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Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Recent articles by Christine:

I don’t like Meghan Markle. That doesn’t make me racist.

Christine Flowers: It has nothing to do with her skin color. It has to do with the content of her character. → Read More

Christine Flowers | Finally some justice for maligned student

Less than two weeks from now, thousands of pro-life teenagers will converge on the nation’s capital to rally in support of the unborn at the 47th annual March for Life. Unfortunately, many people a… → Read More

Finally some justice for maligned Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann

Media outlets and politicians rushed to smear a Covington Catholic high schooler, who just reached a settlement with CNN. → Read More

Pope Francis sets a bad example and shows he is only human

Adoring mobs go with the territory if you are the Vicar of Christ. → Read More

Don’t force your sons to see ‘Little Women’

Even author Louisa May Alcott called it a "girls' story." → Read More

Don’t force your sons to see ‘Little Women’

Even author Louisa May Alcott called it a "girls' story." → Read More

Christine Flowers: Baltimore kids shamed city in attacks on Melania

I was born in Baltimore, exactly 58 years ago this Wednesday. While most of those 58 years have been spent in the Philadelphia area, and while I say “yo” more → Read More

Matt Lauer’s right to defend himself is an important part of #MeToo

Whenever people are given an opportunity to defend themselves against unconfirmed allegations, we guarantee that our social and legal systems will be as fair as humanly possible. → Read More

The UN did not steal Greta Thunberg’s childhood

Greta Thunberg is a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner -- and a political pawn. → Read More

Charles Chaput’s quiet kindness will be missed in Philadelphia

Chaput had to make tough decisions to keep the Archdiocese of Philadelphia afloat, while enduring negative press — but that's not all there is to him. → Read More

Christine Flowers | Remembering loved ones lost to suicide

I never met my great-grandfather, although I’ve seen pictures of him. The one I treasure most is a family photo, similar to those images on an commercial, where he is sitting with his … → Read More

Remembering loved ones lost during Suicide Awareness Month

September is National Suicide Awareness Month, although anyone who has been touched by the tragedy will tell you there is no moment in their lives when they are not aware of its consequences. → Read More

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings still offer a warning one year later

The hearings dropped a bomb on American social psychology and created a tectonic divide. → Read More

Christine Flowers: A cruel & unusual punishment that targets sick kids

This week, a rule that the Trump administration put into place earlier this month became public, and it was a bombshell: children with serious diseases like cancer and cystic fibrosis → Read More

Bret Stephens reveals he’s a snowflake

If the worst thing I got called online was “bedbug,” I’d be like Sally Field at the Oscars: “You like me, you really like me.” → Read More

Christine Flowers: Echoes from an afternoon of bullets in Philadelphia

My first inkling that something was wrong came while I was watching an interview on CNN between Wolf Blitzer and Kamala Harris. She had just gotten to the part about → Read More

Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes were serious, and so is suicide

The death of a man who was credibly alleged to have trafficked hundreds of young women, and to have committed rape, felt almost cathartic. But that doesn't justify flippant attitudes toward his apparent suicide. → Read More

Chris Cuomo should chill out. ‘Fredo’ is not a racial slur against Italians.

Caught on video: The CNN anchor's profanity-laced reaction when someone referred to him as "The Godfather" character. → Read More

Even if mental health is not a top gun violence risk, it demands attention

While most people with mental illness aren't violent, expanding mental health support can only help Americans. It just doesn't fit the rising "guns-and-racism" narrative on shootings. → Read More

Amy Klobuchar’s take that not all Trump voters are racist was a pleasant surprise

Klobuchar thinks Trump is a racist. But she has the decency not to accuse her fellow Americans of bigotry simply because of some political differences. → Read More