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Chicago, IL, United States

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Past articles by Chauncey:

This is no culture war: Republicans are waging a war on democracy

In reality, today's Republican Party is waging a fascist war against multiracial democracy → Read More

There is no secret plan: First they came for trans people

A very accomplished and famous doctor recently told me, "if you really listen to the patient, they will tell you the diagnosis." His advice applies to many areas of life. For example, journalists and other people who think and write publicly about politics should follow it. When newsmakers (and everyday people too) talk, we should listen closely and not try to impose our own meaning and agendas… → Read More

Trump is out for revenge. That should terrify everyone — even Republicans

The former president vows to go on a tour of retribution. Who will he hit first? → Read More

What Marjorie Taylor Greene's "safe space" for conservatives would look like

When Marjorie Taylor Greene talks of a "safe space" of civil war she is making an existential threat to the nation → Read More

Too little, too late: Why the media goes missing when Republicans go on the offensive

The media's belated coverage of the GOP's anti-democracy attacks will never catch up → Read More

"We need a 20-year plan": The fight for progress — and why it requires reaching out to conservatives

Author Justin Gest on why Americans need to start communicating with one another again → Read More

Stop mocking Marjorie Taylor Greene

It's not just trolling. Republican threats of civil war should be taken seriously → Read More

Sentencing of the Buffalo shooter: Black people don't have to forgive white supremacists

Buffalo grocery store mass shooter apologizes for racist massacre → Read More

What if the Dominion lawsuit is successful: Can Fox News ever be destroyed?

Can there ever be a perfect world where Fox News ceases to exist? → Read More

The science behind why conservatives are so easily triggered

Curiously, it is the same reason why they are best equipped for the meme wars → Read More

The media's biggest addiction: Trump voters in diners

In diners across the country, the media has obsessively stalked out so-called white working class voters for years → Read More

UFOs and CRT: Republicans are in a constant state of panic about the "other"

It's all about scaring gullible, racist white people and feeding off of that dark energy as a way of holding power → Read More

Church at the Super Bowl: Football, Jesus and fascism

The Super Bowl is more than a game; it is a metaphor for American life → Read More

PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: "George Santos likely has a disordered personality"

The age of Trump: A lack of accountability coupled with the removal of the "conscience" of the GOP → Read More

The heckler's veto: Biden masterfully stood up to the GOP. Now what?

Liberal schadenfreude does nothing to change the fact that Republicans control the House of Representatives → Read More

Republican identity politics: Authoritarianism — not individualism — is central to GOP

Their Orwellian newspeak version of "freedom, liberty and individual rights" belies a darker truth → Read More

State of the Union: Americans are exhausted — and more vulnerable to a fascist takeover than ever

The public appears to have grown tired of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump. That's a huge problem for our democracy → Read More

Florida is officially a laboratory for fascism in the U.S.

There is a very specific reason why Gov. Ron DeSantis targeted African-American history for erasure → Read More

DeSantis' alternative African-American history is doomed: Black conservatives can't replace CRT

The AP changed its course after Florida's GOP governor complained it lacked balance. But what is the opposing view? → Read More

Sorry, Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy is not a “decent man”: Today’s GOP are fascists, not your friends

Hate to break the news to President Biden, but this isn't your father's Republican Party → Read More