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Recent articles by John:

A neural network picks promising antibiotics out of a library of chemicals

Evaluating over a million molecules takes four days of computer time. → Read More

Neanderthals may have interbred with a much older human lineage

The result is likely to be disputed, as it relies on a novel technique. → Read More

Battery charging meets machine learning

Algorithms help testing hardware figure out the best way to a fast recharge. → Read More

When the Sun expands, it will trash all the asteroids

Light from stars at the end of their lives is intense enough to rip asteroids to bits. → Read More

Bio-electronic device can produce electricity using nothing but humidity

Can produce power for about 20 hours each day, and will work indoors and at night. → Read More

New image shows Betelgeuse isn’t dimming evenly

The enormous star is looking oddly lopsided. → Read More

Details pour in from New Horizons’ visit to a Kuiper Belt Object

We've now got some ideas about how its two-lobed shape came to be. → Read More

Giant viruses may be attacking the microbes in our guts

Some viruses have genomes larger than some bacteria, can do gene editing. → Read More

Researchers entangle quantum memory at facilities over 50km apart

But the entanglement takes longer than the memory holds its state. → Read More

Do morning people do better in school because school starts early?

A lot of factors feed into how kids' preferred sleep times affect achievement. → Read More

We’ve figured out how mosquitos sense our warmth

Unfortunately, they still seem to be able to find us without it. → Read More

First clinical trial of gene editing to help target cancer

The safety results are promising, the cancer outcomes less so. → Read More

Images obtained of two stars in the process of a merger

After an expanding red giant engulfed its neighbor, chaos. → Read More

Variant of photovoltaic power could generate 24 hours a day

It's much less efficient than photovoltaics, but it works around the clock. → Read More

How do we test for coronavirus, anyway?

A rundown of the biology behind testing for a virus we hadn't seen before. → Read More

White dwarf causes strange relativity effect called frame dragging

We've struggled to measure it near Earth, but now have data from a distant stars. → Read More

Levitating sand escapes classical world, enters quantum ground state

We're close to being uncertain about where hundreds of millions of atoms are. → Read More

US government sees renewables passing natural gas in 20 years

But renewables' prices seem to make the report's projections obsolete already. → Read More

Planned nuclear storage material could decay faster than expected

The interface between different materials accelerates chemical breakdown. → Read More

As sea levels rise, little of the United States will be unaffected

If you're not near the coast, get ready for lots of new neighbors. → Read More