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Portland, OR, United States

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Past articles by Kristin:

Our Maps Shouldn’t Lie About Our Votes

Pacific Northwest states have concentrated metropolitan areas and large swaths of less populated land. Displaying county lands rather than voters creates disingenuous visuals. → Read More

Washington State Joins the Movement to Honor Voting Rights for All Community Members

This spring, Washington lawmakers passed a bipartisan bill to restore voting rights to citizens when they are released from prison. → Read More

The Filibuster Stops Progress On Solutions Most Americans Want

Senators representing only a fifth of voters become gatekeepers on what laws we can pass. → Read More

Democrats have the Senate, House, and White House. What Should They Do?

Bust the filibuster. Democrats control the House and Senate, but that's not enough to actually pass many laws. Republicans will filibuster. → Read More

Portland Might Have Elected A New Mayor With Ranked Choice Voting

Ted Wheeler won but with no strong mandate. His opposition was split. Ranked choice voting could have delivered Portland a new mayor. → Read More


Every voter matters and every vote counts. Sightline's new book is a field guide to what's possible for US elections. We can become a democracy. Here's how! → Read More

How many real votes would you destroy in an attempt to stamp out fake votes?

Imagine an inventor tells you they have invented a machine that can detect and destroy every single fraudulent vote cast in any election. But there’s a hitch: for every fake vote the machine… → Read More

Can Swing States Handle the Absentee Spike?

The good news is that most swing states are ready for the absentee spike in 2020, set up to declare a winner within a few days. → Read More

6 Steps to Keep Voters and Elections Safe in 2020

Here are six important, straightforward steps that every state should prioritize right now to keep voters and elections safe in November 2020. → Read More

Eliminate the Senate! 5 Democracy Fixes, Explained

What’s to stop members of state senate from walking out any time they don’t like the majority’s policies? Here are five things voters could demand. → Read More

Oregon Voters Could Finally Rein in Campaign Contributions

Oregon lawmakers passed a measure to put an initiative on the 2020 ballot that would amend the state constitution to allow campaign contribution limits. → Read More

Oregon is 16th State to Join National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is a binding agreement among states to cast their Electoral College votes for whoever wins the popular vote... → Read More

The Secret to Ending Gerrymandering Isn't a Secret

Here's a hint: solving gerrymandering it has nothing to do with independent districting commissions and it doesn't have to do with the Supreme Court ... → Read More

Should Portland Try Decongestion Pricing?

It might be able to avoid a $450 million mega freeway expansion on I-5 if it considered all of the options and chose wisely. → Read More

An Oregon Voting Rights Act Could be Ticket to Fairer Voting

An Oregon Voting Rights Act could give general law (a.k.a. code law) cities and counties the authority to choose single-winner, ranked-choice voting. → Read More

Bypass Gerrymandering with a Better Voting System

If candidates were elected proportionally, it would eliminate gerrymandering influence, diminish the power of cracking and packing, and more. → Read More

The Voting System Democrats and Republicans Are Afraid Of

Mainers are embracing ranked-choice voting. What that means for Cascadia. → Read More

Most Portland Voters Don’t Have a Voice in Council Races

A scant one-third or so of Portlanders will turn in primary ballots by May 18. Those ballots include two Portland city council primary races. If a candidate in one of those races reaches a majority of primary votes, the... → Read More

My Big, Bold Ranked-Choice Voting Proposal

Here at Sightline, we’re fans of proportional representation, including multi-winner ranked-choice voting. We recently conducted focus groups to find out what voters in Oregon and Washington think about proportional representation. (Sightline director of strategic communications... → Read More

Oregon's Clean Energy Jobs Bill Is Poised for a Breakthrough

Could 2018 be the year that Oregon and Washington join BC and California and make climate polluters pay? Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, is pushing a carbon tax (more on that soon), and Oregon... → Read More