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Recent articles by John:

Trump to eliminate California’s car emission standards waiver

New standards aren't ready, so the target is the main barrier to their adoption. → Read More

New comet is our second interstellar visitor

Recently spotted comet is plunging down onto the Solar System at an extreme angle. → Read More

First water detected in the atmosphere of a habitable-zone planet

While the planet itself may not be habitable, it suggests others could be. → Read More

The fall of coal and its pollution-linked deaths is boosting the economy

Farming now produces more particulate pollution than electricity generation. → Read More

DOE has decided many lightbulbs don’t have to meet efficiency standards

Yet another Obama-era standard gets gutted despite resistance from some utilities. → Read More

Before life exploded in the Cambrian, there were worms

A segmented worm left tracks on the ocean floor when most animals were sedentary. → Read More

College students think they learn less with an effective teaching method

They don't even realize they've learned more. → Read More

The genetics of sexual orientation are about as complex as sexual orientation

In males and females, there's some overlap and some distinct influences. → Read More

16-bit RISC-V processor made with carbon nanotubes

Clever tricks work around major hurdles, but it's not a route to high performance. → Read More

Scientists avoid gender bias when they know they’re being tested for bias

Possible bias tracked among scientists awarding prestigious research positions. → Read More

Tracking online hate groups reveals why they’re resilient to bans

When Facebook kicked the KKK, it re-formed on a Russia-based social network. → Read More

Asteroid-hopping robot gives us a close look at Ryugu’s surface

Asteroid Ryugu is a rubble pile, but it seems to be all rocks on the outside. → Read More

Super-Earth at a nearby star is a Mercury-like hunk of rock

Consistent with the idea that small stars may burn off nearby atmospheres. → Read More

Wind power prices now lower than the cost of natural gas

In the US, it's cheaper to build and operate wind farms than buy fossil fuels. → Read More

Jupiter may have had a head-on collision with a massive protoplanet

Explains the odd distribution of material found by the Juno orbiter. → Read More

Investment managers don’t understand how to rate funds managed by black people

When funds are run by black people, quality differences are rated as smaller. → Read More

Elon Musk’s Neuralink: Both an evolution and a plan for radical change

Neuralink will probably fail in interesting and worthwhile ways. → Read More

We’ve finally gotten a look at the microbe that might have been our ancestor

A very strange cell structure hints at how complex cells originated. → Read More

People don’t want to see workers replaced by a robot—themselves excepted

When it's your own job, you'd rather not be replaced by another person. → Read More

Cloudflare has had enough, cutting off 8chan

Cloudflare CEO says site may return, but it'll be someone else's problem. → Read More