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Past articles by Ben:

The Right-Wing Freakout About Silicon Valley Bank’s “Wokeness” Began With a Reading Comprehension Error

Some people are going to use the ol’ DEI scapegoat no matter the context. → Read More

Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Explains Why He Liked, Commented on Instagram Post About Getting Free Weed by Giving Head

The 79-year-old Republican “takes great pains to view every post he can,” his office says. It sure seems that way! → Read More

Paul Ryan Divides GOP Voters Into Two Groups: The Suburban Ones and the Hillbillies Who Ruined His Life

OK, we're paraphrasing, but not by a lot. → Read More

Ron DeSantis Isn’t Making Bloggers Register With the Government, but Slate Is Registering With Him Anyway

Just in case he changes his mind. → Read More

The Fox News Election Lawsuit Depicts Rupert Murdoch as an Ineffectual Chump

An explosive revelation that the world’s most widely feared and reviled tycoon can be as indecisive and powerless as anyone else. → Read More

Aaron Rodgers’ “Darkness Retreat” Took Place in a Room Equipped With, Uh, Lights

The darkness aspect seems optional. → Read More

Is the Ohio Train Derailment Really America’s Chernobyl?

What happened in East Palestine, in our fractured times, has become not just a disaster for Ohioans but also a disaster as a news event. → Read More

DeSantis Responds to Trump’s Accusation That He’s a Pervert From Between Towers of Diapers

Groomer accuser attacked by groomer accuser. → Read More

There Is an Honest to God Fight Happening in Washington Over Which Party Is Softer on Balloons

Which president was the weakling little balloon boy and who is the big strong balloon-killing man? → Read More

All Your Questions About the Chinese Balloon Floating Over Kansas City Answered

It's probably nothing. → Read More

Republican Ohio Legislators Saved Slot for “WOMAN” on Otherwise Male Leadership Team

Never send a man to do a female-to-be-named-later's job. → Read More

Hopefully These Mummy Crocodiles in Egypt Aren’t Too Upset About Being Disentombed

It's probably nothing! → Read More

George Santos Denies Defrauding Dog

Also, the dog belonged to a veteran. Who was homeless. And had a broken leg. And the dog had cancer. → Read More

Hand to God, They Found the New Classified Joe Biden Documents in His Garage, Next to a Corvette

This is real news, from the real world. → Read More

Biden Gets Best Approval Rating Poll in Like a Thousand Years

He may have committed an “oops” with some classified documents, though. I also saw on Facebook that he's making stoves illegal? → Read More

The Defining Image of the New Congress

It’s a Republican being pulled away from another Republican by a third Republican who is grabbing him by the face. There may be more of this to come! → Read More

Why Every Photo of Jair Bolsonaro Has the Internet Peeing Its Pants

He once hiccuped for ten days. He may currently be staying in a Minions-themed bedroom. And he was until recently one of the scariest people on Earth. → Read More

George Santos Once Again Places Self in Tragicomic Tableau

On day two of the House Speakers' vote, one scandal-plagued rep continued to find his light. → Read More

Republicans Humiliated by Republicans in Kevin McCarthy Speaker Vote

A historic moment in loser-dom: It's the first time in a 100 years that a Speaker hasn’t been selected on the first ballot! → Read More

Have Voters Stopped Punishing Democrats for Eating Kale and Arugula?

This year, the politics of vegetables flip-flopped. → Read More