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Past articles by John:

Little rewards get people to see truth in politically unfavorable info

Even if you pay conservatives, they're not as good at IDing fake news as liberals. → Read More

Room-temperature superconductor works at lower pressures

Results come from a lab that had an earlier superconductivity paper retracted. → Read More

Even Hubble’s seeing a growing number of satellite tracks

An analysis of past Hubble images shows an increasing number of satellite tracks. → Read More

West Virginia, Florida make moves to undermine science education

WV Senate OKs intelligent design bill; Florida's assault on education continues. → Read More

Google’s improved quantum processor good enough for error correction

The good news? It works. The bad news? It needs a lot of qubits. → Read More

Universe’s first galaxies unexpectedly large

Galaxies bigger than ours appear less than a billion years after the Big Bang. → Read More

The big reuse: 25 MWh of ex-car batteries go on the grid in California

Batteries with performance too low for driving can still store a lot of charge. → Read More

New mechanism proposed for why some psychedelics act as antidepressants

We know what receptors they bind, but where they bind them might matter, too. → Read More

Grid of atoms is both a quantum computer and an optimization solver

The optimization mode requires quantum effects, can solve a growing list of problems. → Read More

How to see without eyes or a protein that senses light

Centipedes avoid light by registering the temperature changes it induces. → Read More

US will see more new battery capacity than natural gas generation in 2023

2023 will also likely see the last nuclear additions for a while. → Read More

Controlled experiments show MDs dismissing evidence due to ideology

When it comes to evaluating COVID treatments, MDs are only human. → Read More

Dwarf planet hosts a ring that’s unexpectedly far from the planet

At that distance, the ring should condense into a moon. Why hasn't it? → Read More

New battery seems to offer it all: lithium-metal/lithium-air electrodes

In the lab at least, its materials are stable for over 1,000 cycles. → Read More

US military shoots down Chinese balloon over coastal waters

Once the object was over the ocean, US jets moved in. → Read More

Carbon capture is here—it just isn’t evenly distributed

Small installations like CarbonQuest's may provide a key demonstration of the tech. → Read More

The next de-extinction target: The dodo

Bird reproduction will make bringing the dodo back a big challenge. → Read More

Bird study links spatial thinking with not getting eaten

Shows that birds tend to get killed at the edge of territory they know well. → Read More

Rocket Lab’s first US launch: Big for the company and the site

The company's first launch from US soil was pretty—and pretty important. → Read More

Rocket Lab set to try its first US-based launch again

The company's Electron launch vehicle is ready to take 3 small satellites to orbit. → Read More