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Past articles by Nola:

What is nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion is the merging of two light atomic nuclei into one heavier one. If it can be harnessed on Earth, it could generate clean, limitless energy. → Read More

Autumn: The cooling-off season

Autumn is the time of year when leaves change color, and the autumnal equinox signals that days are getting shorter. Autumn quotes are often melancholy. → Read More

Spring: The season of new beginnings

Spring is the season that is full of new life and regrowth → Read More

The four seasons: spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter

The four seasons have very different characteristics. → Read More

Perseverance rover: NASA's Mars car to seek signs of ancient life

NASA's Perseverance rover isn't just exploring the Red Planet. The life-hunting robot will also help a little bit of Mars make it to Earth a decade or so from now, if all goes according to plan. → Read More

'Symbiotic stars' caught snacking on each other outside the Milky Way

Dying stars have been caught slurping material from their companions outside the Milky Way, allowing them to be precisely mapped for the first time. → Read More

Dream Chaser space plane's first flight slips to 2022 due to pandemic-related delays

Sierra Nevada, the spaceship's maker, is also building the LIFE space habitat. → Read More

Big dust storms may have driven off much of Mars' water

Martian dust storms, along with southern summers, have removed an ocean's worth of water from the Red Planet, a new study suggests. → Read More

Suborbital Scientists Prepare to Storm the Heavens

Pluto pioneer Alan Stern and other researchers are on the cusp of flying to space alongside their experiments → Read More

Rogue Rocky Planet Found Adrift in the Milky Way

The diminutive world and others like it could help astronomers probe the mysteries of planet formation → Read More

Boulders on asteroid Bennu shed new light on the space rock's history

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will collect a sample from the asteroid's surface later this month. → Read More

‘Supernova Slice’ Simulates Blasts of Dying Stars

A door-sized experiment models massive star explosions → Read More

Venus, once billed as Earth's twin, is a hothouse (and a tantalizing target in the search for life)

As Earth's twin, Venus offers much in the search for life and habitable worlds. → Read More

Jupiter’s Ocean Moons Raise One Another’s Tides

Gravitational interactions among the moons could offer new insights on the liquid layers lurking in their depths → Read More

Students grow 'rocket lettuce' from space seeds

Students across the United Kingdom grew seeds that spent six months in space to learn how they would grow once back on Earth. → Read More

Meet 'Tenacity': 1st Dream Chaser space plane gets a name

The first orbital Dream Chaser space plane recently got its wings, and a name: Tenacity. → Read More

Death from above? Fireball may have destroyed ancient Syrian village

Cometary debris destroyed one of the first-ever farming villages, a new study suggests. → Read More

Perseverance: NASA’s Mars 2020 rover

The Perseverance rover, the centerpiece of NASA's Mars 2020 mission, will pick up where Curiosity left off, searching for signs of past life, but with better technology. → Read More

The rings of Saturn are 'ringing' like a bell

Tremors from the inside of Saturn are ringing the planet like a bell, causing vibrations in the ring system. → Read More

NASA astronauts may train on private suborbital spaceships

NASA astronauts may use suborbital flights as training opportunities, while human exploration of the moon could open the door to more science. → Read More