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Past articles by Ruth:

Archaeologists Discover Unexpected Enterprise in Prehistoric UAE Village

A prehistoric village in the desert of Fujairah, in today’s United Arab Emirates developed a line exporting tools and gewgaws made of seashells, of all things → Read More

A Hiccup in the Annals of Animal Evolution: That Thing Was a Plant

When did animals arise? During the Cambrian Period, over half a billion years ago. Except for the bryozoans, after the earliest one turned out to be algae → Read More

College Students Find Ancient Stone Lioness During Field Trip in Northern Israel

Israel is littered with archaeological finds and antiquities, but finding not one but two lioness statues by accident is quite the achievement → Read More

The Darius Artifact: How Did We Get From Discovery of the Decade to Disgrace?

An inscription mentioning the Persian invader found in the city of Lachish, which had a strong Persian presence, correctly written in the language of the time. What could go wrong? → Read More

Archaeologists Identify the Earliest Horse Riders

The Botai in central Asia may have been first to domesticate the horse, but they weren’t the first to get on its back → Read More

Israel Antiquities Authority: ‘Ancient’ Darius Inscription Deemed Inauthentic in Mix-up

A world expert on Aramaic scripts on a foreign expedition in Tel Lachish had written on the shard of pottery as a demonstration to students illustrating how pottery was inscribed in ancient times → Read More

Inscription Naming Persian King Darius, Father of King Ahasuerus, Discovered in Southern Israel

Which Darius exactly? The pottery fragment found by a chance visitor to Tel Lachish in Israel has all of three words. But they include the name and date → Read More

Scientists Predict 600% Increase in Deadly Heat Waves in Israel by 2100

Extreme weather lasting all summer is projected to drive an 11-fold leap in mortality rates by the end of the century → Read More

Modern Humans With Bows and Arrows Invaded France 54,000 Years Ago

But they didn’t stay long. New finds in southern France indicate protracted struggle: Neanderthals and humans replacing one another, more than once → Read More

Archaeologists Find Homes of Europe’s First Monument Builders, and They’re Fortified

How people lived at the cusp of the Neolithic revolution has been a mystery. Doubled palisade and a ditch around 6,300-year-old settlement in France indicate acute need for defense → Read More

Eyeless Spiders and Other Arachnids New to Science Discovered in Israeli Caves

Closest relatives of the newly discovered great big hairy spiders aren’t the arachnids next door but ones in Cyprus and Turkey, whispering of devastating ancient climate change → Read More

New Testament's Book of Revelation Was Influenced by Curse Tablets, Scholar Deduces

The style of John’s Revelation, the apocalyptic final book of the New Testament, smacks of formally cursing one’s enemies in true Middle Eastern tradition, proposes scholar at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz → Read More

Cave Where Generations Hid for 6,000 Years Found in West Bank

Inside el-Janab Cave near Nablus, archaeologists have found first-ever solid evidence of Muslims fleeing Mongol forces sweeping through the Levant in 1260 → Read More

Israeli Scientists Invent Better Early-warning System for Undersea Quakes

New technology retrofits marine fiber-optic systems: Seafloor quakes can trigger tsunamis and the sooner coastal communities are alerted, the better → Read More

Archaeologists Find Rare Mesopotamian-style Gold Bead in Jerusalem

Discovered in a Late Roman building in the ‘City of David,’ the exquisite bead is one of few gold jewels ever found in the area, archaeologists say → Read More

What Killed the Mummified Swiss Woman? Maybe Something We've Never Seen Before

The 18th-century ancestor of Boris Johnson had the archaeological hallmarks of syphilis, but new analysis finds a microbe new to science in her brain → Read More

The Neanderthals and the Mystery of the Missing Zinc

Analysis of a Neanderthal in Spain supports previous research by Israeli scientists on how they could survive the toxic habit → Read More

Archaeologists Report Collection of Animal Skulls by Neanderthals in Spain

Skulls of horned animals stand out among the bones found in a central Spanish cave. Gothic décor, hunting trophies or a whisper of spirituality in Neanderthals? → Read More

Science Discovers: Your Cats May Not Hate Each Other After All

You may not observe cuddles in your clowder, but now researchers distinguish between playful aggression and actual fighting in the cat → Read More

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Moat Carved Into Jerusalem Bedrock

Mention of Jerusalem’s defensive moat appears in Crusader histories but who built it, and exactly when, remains unclear. Nor does the handprint carved into the rock dispel the mystery → Read More