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Past articles by Tiernan:

Russian hackers are trying to break into ChatGPT, says Check Point

That's one of a number of ongoing efforts to compromise the language bot, threats that could lead to highly targeted phishing attacks. → Read More

How a digital twin for intense weather could help scientists mitigate climate change

Using a Cerebras CS-2 computer, scientists are able to simulate large computational fluid dynamics experiments in near-real time, which they say may have dramatic implications for energy and climate change projects. → Read More

A digital twin for intense weather gives scientists a 'control loop'

Using a Cerebras CS-2 computer, scientists are able to simulate large computational fluid dynamics experiments in near-real time, which they say may have dramatic implications for energy and climate change projects. → Read More

AI has caused a renaissance of tech industry R&D, says Meta's chief AI scientist

There are many promising commercial applications already that may lead to productivity increases, but, ultimately, AI must develop an ability to plan if it is to truly advance, says Yann LeCun. → Read More

Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'Expect us to incorporate AI in every layer of the stack'

During Microsoft's fiscal first-quarter conference call, Tuesday, CEO Satya Nadella told Wall Street the company's private deal with OpenAI will pervade Microsoft's cloud computing operations. It's so big, he said, it's going to "transform" the company's Azure business. → Read More

ChatGPT 'lacked depth and insight,' say prestigious science journal editors

ChatGPT can be false and misleading, but even when it's not committing errors, it's often banal and lacks any real point. → Read More

ChatGPT is 'not particularly innovative,' and 'nothing revolutionary', says Meta's chief AI scientist

The public perceives OpenAI's ChatGPT as revolutionary, but the same techniques are being used and the same kind of work is going on at many research labs, says the deep learning pioneer. → Read More

CES 2023 tech to watch: EVs, the metaverse, NFTs, and more

Electric car tech and even electric boats will join the metaverse, NFTs, and digital health at CES 2023. → Read More

CES 2023 tech I'm watching: Metaverse, ER of the future, food tech, NFTs

The latest in autonomous cars, robots, AI, Web3, digital health, and more will be on display at CES 2023. → Read More

Machines that think like humans: Everything to know about AGI and AI Debate 3

For 3.5 hours, scholars led by Gary Marcus and Vincent Boucher discussed what tools might bring about the fabled 'Artificial General Intelligence,' and what the practical and moral implications might be. → Read More

Meta's Data2vec 2.0: Second time around is faster

Meta's generalist network for speech, text, and images returns, but this time with a few tricks to speed up how fast it learns. → Read More

AI could have 20% chance of sentience in 10 years, says philosopher David Chalmers

AI programs that combine sensing and action and world models might achieve fish-level intelligence, says the NeurIPS 2022 keynote speaker. → Read More

We will see a completely new type of computer, says AI pioneer Geoff Hinton

"Mortal computation" means analog computers marrying AI closely to hardware will put GPT-3 in your toaster for $1 running on a few watts of power. → Read More

AI challenger Cerebras unveils 'pay-per-model' AI cloud service with Cirrascale, Jasper

The pay-per-use cloud service promises to cut in half the cost of training GPT-3 and similar models while speeding up training time eightfold. → Read More

AI startup Snorkel preps a new kind of expert for enterprise AI

The Model Development toolkit lets a human subject-matter expert give large neural nets the rules for labeling data, ultimately resulting in more-efficient AI programs that will know the "long tail" of cases. → Read More

AI challenger Cerebras assembles modular supercomputer 'Andromeda' to speed up large language models

The building-block approach is able to dramatically reduce compute time compared to GPUs in direct proportion to how many machines are joined together. → Read More

In latest benchmark test of AI, it's mostly Nvidia competing against Nvidia

For the first time since the benchmark MLPerf test of AI training started in 2018, Nvidia had virtually no competition to its dominant chips. → Read More

Little blue check mark? No, what the web needs is autonomy

The discussion about where the internet should go is too often focused on what Musk or Zuckerberg will give people. The next internet needs to focus on inalienable rights that no one can give or take away. → Read More

The New Turing Test: Are you human?

If the average individual ascribes intelligence to AI, it is because the average individual spends more and more of their time engaging in online tasks that a machine could easily emulate. → Read More

Problem scaling AI? MIT proposes sub-photon optical deep learning at the edge

Using wavelength division multiplexing, researchers were able to perform image recognition using optical computing, thereby dramatically lowering the energy required. → Read More