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Recent articles by Steve:

People say the darnedest things to the police

Columnist Steve Lange says reports to law enforcement can be entertaining reading. → Read More

America’s tallest man, and a heavy weight

Igor Vovkovinskiy—who was 6 feet tall and 200 pounds as a 6-year-old, who endured dozens of surgeries as he grew to 7-foot-8, whose only hope at a cure meant he had to be uprooted from his homeland—faced his share of struggles. → Read More

Oddchester: The tool box

Every so often I get a chance to try to show my “soul heaven” feelings through a tangible item. → Read More

Black in Rochester: Experiencing blatant racism

Part 2 of Black in Rochester: The Two-Minute Video Series → Read More

Black in Rochester: What you can do--right now--to make race relations better

Part 1 of Black in Rochester: The Two-Minute Video Series → Read More

John Titor, so far, withstands the test of time

Columnist Steve Lange finds that the tale of a time traveler has long legs. → Read More

John Titor: Who was the time traveler that visited Rochester?

20 years ago, the most famous “time traveler” of this generation lit up the Internet. He had come from the year 2036 to help save the world. And he was heading to Rochester for the IBM 5100. → Read More

Oddchester: One Harley, $200, four states

For 15 straight years, my dad and I have taken a weeklong motorcycle trip, during which we have ridden 32,000 miles, visited 31 states, and been chased by The Wolfman of New Hampshire. → Read More

Oddchester: The Faerie Garden

Two summers ago, Olivia (now a second grader at Lincoln Elementary) and her little brother Will started a faerie garden—just a few gnomes and some colored crystals—outside their family’s Slatterly Park home. → Read More

Black in Rochester: What you can do--right now--to make race relations better

Part 1 of Black in Rochester: The Two-Minute Video Series → Read More

10 (or so) questions with...Sarah Czaplewski-Campbell

Sarah Czaplewski-Campbell: That was my Master’s degree paper. I studied Biomedical Engineering, focusing on Tissue Engineering as in body tissues like tendons at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. RM: And then you went on to work on Scott bath tissue for Kimberly Clark? SC-C: Yes. And there was some pretty interesting stuff like actually working on product to make the towels more absorbent,… → Read More

The Supercomputer And A (Very Real) Virus

How IBM-Rochester is helping in the fight against COVID-19 (An excerpt and update from our April, 2020 story) → Read More

‘One of the positive outcomes from the pandemic’

That’s a quote from Dr. James Hoffmann, the President of Olmsted Medical Center. From December of 2019. “As technology continues to evolve and change, this will present OMC with opportunities to find more personalized and sophisticated ways to deliver the care our patients want and need,” Dr. Hoffman told us then. “We see advances in technology as a way to continue to help our patients be… → Read More

‘It was our moral obligation’

How Mayo created a test—a six-month process—for COVID-19. In 21 days. → Read More

Yes, even the dog wants you to leave the house

A Dog in Human Quarantine, Day 27. → Read More

10 things you may or may not know

Quarantine, Day 20. → Read More

There are many lights in the darkness

My face has never wanted to be touched so much in its life. → Read More

Advice books aren't rooted in reality

Many couples -- unexpectedly and without time to prepare -- have recently found themselves home for far more hours than they were designed to spend together. → Read More

There's no sympathy for this devil

Every so often, one of our kids will start to ask what they believe is a rhetorical question, and then, partway through, realize they have made a terrible mistake. → Read More

This could be a country song

You were looking at something in the cereal aisle! → Read More