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Recent articles by Christine:

Christine Flowers: Evaluate the candidates on his or her own merits

I’ve only met Kathy Barnette once in person, at a debate I helped moderate in Radnor last month. She was tiny in only one respect: Her petite physical stature. Everything else about the GOP Senat… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Do we even know anymore what’s acceptable, and what’s not?

Cats are said to have nine lives. Rasputin was said to have almost as many. It was nearly impossible to kill the famous Russian, and kitties seem eternal. If only the MeToo movement had the same… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Dispelling the myths about abortion

I was always a big fan of mythology. My particular favorite is Athena, also known as Minerva, goddess of wisdom. She is said to have sprung fully formed from her father Zeus’ head, which was proba… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Get ready for the coming insurrection

They put up barricades around the Supreme Court on Monday night. When I was growing up, or in law school, those words would have sounded like the ravings of a conspiracy theorist. Nobody threaten… → Read More

Christine Flowers: When your government turns into a bad ‘SNL’ sketch – The Mercury

I remember when they got rid of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, otherwise known as INS. It happened in 2003 in the wake of 9/11. A new federal department was created, the Department o… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Some free speech warriors defend only speech that they like

Unlike so many people with Twitter and Facebook accounts, I am not a constitutional scholar. I did go to law school, passed the Bar on my first try and have been practicing law since 1987 (give or… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Give Depp credit for defending his reputation

I was feeling a bit under the weather this past week, so I ended up spending time at home in front of the television. It was a revelation. Normally, I don’t tune into the networks or cable until … → Read More

Christine Flowers: Dreaded mask mandate makes a comeback

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney has issued another edict. As of Monday, everyone who wanders into a public indoor space in the city must wear a mask. Or to put it in Biblical terms, So Let It Be Fast… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Why teaching sisters will remain in my heart forever

In December of 1969, my father moved our family from a two-story rented home in Logan to the house I grew up in, in Havertown. I always say that I’m from Logan by way of Delco, but the vast majori… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Dreaded mask mandate makes a comeback

Jim Kenney has issued another edict. As of April 18, everyone who wanders into a public indoor space must wear a mask. Or to put it in Biblical terms since it’s holiday time, So Let It Be Fastene… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Why Ed Gebhart was a unique gift to Delaware County

I’ve been writing for this paper for almost a decade, sometimes focusing on the local issues that impact us at a micro level, like drag queens and their story hours at libraries and the passing of … → Read More

Christine Flowers: Fantasy takes over reality in Disneyland

A few years ago, someone started a campaign to make Elsa the first lesbian Disney princess. It didn’t get much traction at the time, just like the idea that Ernie and Bert were shacking up as dome… → Read More

Christine Flowers: How men are dying from lack of attention

Recently, a friend showed me a sobering graphic depicting the gender disparity in suicide rates between men and women. While females tend to attempt suicide more often than men (and experience sui… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Shame of a nation was at the Oscars on Sunday

There a number of takeaways from Will Smith’s Total Fail. Here they are, in no particular order: (1) Men who are married to women with whom they maintain an “open marriage” do not need to defend a… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Angry women take the easy route to success

In her book “Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger,” Rebecca Traister writes, “In the United States, we have never been taught how noncompliant, insistent, furious women have shap… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Finally, a boring nominee for the Supreme Court

As predicted, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing has been pretty boring. Almost yawn-worthy. She’s a fairly boring person to being with, which I suppose is a good thing since we don’t n… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Let’s hope turnabout is not fair play – The Mercury

I certainly hope that the hearings on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination, set to start next week, are what Sen. Dick Durbin wants them to be: “RFespectful and dignified.” That would … → Read More

Christine Flowers: In Russia, protesters carry on a proud tradition

Poor Santayana. Most people only remember him by the repeated incantation of his warning that those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. The man wrote other things, great things,… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Genocide is genocide, no matter the race of the victims

Years ago, when I was just beginning to practice immigration law, I remember hearing about two horrific genocides. They were almost back-to-back, happening within little more than a year of each o… → Read More

Christine Flowers: Identity politics is clinging to things that are ultimately irrelevant

This is National Women’s Month, and this week on March 8 “we” celebrated International Women’s Day. I put the “we” in quotation marks, because not all of “us” celebrated it. You are reading the w… → Read More