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Recent articles by Tiernan:

People’s notions about AI are terrible, an MIT study asks whether they can be helped

Mistaken notions of AI agency could be helped by hands-on learning, argues MIT scholar Ziv Epstein. → Read More

How do we know AI is ready to be in the wild? Maybe a critic is needed

Can the paradigm of adversarial AI make algorithms safer to send out into the world? → Read More

Recipe for selling software in a pandemic: Be essential, add some machine learning, and focus, focus, focus

A bit of machine learning, some essential functions for finance departments, and a focus on vertical industries has allowed small software vendor Prophix to thrive even as tools such as Slack get dumped. → Read More

Glaxo’s biology research with novel Cerebras machine shows hardware may change how AI is done

A novel computer system built by Cerebras Systems of Los Altos, California, is already leading to changes in the way drug giant Glaxo builds large neural nets for drug development. → Read More

DocuSign CEO Sees the new digital way of life outliving the pandemic

DocuSign's Dan Springer talks about the new lasting shift to digital ways of doing things. "You're not going back" to the old way of doing things, he says. → Read More

Human meets AI: Intel Labs team pushes at the boundaries of human-machine interaction with deep learning

What is it like for a person to live partly inside of the objective function of an AI program? Intel scientist Lama Nachman shares insights from her team’s work with Peter Scott-Morgan, a person willing to transform his body and his life to interact intimately with a machine. → Read More

What is GPT-3? Everything your business needs to know about OpenAI’s breakthrough AI language program

A software program that ingests gigabytes of text can automatically generate whole paragraphs so natural they sound like a person wrote them. OpenAI’s GPT-3 is all the rage. What is it, what can it do, and where is it going? → Read More

Cerebras teases second-generation wafer-scale AI chip

Cerebras Systems, the venture-backed startup in Los Altos, California, teased details of its second-generation AI chip, which takes up an entire silicon wafer and has 850,000 individual compute cores. → Read More

Intel: Data bandwidth, sparsity are the two biggest challenges for AI chips

The movement of data into and out of the processor is the biggest challenge for AI chips, but sparsity looms as an even greater challenge, according to Intel engineers. → Read More

Intel shows off Tiger Lake and Willow Cove. Now it must make sure customers understand the products

Intel showed new details of its Willow Cove CPU and Tiger Lake chip that move the discussion beyond manufacturing delays. Now it has to make sure customers understand that complex buffet of offerings. → Read More

People do strange things in doorways: Density watches the office as employees come back

Companies are sending some workers back to their cubicles and to the factory floor. San Francisco startup Density is racking up business using sensors and machine learning to map how people occupy those spaces. → Read More

Twilio CFO says muted forecast nothing more than cautious optimism

Twilio shares declined after its Q2 outlook offered less upside than usual. The company’s CFO, Khozema Shipchandler, says it reflects nothing more than “cautious optimism” in an uncertain world. → Read More

Myth-busting AI won’t work

Myths, including myths about AI, arise in response to the unknown. Debunking myths about AI won’t create knowledge. → Read More

MIT’s machine learning designed a COVID-19 vaccine that could cover a lot more people

Not all vaccines for COVID-19 will cover everyone, in fact many may have large gals. A novel, large-scale machine learning project at MIT designed one that might protect many more people. → Read More

Xilinx FYQ1 in-line, shares sag; CEO Peng trumpets recovery in multiple markets

Shares of programmable chip maker Xilinx fell in late trading Tuesday despite in-line quarterly revenue. CEO Peng urged investors to look past “puts and takes.” → Read More

Network chip contender Innovium scores $170 million to challenge Broadcom, prepares for the 400-gig onslaught

Data center networks are moving to 400-gigabyte-per-second connections, and San Jose, California-based networking chip startup Innovium, with veterans from Broadcom, has nabbed $350 million from investors who believe the chip market for networking will surge with the bandwidth. → Read More

How many COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic? Research shows it may be a lot more than thought

Genetic tests are the gold standard for detecting if someone’s sick with COVID-19, but recent research argues large numbers of the infected don’t test positive for the disease and never develop symptoms. That might mean serological tests that reveal antibodies to the disease are essential to know the true scope of infection. → Read More

AI chip startup Graphcore enters the system business claiming economics vastly better than Nvidia’s

Graphcore, makers of a giant chip dedicated to AI, has entered the system business. The company makes the case its computers are vastly cheaper than equivalent processing power from Nvidia. → Read More

AI startup Abacus goes live with commercial deep learning service, takes $13M Series A financing

With $18.25 million in venture capital money from Eric Schmidt, Jerry Yang, and other luminaries, Abacus Tuesday opened its deep learning service for general customer availability, with the intent of making it easy for companies to customize and scale AI in the cloud. → Read More

Mount Sinai study suggests social media may help some people keep active during COVID-19 lockdown

What good is social media? A study between the Icahn School of Medicine and multiple institutions in Spain found a significant link between using social apps on a phone and keeping active during quarantine. → Read More