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Past articles by Candida:

Did Russian Archaeologists Really Discover a New Ancient Culture?

Scientists from Siberia claim a tomb holds evidence of a new, previously unknown ancient culture. → Read More

Was Santa Actually a Badass Who Beat Up a Priest?

Legend has it that St. Nicholas punched out a troublesome priest at one of the Church's most important councils. → Read More

Why Is This Tub One of the Vatican’s Most Valuable Pieces of Art?

It is a simple fact that one of the most valuable items in Rome is a bathtub some say is worth $2 billion. → Read More

The Mysterious ‘Fifth Evangelist’ Who Created the Bible as We Know It

“A fifth evangelist?!” you exclaim, and rightly so. → Read More

Were the Balls in This Ancient Sport Really Made With Dead People?

A new discovery has led historians to theorize that balls in the ancient Mayan civilization were sometimes made using the ashes of dead rulers. → Read More

The Most Important Biblical Character You’ve Probably Never Heard of

One of the most influential people in the Bible is only mentioned in four verses—and his story is more a missing person case than a biography. → Read More

Your Understanding of Eye of the Needle is Probably Wrong

What you learned in Sunday school doesn't exactly hold up. → Read More

Was This Woman’s Foot Cut Off as Punishment 3,000 Years Ago?

Scientists in China say the ancient victim may have run afoul of the harsh “five punishments” system. → Read More

Were There Actually 12 Tribes of Israel?

A new book looks set to revolutionize how we think about the traditional story. → Read More

When Did Satan Go From Inmate to Warden?

Both Satan and hell have complicated histories that are often but not always intertwined. → Read More

Ukraine Island Is Where Achilles Supposedly Went Mad and Wiped Out the Amazons

An island made famous by defiant Ukrainian border guards has a remarkable mythic past. → Read More

This Woman Survived Ear Surgery Using Stone Instruments

The skull, unearthed from a mass grave, had been perforated multiple times, presumably to relieve the pain and pressure of an ear infection. → Read More

One of Pompeii’s Greatest Mysteries May Have Been Solved

The graffiti were written in an obscure form of Old Arabic otherwise completely unknown in the Western Mediterranean. For almost 35 years they were a mystery: Who wrote them? → Read More

Does an Ancient Ring Found in a Shipwreck Depict Jesus Christ?

The “Good Shepherd” ring caused a stir when it was unveiled last month, but things may not be so clear-cut. → Read More

This Myth About the Spartans Just Got Blown Up

What if the stories of Spartan infanticide are a myth? → Read More

Sex With Mirrors Was a Kink Too Far for Romans

But if you think ancient Romans are prudish kink shamers, imagine how much they’d hate us. → Read More

The Romans Used to Crucify Dogs

When they weren’t making terracotta statues of dogs, Romans were sometimes known to crucify them. → Read More

So Who Were the Magi—AKA the Three Kings—Who Visited Jesus?

Despite very little information in the sole gospel that writes about them, the wise men in the Nativity tale have become a much bigger story. → Read More

Golden-Tongued Mummies Might Have Talked With Ancient Gods

Two golden-tongued mummies have been unearthed in Egypt. The discovery of these body modifications may help us understand how ancient people communicated with their gods. → Read More

Does God Take Naps?

A revolutionary new book argues that we need to take God’s body, and the Bible’s description of it, more seriously. → Read More