hot to Run?

As events as big as the Olympic Trials get rescheduled because of heat, we went to the science to find out how you should decide when it is too hot to run safely → Read More

These 7 Dog-Training Principles Work for Humans, Too

The foundational principles of dog training have much in common with those of human training. Here’s what we can learn from both. → Read More

As we return to the gym, will ‘muscle memory’ kick in?

Scientists are split on the question of whether it’s easier to rebuild lost muscle than it is to gain it in the first place → Read More

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, the voice in your head matters

Learning how to change your internal monologue can boost your physical performance as surely and as tangibly as hitting the gym → Read More

What It Takes to Run a Mountain-Ultra-Trail Race

The physiology of events like the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is radically different from “short” events like the marathon → Read More

What It Takes to Run a Mountain-Ultra-Trail Race

The physiology of events like the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is radically different from “short” events like the marathon → Read More